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Day of Reckoning

6. For business purposes

Matt was elated as he left the screaming woman in the basement, uncertain about her future. Matt hated her with a passion; her crime was daring to get involved with Zacky, that fucking little bitch who was trying to play Army Man. That little fag was way in over his head. Matt knew that this would draw Zacky to him; that idiot would never learn the difference between professional and personal. And Matt wasn't going to give him the chance to learn either. The thought of what he was going to do to Zacky buoyed him up like a balloon; he would make sure that Zacky died looking like the most pathetic excuse of a human being in the world. He would pay heavily for killing Syn, the only one who had really supported him in his quest for vengeance against Val's killers. Sure, he had become a monster, he realised that. But for what it was worth, he enjoyed the power of it all, deciding who lived and who died... and the one man who truly shared his vision, Syn, was dead. Shot by a fucking deadshit who somehow made it to Special Forces. Matt often wondered, amusingly, if Zacky had sucked his way to the top. He remembered Johnny too- it was a shame that Johnny up and bolted, couldn't handle the mission they were on. Matt would have liked to kill him as well, but he knew that Johnny was tucked away somewhere in France with that slut he was dating at the time of Val's murder... and France, being good pals with the US, had issued a warrant for his arrest, meaning that if he were to kill Johnny while back in Germany, he would have had to steal a missile or something and fire it at wherever Johnny was. No, Johnny would have to wait. His main priority was destroying Zacky completely.

Matt found Arin and Oscar dining together on the verandah of Oscar's multi-million dollar mansion, by the pool. This mansion was the greatest thing that ever existed in Matt's eyes. Full of guns and drugs, money and hot women! Matt had done a few small jobs for Oscar, as part of their deal, as had Arin. Neither man had failed to please Oscar, who took a shine to them relatively quickly, unusual for a large drug kingpin; and Matt and Arin equally respected Oscar. Neither of them thought much of gangsters, Matt in particular because of his nightmarish experiences as a teenager growing up, but Oscar seemed different somehow. Rich on his own merits and willing to do his own dirty work at times, would never ask his men to do something he would not do himself.

"Matthew!" Oscar boomed, smiling from ear to ear, outstretching his arms. Matt smiled back, walked over to him, embraced him. "How ya doin' Oscar?" Matt grinned. "I'm well my boy, thank you for asking" Oscar smiled, as he silently directed one of his maids, a drop-dead gorgeous Mexican brunette, to fetch a cigar and breakfast for Matt. Arin, Matt could see, had already finished his food and was now contentedly puffing away on a cigar. It was a beautiful morning in Mexico, the pool looked very inviting. But both Matt and Arin preferred to please Oscar as much as possible, hence not really taking advantage of the many amnesties Oscar's mansion had to offer. "Matthew, I was just discussing a small problem with our friend Arin here" Oscar said, taking a long draw of the cigar, "its in regards to a large farm in France." "France?" Matt asked, immediately apprehensive; he knew that if he stepped foot in France, he would be arrested on the spot. "Yes my boy, France" Oscar stated. "What's the problem?" Matt asked, leaning in. "There is this large farm just north of the French-Spanish border" Oscar continued, "as you know, we have quite a market in Spain, and I am looking to expand into France. The demand for heroin in France is astronomical. We are looking at billions of dollars! Billions, perhaps trillions, to be made. The French border protection is weak, and this farm would serve as an opium enterprise, where it is grown, and processed into heroin, and directly distributed throughout France." "Woah, you got all this planned out, huh?" Matt whistled in amazement, Arin silently looking gleeful at the thought of becoming rich beyond his dreams. "Yes, it is the perfect plan, with almost no chance of getting caught" Oscar said, "but my problem is, the current owners of the farm will not give it up! We have tried to bribe them, tried threatening them, and still, they will not budge!" "And you'd like us to go and see these people?" Matt asked with apprehension. "Yes, you and Arin here, I would like you both to go and see these people, to see to it that the farm becomes mine" Oscar said gravely. "Yeah, for sure... but there's just one problem with that" Arin spoke up. "I see" Oscar said gravely, "and what would that be?" "Matt here has an arrest warrant issued by the French should he ever enter France" Arin stated, "if we are going to do this, we need assurance that we will be in and out without the government there ever knowing we were there." Oscar stared perplexed at the 2 Americans before him and started chuckling "that is easy to achieve. Like I said, border patrol is weak- where you two will enter France, I have already paid off the patrol stationed there to look the other way. You two will be in and out, no problems at all." Oscar's words had a soothing effect on both men; Oscar was the man without a doubt. All they could think about was the mission now. "Okay, we'll do it, no worries" Matt said, much to Oscar's delight, "We'll need the names of the targets though, and what you would like us to do with them." "Certainly, I have their details here" Oscar said, drawing out a manila envelope, handing it to Matt and Arin.

Oscar was concerned at the growing look of shock on Matt's and Arin's faces as they read the file. When they were done, they looked at Oscar, a mixture of shock and elation on their faces. "Oscar" Matt said, "we thank you for this opportunity. We will bring you this guy's head!" "I appreciate the enthusiasm Matthew, but why go so far as to behead him?" Oscar enquired. "Because we know him... we know him and his wife VERY WELL" Arin intoned, a hint of menace in his voice. "I see... who is he to you?" Oscar asked. Matt stared at Oscar for a few seconds and told him: "Johnny fucking Christ."


Holy shit!!!

BabyBat124 BabyBat124
Loved the update! And I can't wait to hear more about the other gangs.. :D
TheGoon TheGoon
I also found it funny how the end of the chapter said "thank god it was over".. Then the authors note-"but it's not over yet." XD
And I can see what you mean about the toll it takes to lose the love of your life.
TheGoon TheGoon
I started to relax a little.... But then I remembered the fucking Drug Lord... Can't those Druggies ever gives us naturally fucked up people a break?!?! I mean seriously!! It is completely shallow, and I'm gonna have to do the one thing I hate doing..... Waiting!
Magenta_6661 Magenta_6661
Lol I'm thinking of Matt suffering a moment of remorse somewhere along the line... sure, he's turned into a monster but the whole purpose of my 2 stories is to show what COULD happen when you take a man's love of his life away from him. I kinda based Matt's persona in these fanfics on Clyde Shelton off Law Abiding Citizen.
GhostTard1990 GhostTard1990