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Welcome to the family!


Faye Wolfe doesn’t have a perfect life. She lives on the poorer side of Brooklyn New York and it doesn’t help that her mom has more addictions then she can count. But her mother still loved her well, the best way she could, that is until Faye is informed that her mother died of an overdose. Now she sent to live with a father that was never around. Read as Faye grips with having M.Shadows as a dad, a bitchy sister, and coping with a whole new life. The story is better than my crapy description so please check it out. : ) I do not own avenged sevenfold even thoght that would be nice or any of there wifes or girlfriends. :) This is my story so plase dont steal. Title idea is belong to a7x song 'welcome to the family. Jimmy is in this story and I am so sorry if it offens some one. RIP Jimmy we will love you foREVer!


  1. Chapter one

    “I-I’m sorry but your mother was found dead in her home two hours ago.”

  2. Chapter two

    “Honesty yes, I mean I don’t know him, for all I know he could already have a perfect family and he treats me bad or he could be crazy like I’m going to kill you then fed you to others kind of crazy.”

  3. Chapter three

    “Did you want her when you found out, did you want me?”

  4. Chapter four

    Maybe a monster or five.

  5. Chapter five

    felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and stomped on.

  6. chapter 6

    where I was headed I wasn’t sure yet but I couldn’t stay there for the fear I would beat bimbo ass or someone else s.

  7. Chapter 7

    “My name candy what yours darling?”


Omg,i love this story so much,please update soon!

Synerella Synerella

I really like this story. Please update it soon.

please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demona_Dragonne Demona_Dragonne
Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!