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City Of Sin

This Is Only The Beginning

“Harley Jane! We’re going to be late for our Flight!” I yell at my best friend. A two week vacation is what we our jobs need have become quite stressful. Harley was booking shows left and right, and she doesn’t get paid very much for that on top of her full time job at salon. And while I had a tad more free time then her I was constantly booked at the salon and at the parlor. But we were both happy with our jobs just we were getting really frustrated at everyone. “I’m coming fuck hold on” I hear coming down the stairs her suitcase making a loud ‘thump’ every time it hit the stairs. “We’re going to miss our flight the guys will be there in four hours.” the guys being our friends for a lifetime but they so happen to be a famous band so we don’t see them that much but a couple of years ago we made a deal every time they had a Vegas stop they would take a break from the tour and meet up with Harley Val and I. Where wouldn’t have to do anything but have fun with our friends. “Ok I’m ready let’s get going.” I look at her and she’s defiantly dressed to impress. “Wow why you getting all dolled up?” she gave me her ‘I don’t know what your talking about’ look and asked me “why you wearing that? You know Zee’s going to say something.” she said going into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. “So let him he can never win when I bring up that” “that they 27 world series I know I know.” she walk out with a smile “COME ON! Were going to miss our flight and then we’ll be stuck here for two weeks.” I tell her for I hope is the last time. “Ok! Then let’s go then your car or mine?” Harley asks. “I don’t care we can take yours” I start to pull my luggage to the trunk of her car. “Pop the trunk fucker” I tell Harley. She hit’s the button that opens the trunk I throw my suitcase into the trunk and then throw Harley’s in to. “Let’s go!” I say while shutting the trunk.

When we get to the airport we see our other friend Val. “hey Val!” the platinum blonde turns her head to us, and gives us both a hug and soon were basically running to the terminal. So we wouldn’t miss our flight. “Go Harley go go go!” We boarded the plane just in time. We actually got on in the middle of flight attendant whole hands deal. All three of us laughed, but we stopped laughing once the flight attendant gave us a look that kills us all. Val mouths a ‘sorry’. “Ladies Gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts we are about to lift off” the pilot told us. I looked over at Harley and saw her start to freak a little bit “Harley breathe did you bring a picture like I told you?” she nods her head, to afraid to speak. “Ok I want you to look at that and let the picture take you back to that time, and breathe Harley you got to breathe. In…out…in. out good. You doing better?” she nods again I smile and relax and fill the pressure in my chest as we start to take off. Heading to the City of sin a.k.a. Las Vegas, to our much needed vacation.

After a few hours later we where in the hotel that we all decided we’d meet up at. The room pairings weren’t a 100% sure but I knew for sure that Matt and Val would be sharing Syn and Zee usually, and then Jimmy and Johnny with Harley and me sharing too. I unpack my shower things as I get all of my soaps and stuff to my liking I hear someone rapping at the door.

I laugh knowing who it was. “Harley can you get it?” I holler at her. “Yea I’m getting it” I hear her jump off the bed and then walk to the door couple seconds later I hear “Harley Char! I missed you!” then I hear Harley “Jimmy I can’t breathe let go!” “Where’s Crys where’s my buttercup!” I laugh and walk out of the bathroom and holler at Jimmy “In here Jimbo!” with in the next couple of second I hear “CRYS! I missed you so much oh my god it was so hard!” “We missed you to Jimbo!” I gave him a hug. “Why do you insist on wearing that horrible team you know it pisses me off Crys.” “Because my grandpa brain washed me and you know it. Where’s my hug baker?” He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me “I missed you Crys so much. Luvs you” he whispered in my ear loud enough for only me and him to hear. “I’m sure zack. MATT!” I unwrap Zack’s arms from around me and run to my best friend Matt and give him a huge bear hug. “Hey!” Val protested! “I missed you Mattie! Why haven’t you called me to busy having phone sex with Val?” I asked they all knew I was kidding but Val had to open up that can of worms. “Matt I told you not to tell anyone!” Val screamed. “I was kidding but now that I know you guys DO do that remind me not to use your phone if I ever lose mine.” We all start laughing while Matt and Val go red in the face. “We’re going to go on the strip anyone else going to go with us?” we all say yes.

Before we all made it to the elevator Brian wanted to talk to me alone. “Hey have you told Harley the other reason why were here?” I shake my head no “nope I haven’t told her why would I do that I don’t do that I don’t tell secrets Brian!” I tell him “I know Crys I just want this to be special for her you know.” I nod my head and then ask the questions that has been on my mind since I the first tour date “Brian can I ask you something?” “Sure anything cupcake” “How many” he took my hands and looked down at them cleared his throat and said “ I lost count after 20” I press my lips into a hard line and take my hands back and respond “oh. Can you tell everyone I’m going to stay here I don’t feel good the flight gave me a headache or something like that. Please Brian?” I ask almost beg him to. “Yea I’ll tell them but you have to promise me one thing ok?” without knowing I promise him. “what?” I ask “Don’t let the man whore ways of Zacky Vengeance ruin your vacation I know how stress you and Harley have been. I want you to enjoy yourself and take a much needed break ok?” I nod and then proceed to walk to mine and Harley’s room.

When I get in there I go in to the bedroom we decided that would be mine for the next two weeks. I then remove my shoes shorts and jewelry and lay in my shirt. With out noticing tears start to roll down my eyes on to the satin pillow case. I gather most of the bed spread in my hands and cuddle into it pretending it was the body that I use to cuddle into almost every night when we were in high school. Zack Baker and I have always had feeling towards each other but, these last few years it had seemed that Zack’s feeling had disappeared and mine only had gotten stronger. I knew one thing though and that was I wasn’t going to let Zachary James Baker ruin my vacation. After this thought my mind had trully gotten tired and I started drifting in and out of consciense until finally my eyes closed for the night. With my last thought being this is only the beginning.


Written By: CV


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