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Complicated Love


"Hey Jimmy!"
"WHAT?!" I screamed back.
Fucking Brian. He knew I was trying to get some rest. Of course, my mind had different plans.
I had song ideas running through my head, the thought of going home, the thouht of maybe seeing her.
"We got Brooke on speaker phone! Get your ass in here or I'm gonna tell her you don't want anything to do with her!" Brian yelled.
At that, I scrambled out of bed almost falling over and all but ran to the front of the bus.
Brooke. My Brooke. God I missed her.
"Duckie!" I yelled.
I heard her laugh through the speaker on the phone in Matt's hand. Even on a phone her voice was beautiful.
"Hey Jimbo. I miss you"
"You don't miss the rest of us?" That was Zack.
"Awww Zacky! Of course I do," she said. She had known us so long she could tell our voices apart even on speaker phone.
And we knew her voice too. Especially me. We all loved her. She was our Brooke. My Duckie.
I reached down and took the phone from Matt.
"Where are you? College?"
"No, Jimmy. I'm home. Got home about an hour ago."
I could hear Titan barking in the background. He was probably hungry.
Brian sat up straight. "You've been home for an hour and you're just calling us NOW? I'm hurt."
Brooke laughed again. "Come on Bri. I had to take a bath. I was all sweaty. The damn AC is broken in my car and its over a twenty hour drive."
Johnny stood up so he could speak into the phone which I was still holding. I was standing because I was too damn excited now to sit. "Hey Brooke. You home for good or you gotta head back soon?"
It was a few moments before she answered him. The suspicion was killing me. Thats's probably why shy was taking so long to say anything. Damn her. She really knew how to get to me, even with the smallest things.
"I'm home for good. I am officially a college graduate!"
We all whooped for her and I did a little dance.
Matt took the phone from me again. I shot him a look. He just laughed.
"Brooke," he said, "you just made Jimmy dance and he almost dropped my phone. If he had you'd be buying me a new one, college girl."
"Oh please," she laughed. "Like you can't afford to buy about fifteen of them"
"Oh I can afford to buy alot more than that but I wanted you to pay for it. It would be your fault."
She laughed and I almost danced again. Her laugh was so sexy. I couldn't wait to see her again.
My heart literally ached when I thought of her.
"So," she said, "when do I see my boys again, huh?"
"We're on our way home now, Brookie. We should be home in a few days," Brian said. "Can you wait until then?"
"No but I have no choice do I?" I could hear the smile in her voice. "Matty, I'm going over to your house tomorrow to see Val. I was gonna thank her for watching Titan for me and maybe spend some time with her. I miss her."
"And she misses you too, Brooke. That'll be good for her" Matt said.
I took the phone from Matt, switched it off speaker, put it to my my ear and headed to the back.
"Duckie?" I was laying in my bunk now. I wanted to talk to her privatley for a little bit.
"Hi Jimmy." Her voice was more relaxed and quiet now like it always was when it was just the two of us.
"I miss you. You know that, right? Why haven't you called me?"
She sighed. "I've been super busy lately, Babe. Plus I did try to call but it kept going straight to voicemail.'
Babe. I loved it when she called me names like that. She saved them for only me and sometimes I could pretend we were really together. But I'm not a fool. I knew she was starting a new life. I couldn't help but want her. I always had.
"Oh yeah! I forgot about that," I laughed. "I got wasted a little while back and threw it out the window. Don't really know why..."
She laughed like that was the funniest thing she had heard in a long time. I loved making her laugh.
"God, Jimmy, you are such a dork! But I do love you."
"Love you too, Duckie." God did I love her.
"I gotta go, Jimbo. Titan is begging me for food then I'm gonna unpack and sleep for a week."
I sat up. "No! Not for a week!" I whined. "Then we won't see our Brookie again for even longer and I'm so looking forward to seeing you."
"Its a metaphor, Sweetie." Brooke said. "Tell the guys I love and miss them. Bye Jimmy."
Then all I heard was dial tone.
I got up and returned Matt his phone.
Zack gave me a weird look. "Why couldn't we all talk to her?"
"Because," Brian said, lounging back in his seat, "Jimmy's got it bad for her. Don't ya, Rev?"
I sat beside Matt and closed my eyes. I did. I had ever since I was ten. I had tried to date other girls, but none came even close to Brooke. She was funny, beautiful, smart, bad ass, and she could not only put up with me but all of us.
"Shut up, Brian." I said kicking him.
Zacky sighed. "Yeah we already know that. The only one that doesn't know is Brooke herself. I meant why we couldn't talk to her longer. We all love her too, Jimmy. Not just you."
I sighed. "Yeah. Yeah I know. Can we just all shut up about it now? We're all gonna see her soon anyway."
Not soon enough.


I agree with you i just started reading the story and i totally think its not bad at all and seriously pwople that write really bad critics are just jealous you know ;)

@Miss Jimmy Sullivan

No one on the site is wrong about her being a great author. Everyone has an opinion and you should respect it. I'm not saying this just because the author is my best friend, I'm saying this because everyone has an opinion and you kinda took the whole "constructive criticism" thing too far. I'm not sure if you meant it this way, but it came quite rude. Her stories all have a lot of views and great ratings. I don't think this entire site is wrong.
ok i have been reading this all day then i went through the comments. i have to be honest...i barely got through it. its hard to keep up with and the story isnt even very good. people saying that you are one of the best writers on here are wrong. ^.^ just saying
OhThoseBlueEyes OhThoseBlueEyes
@michii1207 I hope you like it :)
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X
Omg, I absolutely loved this! (: Kayla should've gotten worse than what she got, but hey, at least Brooke got the guy in the end, right? (; This was amazing! Now, off to read the sequel!
michii1207 michii1207