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Day of Reckoning

7. Get Out Of Jail Free card

Annaliese awoke to the all-too-familiar grinding of the door to her cell. She groaned, stiff from pains and aches, and felt herself being gently roused. She was greeted with the form of... Oscar Guerra. The shadowy drug lord who owned the place where she was being held.

Oscar could see Annaliese become stricken with fear and immediately started soothing her in Spanish, "hush joven, que está siendo enviado de vuelta a su casa [hush young one, you are being sent back to your home]." Annaliese calmed down slightly, but was still apprehensive. "Why? Why aren't you just going to kill me?" She asked in English. Oscar looked at her hard and told her in English "despite my many crimes and what I am capable of doing, I cannot allow a pregnant woman to die while she is under my care. You may know who I am, but you have no idea where you are. You will be blindfolded and drugged until you are returned to your home. There you will wake up and resume your life as you see fit. You will never be able to find us ever again." Annaliese felt an immediate rush of joy, as well as a feeling of apprehension. He was a drug lord for Christ's sake, what could he want in return? As if to answer her thoughts, Oscar explained, as he lowered the needle containing sodium thiopental to her arm, "Oh you'll be paying us back in a BIG way, no harm to you, of course..." This was the last Anneliese heard as she drifted into a slumber.

Oscar immediately lifted the comatose woman and carried her out of the dungeon and into a waiting SUV driven by 2 large men. Blindfolding her, Oscar instructed the driver to take them to the airfield. While still sleeping, he performed a small operation where a micro-sized GPS was inserted into the lips of the sleeping Annaliese; this GPS was designed to transfer to it's target through the saliva through a simple kiss, which would draw the GPS out of Annaliese's lips... and hopefully embed itself in the desired target. Zachary Baker. He should be rushing home at any second now, but not quite in time for his wife's re-appearance. They would have vanished like ghosts before Zacky even reached his street.

Zacky was in a panic, though he didn't show it. A distorted voicemail had explained to him that his darling, his Annaliese, had been kidnapped but had been returned, safe and sound. Zacky was still anxious to get home to meet her, to make sure she was okay... and to find out who had held her.

Matt and Arin, meanwhile, were hidden deep in the hills behind a farm in France, watching the family that occupied it. A short, bearded man and his lovely-looking wife were being observed dining on a verandah overlooking a beautiful lake. The lake itself provided the irrigation to the farm, ensuring that the farm turned out with the best crops and pasture, and better pasture meant more healthy livestock, which meant that the livestock was worth more. The house itself was a large, modern, plantation-style house that could comfortably fit 2 families, and still have room for guests. Matt couldn't believe the amount of cows and sheep on the farm. 'No wonder that this farm alone contributes 2% to France's economy' Arin thought to himself as he trained his binoculars on the woman. Arin recalled meeting her once, she seemed like such a sweetheart. Both men observed as the dining couple were joined by a small child running around his father's legs, chasing what looked like a cat. Matt could make out the father laughing as he pulled the child up to his lap, the child giggling. The mother smiled as she reached out to the child, cradling the little boy in her arms. 'Such a happy family' Matt thought, smirking. "Hey Matty, it sorta is nice to see how normal people live for a change, isn't it?" Arin asked, with a hint of sarcasm. "Yeah, looks like our old friend Johnny Christ is doing well for himself, with that little hot-ass Madeleine" Matt sneered, "ya know, ever since Val died, I always wondered what she'd be like in bed. Short Shit has it pretty good." "Yeah, seems like being a rat DOES pay off in the end" Arin spat, "when all of that shit with Val happened, you should've called me right away, Matty! Not even bothered with that little ass-hat... but I'm here now, so it's all good." "Yep, well" Matt sighed, a look of sparkling malice on his face, "I feel sorry for that kid knowing he's soon about to be without parents."


The kid's gonna be safe... but what about Johnny and Madeleine?


Holy shit!!!

BabyBat124 BabyBat124
Loved the update! And I can't wait to hear more about the other gangs.. :D
TheGoon TheGoon
I also found it funny how the end of the chapter said "thank god it was over".. Then the authors note-"but it's not over yet." XD
And I can see what you mean about the toll it takes to lose the love of your life.
TheGoon TheGoon
I started to relax a little.... But then I remembered the fucking Drug Lord... Can't those Druggies ever gives us naturally fucked up people a break?!?! I mean seriously!! It is completely shallow, and I'm gonna have to do the one thing I hate doing..... Waiting!
Magenta_6661 Magenta_6661
Lol I'm thinking of Matt suffering a moment of remorse somewhere along the line... sure, he's turned into a monster but the whole purpose of my 2 stories is to show what COULD happen when you take a man's love of his life away from him. I kinda based Matt's persona in these fanfics on Clyde Shelton off Law Abiding Citizen.
GhostTard1990 GhostTard1990