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Abbey's Road


Abbey Ketterling and Zacky Baker have always been close, ever since they were children. Somewhere along the way their friendship blossomed into something more special and magical, just as everyone around them knew it would. Their love was infectious, and they supported each other through things both good and bad. When Zacky's band gets their big break, Abbey was there on the road with him and their other friends. When Abbey lost her sister in a tragic car accident, Zacky is there to carry her through her sorrow.

They were a match made in heaven, two people obviously destined only for each other.

Everyone is sure Abbey and Zacky will be together forever, until Abbey's sudden desire to find herself takes away from her home in California and her beloved Zacky. Zacky is left heartbroken and devastated, but he refuses to just let Abbey go. With his friends in tow, Zacky sets off in search of his love. However, what he finds at the end of Abbey's road may not be what he's expecting.



This is amazing so far. I wanna see an update! Please?!?
I would really like if you updated this! This paints out to be such a great story!
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores