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Day of Reckoning

8. Caught Red Handed

Matt picked the lock on the sliding door as easily as lighting a cigarette, and slid it open as silently as he could, with Arin surpassing him, sneaking into the farmhouse armed with a small submachine gun, a PP2000 equipped with a silencer and laser targeting device. Matt withdrew his Remington 870 pump-action shotgun out of the sportsbag he was carrying, and attached the flashlight and the silencer, and entered the house.

Matt and Arin were amazed at the house; Johnny and Madeleine must make a shit-ton of money being farmers. Everything was modern and up-to-date, with things not even released in the US yet. "If I had it differently, I would do what Johnny was doing" Matt whispered to Arin as they searched the house silently. "Yeah, shame that in the end it's a job for pussies" Arin hissed, sniggering. Matt sneered as they continued the search.

'This HAS to be the master bedroom' Arin thought as he switched off the laser sight and stuck his head in. Sure enough, he could make out the sleeping forms of Johnny and Madeleine, both looked like they had not long drifted into sleep. Arin admired Madeleine's beautiful, semi-nude form for a few minutes, with Matt joining him. Both men eyed her off hungrily, then Matt decided the time had come for action.

Arin had made sure to block the child's bedroom door so he wouldn't wander out while it was all going down; both men, despite the nature of what they did, could not harm a child in any way. Matt had actually killed a man he saw beating his kids in a parking lot while in Russia; he remembered it now. He had tailed the man home, and waited until his kids were inside; he had strolled up to the man in the shadows of the apartment block in the Moscow slums, and grabbed him and broke his neck. He had called Russian child services and gave them the address, then departed the scene, hoping the kids were safe.

Madeleine stirred. Something had awoken her. She took a minute to open her eyes, and a second for her eyes to adjust to the dark. Terror boiled in her as she seen the two figures pointing guns at her and Johnny in their own bedroom.

"Get up! Get the fuck out of bed!" Arin demanded, rushing to grab Madeleine as Matt had grabbed and woken up Johnny, who was immediately being beaten up. "What the fuck?! What's happening?" Johnny shouted, only to be answered with a savage blow to his stomach by the butt of the shotgun held by Matt. Madeleine was screaming, being dragged by her hair by Arin out of the bedroom into the kitchen, who then proceeded to promptly gag her and restrain her. Matt lifted the moaning form of Johnny out of bed and carried him to the kitchen where Arin and Madeleine were. Throwing Johnny on the floor, Arin bound Johnny too; both captives got a good look at their assailants for the first time.

Johnny thought him and Madeleine had died and gone to Hell. He stared, both terrified and furious, at the man who had attacked him... a ghost from his past, standing in front of him in full psychotic colour. "Well if it isn't Matt fucking Sanders!" Johnny snarled, immediately flexing his muscles to try and snap the bonds... and succeeding. Matt's look of vicious triumph turned to shock as Johnny shot up and tackled him, knocking the shotgun out of his hands. Madeleine took advantage of Arin's distraction and kicked her legs, tripping Arin over, him dropping his gun in turn. Matt and Johnny were locked in a fight to the death, snarling obscenities at each other as they grappled, punching the shit out of each other on the floor.

"You just couldn't leave me alone could you Matt!!?" Johnny growled as he pummelled Matt, "Here I am putting all that shit behind me and you just don't know when to quit!" "Johnny pal you ran out on us!!!" Matt roared, "betrayed your own brothers! And for what? To get in good with that little bitch Zacky!? He fucking HATED you, you fucking little wretch!" "Yeah well, whatever the case, it don't matter!" Johnny snarled, "you won't leave here alive!" "Johnny we can't!" howled Madeleine, who by now had broken free of her bonds and had Arin in a leglock, with Arin struggling furiously, "we have to call the police! We can't be like them!" Next thing, Johnny moaned in pain, as Matt hit him in the groin. As Johnny doubled over in pain, Matt rushed over and pulled Madeleine off Arin, throwing her next to her husband. Both panting, bloodied, Johnny and Madeleine huddled into each other as Matt picked up his shotgun and levelled it at the both of them; Arin was out cold, courtesy of Madeleine smacking his head into a cupboard. Johnny instantly threw Madeleine behind him as Matt smirked. "Johnny boy, you always DID try to be a hero" Matt smiled, cocking the gun, "but now it is time for you and your lovely wife to die! Any last words?" Johnny knew that this was it, but he was going to die protecting his love.

A noise from the hallway distracted all of them. Matt, Johnny and Madeleine all stared in wonder as the small boy toddled into the kitchen, looking at them smilingly. "Sweetheart go back to your room" Madeleine sobbed, pointing the boy away; Matt sneered and said "don't worry bitch, your kid's gonna be in good hands. I've already organised a foster home for him, seeing as you two useless fucks won't be able to raise him anymore!" But the boy continued to point and smile, particularly at Matt; he kept looking down the hallway. He beckoned down the hallway and toddled out of the way, still pointing at Matt. Matt was nonplussed. Completely forgetting about Johnny and Madeleine, he walked over to the boy to see what he was looking at... only to be slammed into with full force by a dark figure.

The figure tackled Matt to the ground, who got a good look at it. The figure was clad in body armour, hooded, with a skull mask, pointing a silenced handgun at Matt's face. Matt knew it was useless; he was caught. The figure stood up, still pointing the gun at Matt, and beckoned to the second shadowy figure down the hallway. The figure, holding an MP7 with suppressor and thermal scope, came into view, also clad in light armour and Spec Ops ACUs. Matt couldn't believe it; here, of all places? "Nice to see you Zacky" Matt sneered. Zacky didn't return the comment as he announced "Matthew Sanders, you are hereby under arrest by order of the United States Government for acts of terrorism and mass murder."

Johnny and Madeleine couldn't believe their luck. The skeleton man had returned with a robe for Madeleine. Throwing it on herself, her and Johnny looked at the man, stammered a thank-you. The man looked as if he was smiling under the mask. Johnny turned his attention to his old friend, Zacky, who pulled him up and embraced him and Madeleine. "Nice place you got here, bro" Zacky smiled. All Johnny could do was hug his old friend as the skeleton man restrained Matt and Arin and Madeleine called to her child, sobbing and crying into the child's shoulder. Thank god it was over.


Friends reunited... but it's not over yet.


Holy shit!!!

BabyBat124 BabyBat124
Loved the update! And I can't wait to hear more about the other gangs.. :D
TheGoon TheGoon
I also found it funny how the end of the chapter said "thank god it was over".. Then the authors note-"but it's not over yet." XD
And I can see what you mean about the toll it takes to lose the love of your life.
TheGoon TheGoon
I started to relax a little.... But then I remembered the fucking Drug Lord... Can't those Druggies ever gives us naturally fucked up people a break?!?! I mean seriously!! It is completely shallow, and I'm gonna have to do the one thing I hate doing..... Waiting!
Magenta_6661 Magenta_6661
Lol I'm thinking of Matt suffering a moment of remorse somewhere along the line... sure, he's turned into a monster but the whole purpose of my 2 stories is to show what COULD happen when you take a man's love of his life away from him. I kinda based Matt's persona in these fanfics on Clyde Shelton off Law Abiding Citizen.
GhostTard1990 GhostTard1990