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Complicated Love


Brooke has been friends with the guys of Avenged Sevenfold almost her whole life. She loves them all and she calls them her boys.
But when Brooke comes home from college, things start to get a little bit more serious with her best friend of them all, Jimmy Sullivan.
Can she still lead her own life while starting a relationship with her oldest friend?



I agree with you i just started reading the story and i totally think its not bad at all and seriously pwople that write really bad critics are just jealous you know ;)

@Miss Jimmy Sullivan

No one on the site is wrong about her being a great author. Everyone has an opinion and you should respect it. I'm not saying this just because the author is my best friend, I'm saying this because everyone has an opinion and you kinda took the whole "constructive criticism" thing too far. I'm not sure if you meant it this way, but it came quite rude. Her stories all have a lot of views and great ratings. I don't think this entire site is wrong.
ok i have been reading this all day then i went through the comments. i have to be honest...i barely got through it. its hard to keep up with and the story isnt even very good. people saying that you are one of the best writers on here are wrong. ^.^ just saying
OhThoseBlueEyes OhThoseBlueEyes
@michii1207 I hope you like it :)
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X
Omg, I absolutely loved this! (: Kayla should've gotten worse than what she got, but hey, at least Brooke got the guy in the end, right? (; This was amazing! Now, off to read the sequel!
michii1207 michii1207