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Welcome to the family!

Chapter three

It was almost ten by the time I snuck back in the care home only to bump into Kelly who had a very pissed off look. I smirked knowing I’m in big trouble but why is she even here? “Faye where have you been your father showed up today and do you know how bad it looked when I couldn’t tell him where his daughter was?” she shouted at me with spit flying out her mouth. “Okay first you need to calm down cause your spraying it not saying it and secondly I am not his daughter just some stranger that has his blood. As for where I been I was out with friends to say bye.” I said not in the mood to fight with this chick today, so I turned to walk away when her voice stopped me. “Pack your stuff you’re leaving tomorrow and I will be wakening you up early so don’t get any ideas of sneaking out.” I just rolled my and went up to bed but this time I changed into my pjs. True to her word she woke me up at six thirty all happy that I’ll be leavening I’m sure. I made my way to the showers like every morning but this time I took a long shower to think. When I finally got out I changed into a white tee shirt with rainbows letters saying fuck off, purple ripped skinny jeans and my white converse. I did my makeup but a little darker then normal, hopping that it would scare my ‘dad’ and slipped on multicolor bracelets on both my wrists. I walked back to my room stepping over Jordan the nine year old who likes sleeping on the floor in our room. I have no clue why and every time I ask she walks away so I just leave it alone. I packed my stuff slowly and by the time I was done Kelly shouted that he was here waking up Jordan who seems very upset about it. I walked down the stairs slowly not wanting to do this, I headed to Kelly office to find two males standing by the door way their backs towards me. Damn if this is my dad then the makeup and snake bites isn’t going to faze him. They both had tattoos sleeves and dark clothing on the taller one had longish black hair but the other one was buffer. “Oh there she is.” Kelly broke me out of analyzing the two men in front of me. I watched as the taller one turn quickly and picked me up in a hug then swung me back and forth. I don’t know what socked me more was the fact this stranger was holding me or that he is the rev from avenged sevenfold. “Jimmy sit her down.” A deep voice spoke from the other side of us. Jimmy sat me down lightly but didn’t let go of me, it was kind of weird seeing as I barley hit four eleven and he’s so damn tall. “Hi I’m your uncle Jimmy.” He shouted happily in my ear, I laughed I mean this is a joke right he cant be my uncle. “Very funny, jokes over, now where my ‘dad’?” I asked Kelly not looking at her or the other person in the room, I couldn’t even if I wanted to cause Jimmy was still holding on to me not that I cared. “That would be me.” I turned to find my dimpled smile and hazel eyes looking at me. I felt like I couldn’t breath M. fucking Shadows is my dad this is crazy how did I not see it before I mean we look just a like. “Your kidding right how the hell did this happen?” I asked out loud not believing the band I looked up to was now my family. This didn’t change my love for their music but it changed the way I will forever see them. “It doesn’t matter now get your stuff so you can be on your way.” Kelly tried to say it nicely but you could hear that she wanted us to get the fuck out. “Yeah we should get going we have a plane to catch.” Matt said putting his sunglasses on then walking out the door not looking back. I didn’t say anything I just walked up stairs and grabbed my stuff but struggled to walk down the stairs, until Matt grabbed one duffle and Jimmy grabbed the other one, leavening me with just my backpack and skateboard. “Thanks.” I mumbled pulling out my phone to tell my boys and Ivy that I’m leaving, but I didn’t mention that my new family is avenged sevenfold. “Who you texting?” Jimmy asked looking down at my phone trying to be nosy. “Just my friends.” I told him with a smile just because I don’t like my dad don’t mean I have to be rude to the others. “Cool so you like to skate? Do you know how to do some crazy shit on it?” Jimmy asked pointing to the board in my hand like a kid who just got a new toy. “Yeah I know a few things.” I told him trying not to sound to cocky. We stopped in front of a huge black Cadillac escalade. Damn this car is huge what the hell did they need such a big car for? “Do you guys have someone trying to kill you or something?” I asked them with a raised eyebrow. Matt stopped opening the trunk and turned to stare at me. “What?” he asked loudly to be heard over Jimmy booming laugh. “Are you guys on the run I mean why else would you need such a huge ass car.” I crossed my arms after I put my stuff in the backseat. “No we just like big cars.” He said throwing my duffle in the trunk then grabbed the one from Jimmy and did the same. I want to say watch it dickhead but decided against it when Jimmy jumped in the back beside me. “Umm what are you doing?” I asked with a smile on my face. “Sitting with my new niece why?” he shot a smile back at me. “Just wondering.” That was all that was said as Matt clamed into the driver seat. I looked at the foster home one last time as we pulled away. I sat back and waited for us to get where we were going. I know I’m going to miss this place so much I mean this is the last