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City Of Sin

I Won't Say Anything At All

I was holding hands with Jimmy singing some random tune, like we always did when we were in public. "So, how is Brock?" Jimmy said in a singing voice. I looked down and realized I didn't call him when we landed. I pulled out my phone and turned it on, receiving message after message from him. "Well I guess he is mad at me for not answering his calls. Oops." I put the phone back into my pocket as we arrived to the first casino. I let everyone else walk in but me. "Harley Jane! Come on!" Johnny yelled at me. "I'm not 21 yet guys, you go ahead, I find something to do." I said with a small smile, as I turned and saw a clothing store, and walked into it, instantly falling in love with everything I saw. "Well, I'm going to have a mini fashion show for myself." I grabbed a few items and headed for the dressing room. I walk out in the first outfit dancing around in the mirror. I walked back in put on the second. I smiled at the dress on. "You look stunning." I heard a velvet voice coming from behind me, as I turned around and met chocolate brown eyes. "You really look beautiful, Harley." I smiled at his smirk. "Thank you Brian." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his chest, me inhaling the scent of Marlboro reds and his cologne.

I pushed Brian away as my phone started singing Brock's ringtone. I picked it up from my jean shorts pocket. "Hey honey, I know I'm sorry, my phone was still off from the flight." I saw Brian standing there with his arms crossed with a pouty look on his face. I started to laugh at his lips. "Oh no, I'm not laughing at you sweetie, Brian is making faces at me." I pulled my phone from my ear when he yelled Brian's name. I looked down and walked into the dressing room. Then hung up and put the phone in my pocket. "Okay, what was that all about." Brian questioned me. "Nothing Brian, Brock being Brock. No biggie." I flung the dress over the side of the door. "Can you please put this on rack." I got dressed and walked out putting my sandles back on. " Brock just gets mad, because he thinks that we can't be friends with our history. Everything is fine." I looked at Brian, and smiled as I grabbed my purse and smiled at the woman behind the counter and walked back out onto the strip

"So why aren't you in casinos with everyone else?" Brian asked. "Hmm, Brian let's see, I'm only 20, you have to be 21 to do stuff here. Wait, that reminds me, where is Crys?" I started looking through my phone for her number to text her. "She is resting in the room, she wasn't feeling good." He looked off at some people screaming. "Meaning, Zacky. You told her the number didn't you." I looked up at Brian, and started walking back toward the hotel with only one thing on my mind. I got into the lobby and headed toward the elevators. "Harley come on, let's go to the strip, you two are suppose to be stress free. You're suppose to be Brock free, he's causing most of your stress." I looked back him. "Well she is my best friend and I need to make sure she is okay. Just come get us later, I need to work shit out with Brock anyways." I looked at my phone and clicked on call and put the phone to my ear as the elevator dinged. Brian gave me a one handed wave as the doors closed.

"Brock, engagement is off." I hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket.


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