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City Of Sin

What Happens Here

“Crys? Crys? Crys wake up Hun.” I faintly hear someone call then everything starts shaking. “Crys! Wake up!” I wave off the person trying to wake up “go away!” I feel someone getting on the opposite side of the bed. “Crys? Cupcake? Wake up please I have to talk to you its important.” I let out a heavy sigh and slowly open my eyes. Finally seeing the person trying to wake me up. “What’s going on Harley?” I ask and notice some tears in the corner of her eyes. “I broke off the engagement with Brock.” with Harley saying that I become fully awake. “What? Why?” I ask with a shocked expression. She answered with “He just got SO demanding and he just wouldn’t let me do my own thing, plus when he found out Brian and the guys where here with us he flipped a bitch” she laughed at the last thing she said Brock and Brian haven’t always gotten along. They have had their drunken brawls one time Brock had gotten a broken nose from Brian and ever since then Brock didn’t like Harley hanging out with him. “What you doing up here babe? You’re 21 I figured you’d be hitting the casinos and bars,” Harley asks. “I got a headache from the flight so I thought I would just rest up for tomorrow no big deal” I lie and smile secretly asking if she bought it. “Crys, Brian told me you shouldn’t hide away from the rest of the guys because of the man whore. How about we get dressed to impress and walk the strip just me and you?” Harley’s suggestion isn’t a bad I idea but I look at the clock “Harley it’s 10 at night it’s too late” “you’re kidding me right? We’re in Las Vegas baby! The city where there is a constant party they never sleep here Hun we have all night.” I smile and nod.

Then I’m literally pulled into the bathroom “take a shower and when you get out I’ll have the outfit I want you to wear. We are going to break some hearts tonight. This is what we need Crys.” she smiles and leaves me to take my shower I use my normal body wash the kind that smells like my favorite floral scent. I wash my hair and then put in the conditioner in it. After I’m done washing my self I just stand under the shower head and let it beat on my back easing some of my tense muscles and just think what could happen tonight. After standing under there for at least five minutes I step out and brush my hair towel dry it. Then I brush my teeth put on deodorant. I walk out of the bathroom with my towel tucked under my arm and look to my bed and sure enough Harley had laid out an outfit for me to wear, or I guess you could call it an outfit. The top left nothing to the imagination and thank god she didn’t find a skirt. “Put the outfit on and I’ll do you hair and make-up ok Hun?”

I walk back in to the bathroom and put on the outfit. “Harley Jane!” I scream so loud the people on the main level could probably hear me. “Yea?” I see Harley’s face grace my bathroom and I then proceed to tell her “I’m not wearing this in public!” “Oh why not you look would like a HOT mama!” she adds to what she just by waving her hands in a fan direction. “Because you can see almost everything up top. I’m not going out in public like this I’m sorry” I keep going on and on about how the outfit is to revealing. I’m then put off with Harley telling me that “Val and the guys want us to go out to dinner with them if you’re feeling better so what do you say? Come on let’s make the guy drool please let’s just have some fun.” I smile and say sure. “alright then we got to do you hair and make up were suppose to meet them down in the lobby in about 20 minutes, so that’s mean I have 10 minutes to do your make and hair and mine too.” “Harley I’m a hair stylist too remember I can do my hair and make-up myself I think. I mean I’ve been doing them both for quite some time now.” I laugh and start up my straighter and prepare to curl the ends of it “ok just try to go for the natural look you always wear too much eyeliner.” she says and walk to her bathroom to finish getting ready and dressed for that matter.

“Do not! That was back in like middle school.” I protest taking my straighter and curling the ends of my blonde hair with highlights and low lights of browns and reds. I then do my makeup sweeping eye shadow on my eyelid and then brushing my eyelashes with my mascara wand making them stand up and be noticed. As soon as I’m done with my make up Harley walks into the bathroom to see if I need any help. “Need any help or anything?” I shake my head and finish up putting on my lip gloss “I’m ready to go how about you?” I ask then looking at her outfit “Harley is that dress short enough?” I ask her when I notice her dress was really high on her thigh. “I told you we’re going to break hearts tonight I need some male attention.” “When was the last time you and Brock had sex Harley?” I ask thinking to my self ‘do I really want to know the answer?’ Harley has to sit there and think of the answer for a minute or two “I think about 7 months ago.” I shake my head and go back into the bathroom to check on my make up “one last look and we’re going” I spray my perfume and see it leave a few shimmers and then Harley and I are walking out to go and break hearts.

