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Complicated Love

Coming Home

I sat in my car drumming on my steering wheel to the beat of Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold and singing along to all of Jimmy's parts (badly I might add).
At the thought of Jimmy, I smiled. I had grown up with those guys. They were like my family. Hell, they were a better family than my own real family.
Of course, I was really close with each and everyone, but Jimmy and i had been inseperable since we first met in kindergarten. We used to get into so much trouble together. All of my best memories are with that tall goofball. We used to play hookie together and go down to the creek and skip rocks. We got drunk for the first time together, smoked for the first time together, and got our first tattoos together.
Yes, they had all had girlfriends over the years, but they came and gone. I was the one constant and I loved it. When they started their band, I was their biggest fan. Fuck, I still am.
I hadn't seen my boys in so long. I missed them all very much. They had been on tour for a while now and I had been at college a few states over. I hadn't been home in a long time, but thats where I was headed now. Home.
It was a long ass drive too (twenty something hours) but I was officially a college graduate and I was going to start a new life in the very town I had grown up in.
I also couldn't wait to see my boys again.


I finally pulled up to my small red brick house. If my parents had never left it to me, I never would have been able to afford anything even close to this. I unlocked the door and was very soon tackled by my beast of a dog, Titan.
I fell on the ground laughing as Titan licked my face. I pushed the huge boxer off of me and stood up. "Yes I know, Baby. Mama missed you too. Let me put my bags in my room and I'll see if you have any food, ok?"
At the word "food" he barked and ran into the kitchen. I shook my head at him but headed for the back of the house to the master bedroom to set my three bags down.
When I walked into the kitchen, I saw that Titan's bowl was half full so that was good. I had been gone for a long time so I had asked Val (Matt's wife) to watch him while I was gone.
I looked on the fridge and saw a note from her, "Hey, Brooke. Glad to hear that you're coming home today. I know Titan has missed you. You have GOT to come over when you're all settled. I miss you and I've been so lonely since the guys have been on tour. Love ya, Val."
I smiled. Val and I had instantly become great friends when she started dating Matt. She hadn't gotten jealous like the rest of their girlfriends had. She knew I was only a friend to them all. A best friend, but still only a friend.
I had even been able to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. It was amazing and of course we all had a private party later and got drunk off our asses.
Thinking about the guys again almost made me want to cry. I had been so busy with school work and they had been busy with, well, being famous that we had barely spoken over the last couple of years.
That was going to stop now. Ok, after a nice hot bath that was going to stop.
A girl has her needs.


Sorry if it's short. this is my very first fan fiction ever. But I promise it will get better. I hope you like it.


I agree with you i just started reading the story and i totally think its not bad at all and seriously pwople that write really bad critics are just jealous you know ;)

@Miss Jimmy Sullivan

No one on the site is wrong about her being a great author. Everyone has an opinion and you should respect it. I'm not saying this just because the author is my best friend, I'm saying this because everyone has an opinion and you kinda took the whole "constructive criticism" thing too far. I'm not sure if you meant it this way, but it came quite rude. Her stories all have a lot of views and great ratings. I don't think this entire site is wrong.
ok i have been reading this all day then i went through the comments. i have to be honest...i barely got through it. its hard to keep up with and the story isnt even very good. people saying that you are one of the best writers on here are wrong. ^.^ just saying
OhThoseBlueEyes OhThoseBlueEyes
@michii1207 I hope you like it :)
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X
Omg, I absolutely loved this! (: Kayla should've gotten worse than what she got, but hey, at least Brooke got the guy in the end, right? (; This was amazing! Now, off to read the sequel!
michii1207 michii1207