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When Stars Align


Jumping up Matt ran to the next door over, rapping on the wood.

“Mam? Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m ok”

She spoke through the door. The locks rattled as she pried them open, opening the door she stood face to face with Matt’s chest.
Standing a five foot nothing the man towered over her, looking up she met the eyes of a very hansom, very tattooed and very muscled man.

“Are you sure?”

He looked over her, a suitcase and guitar case lay in the floor.

“Yeah I’m just a klutz.”

She smiled searching his face for any form of recognition, she really didn’t want her cover blown.

“You play guitar?”

“I dabble…for the fun of it.”

It seemed she was safe, for now anyways.
He looked down on the small woman, her blonde hair thrown up into a messy bun. She didn’t seem too flustered, either she didn’t know who he was or she didn’t care.

“Nice, well if your sure you’re ok I’ll leave you alone.”

“Alrighty, thank you for checking on me though.”

“No problem, have a good night.”

Closing the door behind her she had to catch her breath. He was defiantly easy on the eyes, not sure how she felt about the tattoos, but she had a feeling he wouldn’t be him without them.
He stood there a bit dazed, her smile was defiantly something. And the fact that she didn’t care who he was made him a bit giddy, he’s so used to having to beat some crazy girls off with a bat. Figuratively speaking of course.
Later that evening Sadie made her way down to the little restaurant taking a table in the back corner, after ordering a loaded baked potato soup she pulled out Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It had been out for a few months, but she hadn’t had the chance to read it. She occasionally looked up, watching people come in to enjoy their meal. It was the off season so not many people were here.
It wasn’t long before she saw Mister Muscles walk in, he looked around briefly before he met her eyes.
Now was his chance, should he walk over?

She looked like she was enjoying some alone time, fuck it.


If the transition from Sadie to Matt is confusing please let me know and I'll write it out a different way.
But thanks for reading!!


I’m all for a sequel for this, I’d love to see more into their lives/relationship.

Man I love this story...

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I hope Matt realizes what Sadie was doing...


BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I am so glad to see this has been updated! I’ve missed this story. I can’t wait for more!