~Zack’s POV~

The guys along with Val and I walk into the casino. Or what I thought was the gang I look back and see Brian and Harley talking then Harley walk across the street to some little shop and Brian jogging up to me. “Where’s Harley going? “I ask my band mate “she isn’t 21 yet so she can’t come in” he informs me I sometimes forget that Harley is the youngest of us all she hasn’t been limited too much. She always gets in the bars and clubs back home even if there 21 to enter but I guess that’s back home and we are in Las Vegas so we have to play by there rules. I look to the group and expect to see a pretty little blonde with red and brown highlights but when I don’t see her I start to freak. “Dude! Where’s Crys? Did she get lost or something?” “Or Something.” Brian tells me in a very smug way, with that he makes his way over to the rest of the guys. Not me no I head to the bar and get myself a Jack and coke and sip on it. I sit there and just think what Brian meant by ‘or something’. Crys was feeling better when we got to the hotel. She had her gorgeous smile the one that reached her eyes. God those eyes people said my eyes were pretty but the never looked at Crys her eyes could be a piercing green and then the next they can be a light brown with a tiny hint of green in them. All the girls I would bring back to the bus I would try to find Crys somewhere in them. Even if it was just their name starting with a ‘C’ that would do it for me. I have always loved her but, I don’t deserve her she needs someone who can make her happy and provide for her. I’ll always be her ‘best guy friend’. I lift my drink up and taste the roughness of the jack and then at the very end I get the caramel taste of the coke. Remembering that this is mine and Crys’ drink. I turn and go to the tables with the guys and Val.

We played are limit we out on how much we could lose. We were all going to grab a bite to eat “Hey Val see if Harley and Crys want to come with us,” Brian asks. “Ok I’ll see” she texts Harley what Brian just requested. We begin to walk back in the direction of our hotel “Harley and Crys are coming.” she replies with a small chuckle behind it. I swear I’ll never understand women and there little chuckles and giggles. After what seems like a long walk back to the hotel we all walk into the lobby and sit and wait for Harley and Crys. “What in the hell could be taking them so long?” “I’ll check” Val pipes in. I take a look around the hotel lobby/casino and see a familiar tattoo on a back that was seated on a bar stool. ‘It can’t be. She’d never wear anything that revealing.’ “They said there down here in the lobby guys I can’t see them can you guys?” Val questions all of us. “I think I see them over by the bar” Johnny adds. All the guys’ turn their attention to the bar. The beautiful tattooed back turns and I follow up the curves of her body and within moments I hear “no way” “Damn” and coming from my mouth “Beautiful.” “Oh My god Crys! Harley! You both look stunning!” Val goes and runs up to the girls.

~Crys’ POV~

“They just came in keep calm down freak out we want to shock them ok Crys?” Harley going over the plan for the hundredth time since we got off the elevator. I just nod and sip on my jack and coke. Smiling at the thought of as this is mine and Zack’s drink. “Put your boobs out Crys! Zack is looking at you.” “He recognizes my tattoo Harley.” I laugh when Harley’s phone goes off having Val telling us to “hurry up”. Harley replies “We’ve been down here for about ten minutes Hun.” we then hear very faintly Johnny say “I think I see them over by the bar.” next we know we hear Val scream “Oh My God Crys! Harley you both look stunning” she gives us a hug. I look at the guys half wanted to cover us up and the over’s wanted to jump our bones. “Let’s go eat!” Brian yells we all walk out of the hotel and down to the restaurant. On our way to the restaurant Harley and I get a few cat calls, well that is until Jimmy and Brian put their arms around our shoulders. “Hello Jimbo did you hit the jackpot?” I ask and look up and hug him to my side. “No I didn’t babe. Now you answer me this.” I nod my head and jimmy lowers his mouth to my ear and asks the million dollar question. I suppose you can say. “Are you trying to make Zack jealous?” shocked with the question I just shake my head and pop the ‘p’ on “Nope. Just wanted to look pretty tonight.” “So you’re feeling better?” Brian asks who was standing right by me again I nod. “We’re here thank god I’m HUNGRY!” I laugh and watch everyone go in “I’ll be in there in a lil I need a cancer stick order me a Jack and Coke please” I ask Harley.

I walk to a bench and take a seat with lighting up my cancer stick. I suck in the poison that my body craved. I started to space off when I was brought back to earth by the voice of none other then Zach Baker “Mind if I join you Crys?” I don’t know why he would ask he knows I could never say no to his company. I gesture to the bench and exhale the sweet nicotine. “Nope go ahead Baker.” I say just before I suck in another hit of the poison. “You look beautiful Crys you should dress like this more often.” I smile at what he just said. But I can’t help to think why should I dress like this everyday? What’s wrong with I wear on a normal day? It’s then that I decide that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. From now on I’m going to do what made me happy not some boy especially not Zachary James Baker. I was in the perfect t city to start this attitude because just like the slogan “What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas”


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