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What You See Is What You Get


The tale begins in High School in Huntington Beach to be exact.
Savanna Parker has always been average, she'll let loose but she knows school is important!
She took one night to let loose and things went sadly wrong... she woke up the next morning in a panic and slowly realized the new challenge in her life...

Savanna Parker wasn't upset that she was pregnant, she was upset over two things:
1. She let herself get drunk enough
2. The Father of her baby is her #1 enemy

Savanna knew she couldn't run forever but she was so sure she would never have to admit feelings she had pushed away in High School... I guess she was wrong when she decided to look into the gorgeous eyes of Zacky Vengeance!

Name: Savanna Parker
Age: 16
Looks: Straight mid back dirty blond hair with black ends, blue/green eyes, 5’4 and 120 pounds
Piercings: Ears 3x, tongue

I do not own any famous people in the story, I do own the plot and characters so please don't steal them!



Eeek I love this! UPDATESIES
Well maybe make it so during the tour Zacky and Savanna get closer as well as Jake and Zacky and the guys. During the talk they could say that, they felt something for each other maybe. If you were to make them a couple they should take it slow. Also they should eventually tell Jake that Zacky is his dad.
Skyegirl96 Skyegirl96
@Skyegirl96 I actually have no idea how to continue... any ideas?
Katatonic Katatonic
This is a really good story. Can't wait for more.
Skyegirl96 Skyegirl96
really gooood!
frankie_a7x frankie_a7x