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Hiya guys I'm Desiree but I go by desi :) I love dancing in the rain and anything with sugar! I'm hard of hearing and I speak my mind. Huge fan of all music and I am a child of god but I won't force my beliefs on you. I love the color black, purple, white, yellow, and neon green. I have three younger brothers that I love to death even when I want to stringle them sometimes lol. I don't juge people for mistakes or wrong decisions because I made some too and know what like. I dont think lying get you any where so I try not to do it so plase don't lie to me. I don't hold on to the past cause you can't change it, I live in the present like there is no future. I put other before myself because i'm to scared to face my own problems. No matter what you go throw there will always be someone who has it worse so don't let it Bering you down let it help someone else because they might need it. I love avenged sevenfold fanfictions and romance stories. But I'm up to read anything :) I love talking to new people so talk to me xP


Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family!

PG-13 Romance Comedy Drama

M.shadow father story


9.9 11 Votes
When she cries

When she cries

R Drama

Zacky v daddy story


10.0 9 Votes