place I seen my mom. Before I could think any harder about my mom Jimmy started screaming like a kid, it like he knew I need a distraction. “Matt McDonalds stop bro my tummy wants food!” I laughed at the way he demanded that we stop. I heard Matt sigh before we pulled into the parking lot that seems quite empty for New York. “You have an half an hour Jimmy before we need to get on the road again if we want to make our plane.” Matt grumbled as he locked the door then lead the way to fast food heaven according to Jimmy. I walked slowly behind an excited Jimmy and what seems to be a pissed off Matt wonder what crawled up his ass and died. “What would you like to eat short stuff?” Jimmy asked looking at the menu type thing. “Umm a sweet tea and a small fry.” I said not even looking up from my shoes I wasn’t that hungry. “It long ways home so get more to eat.” Matt demanded texting someone now if didn’t demand me I might have taken his advice. “Who are you to tell me what to do?” I asked with my arms crossed and eyebrow raised. “Your dad now order more food.” He looked up at me with a hard look, if he trying to intimate me he would have to do better then that. I looked to see the girl at cashier watching us with wide eyes and Jimmy not wanting to get involved. “Mind your damn business and take his order.” I snapped at the girl who quickly turned to Jimmy smirking face to take his order. “As for you” I turned my glare on Matt. “You aren’t my dad and if you want to save yourself from embarrassment then you let this drop for now if not then let see who can out scream the other.” I gave a smirk at his red pissed off face but he didn’t say any thing. Good choice Matt good choice. I walked to a nearby table and plopped my butt down and pulled my I pod out hopping to drown out this nightmare. The first song that came on was ‘waking the demon’ by bullet for my valentine, smiled since it one of my favorite songs. “Here you go short stuff.” Jimmy sat my order in front of me before sitting across from me meaning that matt had to sit next to me. I turned my Ipod off not wanting to be rude to Jimmy. “Is that your new name for me or something?” I asked him ignoring Matt who had tension rolling off him in waves. “Yup since you or now the shortest person in our family I mean your si-“ Jimmy stop talking looking kind of panicked shooting a look at Matt. “what where you about to say Jimmy?” I asked him but looked at Matt too to see his jaw clenched tightly. “Nothing.” I looked to see Jimmy start stuffing his face with the huge load of food he had while still looking at Matt. “well fine since you wont tell me what you were going to say I’ll take a guess.” I said looking back at Matt who slipped his sunglasses back on his face and started to eat. “I think you were going to say sister am I right?” I knew I was right when I could hear Matt grinding his teeth and Jimmy slightly tensed. “Hmm that funny because I don’t remember reading that any of you have kids how old is she?” I asked really interested since I always wanted sister and now I have one. I looked between the guys waiting for an answer that seems to take forever. “We didn’t want the press to know about her.” I nodded understanding that they didn’t want their kids being harassed by the press. “Okay but that didn’t answer my question how old is she?” I figured her to be younger since Matt was young when he had me and didn’t stay so I figured he waited to have another later on. “She is turning sixteen in two days.” Matt whispered so low that I thought I heard him wrong. Wow so she two months older then me I have an older sister. “Wow you sure know how to move quickly Matt. Did you know about her?” I asked wanting to know how there relationship worked. “Let’s not talk about this here anyways we need to go.” I grabbed my stuff putting my Ipod back in my pocket and headed to the car this time Jimmy sat in the front. Okay we didn’t have to talk about it right then but we will talk about it soon real soon. It took us about twenty minutes to get to the air port then another fifteen to be seated in first class. “First class really?” I asked looking at the guys sitting in the plush seats looking right at home. I watched as Matt order a drink and Jimmy playing with the chair. “Yeah do you have a problem with it?” Matt asked shooting me a look that said don’t be ungraceful. It not that I was ungraceful but coming from a life where I had to save every penny I made to eat, sitting in first class seems like spending money just to do it. “No.” I whispered he wouldn’t understand so I sat in my seat. I found out that I hate flying I decided if god wanted us to fly then we would have wings to do so. “Shorty clam down we’re not going to die so relax.” Jimmy said trying to clam me down which wasn’t working. I just griped the armrest tighter and tried slowing my breathing. “Why don’t you tell me about you?” Jimmy asked with a huge smile and wide eyes. “I love to skate, music and friends are my life.” I told him with a smile. “Tell me about your friend are they crazy or laid back?” Jimmy was almost bouncing out of his seat in excitement. I felt myself relax a little and a soft smile played at my lips. “I only have one girl friend her name is Ivy she owns a music store that I worked at. She is like a mother figure that isn’t stern actually she really laid back. Oh and she from California.” I told them about Ivy, I already miss her she acted as a mother to me when she felt