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Too Cold For Angels To Fly


an angel will die covered in white, closed eye

Adiana Crest dies in January of 2009 from a drug overdose. She hasn't been the most saint-like person in the world, and is kept in limbo until her official trial for Heaven or Hell . . . on December 28th, of the same year. Her caretaker, until that trial date, tells her that she has a chance to go to Heaven if she can complete one complex task - put a lost soul back on track.

and hoping for a better life

Jimmy Sullivan has slowly began to lose track on his life path, and is spiraling closer and closer to an early death. She sees this, his life and his death, and agrees to take the task. Addy has less than a year to put Jimmy back on track, but what happens when she begins to run out of time?

this time, we'll fade out tonight straight down the line

contains adult themes and some things certain people may find uncomfortable, such as death, drug abuse, suicide, and other themes. read with caution.



Update pleasee
synful7plague synful7plague
I love this! Never want it to end!
Bub'Vee Bub'Vee
Update soon! I really like it!
This is a different type of story so far... I really like it though so continue? please?
Randa Rue Randa Rue