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(Previously R.Nightmare_A7xLover)
Hello. ^^

Er, thanks for coming to check out my profile, friend! Not much to know about me, really, I'm not too interesting. My name's RJ, and I like sweaty people with lots of tattoos in bands, surfing the internet, sobbing over fictional characters, and music. I don't mind whatever gender pronoun you use for me- He, She, They, Zie, Xe, whatever you think of me as is totally fine. My personal blog can be found here, so go ahead and give me a follow if you're on tumblr! I'm always open for talking, so if you ever just want to talk to someone, I'm pretty friendly and I'm not here to judge. <3 Again, thanks for checking out my profile, I really appreciate it!


I Tried To Hold On As You've Slowly Slipped Away

I Tried To Hold On As You've Slowly Slipped Away

R Comedy Drama Tragedy

When Blaze's mother died in a hit and run accident, what will happen when she gets sent to live with her real dad, Papa Gates? Will she be accepted by her siblings? Will she find vengeance upon the person who killed her mother and made her live in this environment? Will she find love?


10.0 18 Votes