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Just Because You're Dead, Doesn't Mean I Can't Love You


After getting odd phone calls october goes to the copsfor help. Next thing she knows she's dead and her house is being sold. Every thing looks like its not going to get better that is until Synyster Gates of A7X comes to view the house.

I have made the executive decision that some characters will be homosexual relationchips. Not saying who and if you want to know you have to read the story.

Ok i'm just going to say sorry ahead of time because my grammer is for shit so this just a heads up, but im trying to get better but until then my shitty grammar will have to do.


Alcide Gray

Alcide Gray

A shapeshifter that has known October since she was born. His twin sister ran away from home when she was 16. Every time he falls asleep he see's things from her POV

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray

A shapeshifter that hasn't seen October or her brother Alcide since they were 16. She ran away from home because she couldnt stand living with her mother and father. Like her bro every time she falls asleep she see's things from his POV and is happy that she know that her bro is alright.

Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau

She has been around since before the dawn of time (appears to be 26). While living in a bayou near New Orleans she met October’s mother’s 5x great grandmother who showed up half dead on her door step and asked her to take care of her newborn baby. Her and October get along fabulously but hasn’t seen her in a while. But has yet to find love….or has she.

October Faith Raven

October Faith Raven

Daughter of a powerful mob boss. Murdered in her huntington beach home and is now a ghost.


  1. Hunted house

    Octobers' POV

  2. The roommate

    *3 weeks later* Octobers pov

  3. The roommate

    Brian’s pov

  4. Stolen food and movie marathon

    Octobers POV

  5. New friends

    October’s pov

  6. Wet dream

    Brains pov

  7. The godfather and plans for marriage

    October’s pov

  8. I really fucked it up this time Didn't I, my dear?

    Brains pov

  9. You only live once (SUICIDE SILENCE)

    October’s pov

  10. If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up from it

    Brains pov

  11. Red eyes

    Octobers pov

  12. 'Tickling'

    Octobers pov


    Brian Haner jr's and Matt's pov

  14. Marie and Alcide

    Brains pov


You can now see what they look like sorry it took so long

You'll learn what happened soon

More is coming
CyanideFire CyanideFire
i'm dying to know wht happened to her when she drunk it!! update soon please :)
Rita_haner Rita_haner
I wouldn't mind knowing what October, Marie and Alcide look like :)
SuicideCommando SuicideCommando
Alcide!!! :) Can't wait for more :)
AvengedXLover AvengedXLover
Okay, thank you babe ;)
Rita_haner Rita_haner