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Welcome to the family!

Chapter five

Hey guys here another chapter, I had to update this on my iPod so please excuse any mistakes. Enjoy! -----------------------------------------------

I grabbed my backpack, skateboard, and a duffle bag before fallowing jimmy's every step. I was afraid if I stepped on the perfect lawn I would ruin it green grass and pretty flowers. "your not scared are you?" Jimmy asked chuckling lightly, I rolled my eyes to play it off like I wasn't, but truthfully I was. I mean I will will be seeing these people everyday for the next two years.

What of they don't like me? I dismissed the thought as soon as it came I mean I'm awesome what not to like. "you ready shorty?" I looked up at the white door in front of me and nodded I might as well get it over with. As Jimmy went to open the door it crashed open to an beatiful blonde. "daddy I missed you!" I watched as she ran pasted Jimmy and me and straight into Matts arms that wrapped around her tightly. "I missed you too princess." So I guess this is my sister she pretty. With long silky blonde hair, curvy figure, and hazel eyes just like Matt and I.

"where have you been I have alot to tell you. Mom said I can have my sweet sixteen here, but you have last word." She tryed to pull off what I would like to think is the puppy dog look? "of course princess you can have what ever you want." I couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes at that one. It like the perfect daddy with his little girl it kind of sicking. I turned around ready to sleep bit frost I need to find a bed, but I bumped into someone. "ops my bad." I apologized I looked up to see a really pertty set of twins. Well looks like it time for introductions.

"oh it okay but I have to ask who are you?" the one with blonde hair and bright smile asked. "um Val this is um." Jimmy tried to find a way to tell my step mom that I'm Matt daughter, that she apparently doesn't know about , can this get any worse? "mom guess what dad said I can have the partry he-" I looked to see Brittany stoped talking when she seen me. " who this dad I didn't know we were taking in a homeless girl." she eyed my hair and clothes with distaste well there goes making nice with my new sister. " guys this is Faye my-" Matt hesitated for a second not wanting to say it knowing all hell will break lose when he does. "his daughter." I said to cut to the point.

I watched as Vals brown eyes filled with tears knowing it was true when she looked at me, my heart felt for her. A soft oh left her lips as she looked up at Matt with Hirt and anger in her eyes. "Good one dad now who is she?" Brittany asked with a slight hysterical tone. She knew it was trure but she didn't want to believe it hell neither did I. "Brit she your younger sister." Matt whipered not taking his eyes from Val who broke down at hearing that I was younger than Brittany. Matt went to grab her but she just pushed h away making tears come to his eyes. "Guys maybe we should go in the house and talk about this." jhonny said looking around. We slowly made our way into the house and to what I think is the living room. It walls are a dark red with black leather couches.

There is a glass table in front of the couch that faced the huge flat screen. I sat down on the the end of the couch closer to the door with Jimmy on my other side. I'm happy he sat next to me so no one else could, not that I don't like them I just don't know them. "okay so this is Faye." I watched as everyone of their faces show different emotions. The ones I seen the most was shock and than angermostly from Brittany though."why?" that one word caked with pain, Val stared Matt down with hurt eyes. "why what baby?" Matt whispered reaching out like he was going to hold her but she moved to the other side of the room. Brittany got up and went to stand next to her mom while trying to kill me with her eyes.

"she wants to know why you brought that dirtty whore off the streets home." I heard the girl on the other side of Jimmy gasp but I just smirked cause Brittany looks so proud of her insult. "is that the best you got?" I asked whipeing thhe smudged look off her face. " I've been called much worse so try harder." I wasn't going to insult her back in front of her family, no need to degrade her so low. I heard a chuckle come from somewhere in the room and her face got so red from anger. I just watched waiting for next move. "why did you cheat?" Val asked her tone hard as her glare is. "I was young and stupid baby I swear it was the only time I ever cheated on you. Plase Val understand I was fifteen and went to a party, I got drunk and made the biggest mistake of my life." Matt pleaded to his wife. I knew it shouldn't have hurt as much as it did but being called a mistake by him, felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and stomped on.

I should be used to it by now, my mom loved to call me a mistake or useless when she was high, she loved to put me down. I belive the only family I had was my friends and now I don't even have them seeing as I'm half away across the U.S. "Matt I'm going to need some time so I'm going to stay with Michelle for a while to clear my head." she stood up walking up the stairs slowly to pack. The woman that looked just like her jumped up and fallowed her to help. Matt slammed his fist aginst the wall puting a whole in it before walking out the door making sure to slam it behind him.

"I'm going to stay with Tracy so I won't have to be around trash that has been forgotten to be taken out." Brittany told us scrunching up her nose like she smelt something bad it must be herself because I know damn well I smell good. The other people in the room stayed silent until the two women had their things and left. I sat there wondering what the hell the next two years are going to be like? "Well that went well." jhonny said breaking the silence. "shut up short shit." the guy we all know as sinister gates snapped at jhonny. "Fuck you Brian." "No that Michelle job." I watched as they bickered back and forth. "hi I'm Zack and this is my wife Gena." a guy with green eyes and snake bites talking to me while holding a pertty blonde.

"hey I'm Faye as you already know." I gave them a small smile. "that over there is Brian and his wife is Val town Michelle. Than jhonny and his girlfriend Lacey." Zackey pointed ou the rest of the people in the room except Michelle since she left with Val. "Oh this is leanna my wife shorty." Jimmy shouted in my ear while pointing to a really pertty woman she had a breath-taking smile on her face. Damn I wished I had a smile like that. "Hi." after the introductions the guys said they had places to be but I knew they were uncofterable around me, well for now they are.

So I lead them to the door to say bye the girls gave me a quick hug before telling me they will talk to me later. Jimmy grabbed me into a tight hug telling me to call him of I ever needed anything even if it just to talk. I watched as they got into their cars and drove off. Bow what the hell do I do I dont know where my room is to go to sleep and who knows how long until Matt gets back. I went back to sit on the couch and some how need up a sleep.

Hey plase let me know what you think of this story... What do you think is going to happen next?


Omg,i love this story so much,please update soon!

Synerella Synerella

I really like this story. Please update it soon.

please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!