I needed one. “There’s Joey who my best friend along with his comes Ash. We are three pees and a pod the three amigos. When you seen Joey bet Ash is right there with him and it vice versa. Joey likes to do stupid stuff like air walk down two flights of stairs and fail at it.” I giggled lightly remembering my best friend stupidity. “He slightly crazy and to smart to be doing stupid things but he a good guy. Ash is there to catch every moment on camera. We have so many videos and pictures of stupid but fun things we did.” I heard Jimmy chuckled lightly since I had my eyes close getting lost in memory lane. “Ash is a little slow but a complete sweetheart to most and hyper.” I gasp when the plane started to shake a little. “It okay it just the turbulence.” Matt deep voice broke though my fear slightly. “Do you have any other friends?” Jimmy asked breaking out of my slight shocked that Matt cared least a little to try and sooth my fears. “Yeah Jamie.” I felt tears prick my eyes thinking that he now in jail. “He was like a big brother to me he taught me what I need to know to stay out of to much trouble. He may have been ruthless to others but he always protected me.” I whispered. “What do you mean he was ruthless to others?” Matt asked with a little frown on his face. “Let just say that Jamie not the best influence and can get away with a lot.” I tried to drop the subject by asking my own question. “So about my sister?” I could see Matt tense and put his guard up. “What about her?” I rolled my eyes at how this is going to play out. “Did you know about her before you knocked my mother up.” “Yes I knew about her since the day her mother found out.” he said pushing his glasses higher up his nose. “Did you want her when you found out did you want me?” I cursed my self for asking that cursed question. “I was scared when I found out Val was pregnant, she was almost two month when she told me. I loved Val and I also loved the baby she said she was keeping but my fear made me run. I ended up at a party I got drunk and met your mother.” He paused to take a sip of his drink. “I woke up and went back to Val I didn’t tell her since I didn’t think I would see your mother again. But one day coming out of Val doctor’s office she was sitting in the waiting room with fear written all over her face. She asked if she could talk to me I could feel something was wrong. Val being Val said to take our time not knowing what I did with this girl.” he rubbed his face you can tell he hated the fact that he hurt his wife. “She told me she was pregnant with you and I already had a kid on the I didn’t need another one hell I wasn’t ready for the first one I was still very young.” I felt my heart drop knowing what was coming next. I already knew the answer but I was hoping I was wrong. “I’m glad she didn’t lestion and lied to me when I told her get an abortion. You turned out to be a beautiful girl.” I felt my anger rise at the fact that he was trying to get on my good side after telling me he wanted me to die and that he didn’t asked the same for my sister. It not my sister fault so I don’t blame her or Val but man it would be nice to know he would think about it first. “Whatever, she did go to get rid of me but her mother told her not to do it.” I hate that it was true but it was, my grandma saved my life. Mom said she didn’t think she was ready to give up her carefree life or be a mom. But she told me when she first seen me that she would forever be graceful to grandma. “What her name what she like?” I asked wanting to know a little more about my only sister that I know about. “Brittany and she what you would a well a Barbie.” Jimmy said with a grin on his face only for it to slip off when Matt whacked him on the head. Okay not what I wanted to hear but that okay she could be a nice Barbie. I took my bracelets off since they were starting to irate my wrists. “Whoa dude you have ink?” Jimmy asked shouting in my ear almost blowing my eardrum. I looked down at my wrists to see the tattoo ‘hated by many’ on my right wrist and ‘loved by all’ on my left. My tattoo has couple different meanings behind it. “Yeah.” I giggled lightly remembering how I end up with it and the look on Jimmy face. “Jamie said it a lot so it was stuck in my head and it true if you think about it. But any ways one-night Joey, Ash and I got really drunk I was fourteen and it was my first time drinking. Well anyways Joey had this bright idea we get tattoos from this guy he knows and being pissed any idea was a good idea. I got this, which at least has some meaning behind it. Ash got a butterfly on his shoulder while Joey got a pink bunny on his ass. To say when we woke the next day I was the only one that wasn’t pissed off. Well that was until I found out my belly and tongue were pierce as well.” I laughed softly at Jimmy rolling on the ground with tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. I even heard Matt let out a light chuckle. “Wow kid that some funny shit how old are you again?” Jimmy asked trying to catch his breath. “Fifteen and if you think that funny then I have stories that will make you die of laughter.” We talked a little longer about their music but I feel a sleep some time when Matt stared talking to us.


Omg,i love this story so much,please update soon!

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I really like this story. Please update it soon.

please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!