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Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem

Chapter Three

The next morning is rather usual. After my morning routine, I change my bandage to then quickly get a stand-in for work tonight. Usually I was planned for the next two days but even if the wound isn't that bad, I was unable to do my dance. I sit down on the bed, still in only a towel. When I pick up my phone, a smile graces my lips. The display shows me that I have a new message and I know of who it must be.
‘Our meeting for lunch in town still up, babe? x‘ I facepalm and take a deep breath then. I totally forgot that I set up lunch with my boyfriend today. Yes, I have a boyfriend for now about two months.

We met in the burlesque club when I was working. When I put up my show, I already saw the way he looked at me. It was a different one than the drooling gaze of all the men that sat around him. Of course he was drooling as well but also he had this admiring expression and when he came up to me after the show, we had a couple of drinks and I was surprised to realize that he could make me laugh and just feel good. In the end we did go home together and it was some fabulous sex. Even though it was the casual rough and wild type, I really liked it and it all started after that night. I didn't feel confident enough around him yet to tell him about my far more kinky likings.

‘Sure, sure. I'll be there, baby,‘ I quickly text back before I get up to pick the right outfit. While I bite my bottom lip, I step into my walk-in closet to then start my search. Just a short amount of time later, I button up my tight black shorts that ended under my breasts, making them look a little bigger than they are. A simple white top and simple black pumps complete the picture of my outfit so that I just quickly have to apply my rockabilly-like makeup to then find myself more than acceptable.
I grab my little handbag and rush downstairs as fast as I can. Hating the fact that this stupid bandage was showing due to my outfit, I had to be cautious so it won't rip open again. Just when I was about to get out of the door, Matt clears his throat. I will never understand how a man his size can move that noiselessly. He has his arms folded over his chest and looks at me with a judging gaze.
“Where are you goin'?“ That's all he has to say to make me dig my heel's in.
“Leaving, obviously. I am having lunch with my boyfriend, in case you still know that I have a social life,“ I scoff slightly, putting on my coat to then arch an eyebrow at his laugh.
“You're going fucking nowhere. You called in sick and how do you think you will explain the wound to your little puss of a boyfriend?“ The way he squeaks the last four words makes me just shake my head in disappointment. As sweet as Matthew was now and then, as soon as I have something better to do than staying in this house 24/7 he gets into the big brother mode.
“And you can go fuck yourself. I am not letting you tell me what to do and what not. So have a nice day, Matthew, and if you follow me or see any of your little folks around … well I have my gun always with me.“ With those words I step on the sidewalk and make my way to the next bus station.

A short ride later, I stand in front of the little Italian restaurant in which we always love to eat. It's close to his working place and the food is just lovely. Feeling a little lost, I bite my bottom lip and hold onto my bag but I am not standing there like an idiot for long because soon I see his bright eyes and big smile as he walks up to me. Immediately I smile, too, wrapping my arms around his neck then to place my lips on his for a gentle kiss. He smiles shortly but kisses me back until I have the mental strength to pull away but remain close to him.
“Hey there…“ I grin and he has to chuckle. It's unbelievable how much you can miss a person though you haven't seen him or her for just two days. “You ready to stuff yourself, Mister Baker, Sir?“
“Mhm … I think I am if you're my dessert?“ I comment his words with a laugh and take his hand then to walk inside. Truth is that when I am around him, I can forget work, meaning both jobs, and just be myself. As cheesy as this sounds like, I love being around Zacky for the way he makes me feel and how much he makes me smile. You can't help but be happy when these green eyes show nothing but acceptance and astonishment towards you.

After we had our little lunch, we step back outside and he turns to me with a smirk. I know exactly what he wants to say: Come to work with me and we enjoy the last thirty minutes of my lunch break. He parts his lips, ready to speak, but I cut him off with a short but passionate kiss after which we start heading towards the little club where he works as a soundman.
His steps are quick and I know he is in need of some loving which makes me chuckle silently. Quickly we find a little room backstage which he immediately locks before grabbing me by the waist to capture my lips in a fiery kiss. A soft moan escapes my lips as I gap my lips to allow his tongue to fight for dominance.
While we are so close to each other, I feel as if everything around me just disappears and the only things left are Zacky and the warm and fuzzy feeling that spreads in my whole body, making my knees weak and just when I feel like nothing matters anymore, his hands start traveling over my body. His fingertips leave a burn where ever he touches my skin and I can't help but moan into the kiss again, pressing my body even closer to him which causes him to let out a rather animalistic growl. With a smile and let my hand sink into his pants to gently stroke over the fabric of his boxers which causes me to jump a little in excitement as I feel the growing bulge to then pull lightly on the hoop gracing the left side of his bottom lip at the same time.
I know this drives him nuts and wakes up the animal in him so seconds later he spins around with me to press me tightly against the wall.

But before we can start, he grabs my thigh tightly which causes a flash of pain rushing through my thigh and a squeal to escape my lips to then push him away rather roughly. I breath heavily and feel how my leg starts to shake as I look down, being glad that the bandage didn't color itself red.
”Fuck, what the hell, babe…?!“ He is angry and that is understated. When I look back up to him I can see the anger in his eyes, surrounded by the famous swirl of lust which makes his eyes turn into a darker green.
”I'm … I'm sorry but my leg. I … got stabbed by some dude trying to rob me,“ I whisper my lie and he buys it as he looks at my thigh.
”Hell! Why didn't you tell me earlier?“ I smile about his words and step back up to him, gently pushing him backwards to the couch that stands on the opposite side of the door.
”It's fine. I won't let you go away without pleasure though, baby,“ I say hoarsely before I give him a little push so he falls down on the couch. He licks his lips and surveys me so I know that his mind shut off again. I comment that with a smug smirk before I bend down to start sucking on his neck, going down to the belt of his pants to skillfully unbuckle it to shove his pants down then. Goosebumps run over my body as he places his hands on my butt. His hands squeeze it shortly before he places a slap on the left side, making me moan in pleasure.
Slowly I go down on my knees between his legs after I pushed them apart. His eyes are heavily darkened and he shifts around in anticipation.

I haven't done this to him yet. Not because I don't like to have a man by his balls but it's something you have to earn and Zacky definitely did earn himself some treat. I peek up to him with a smirk while I place soft kisses on the thin material which causes him to throw his head back. He licks his lips with a grunt and bucks his hips at me which makes me giggle silently. His tattooed arms move and while one hand places itself behind his back, the other sneaks up into my hair. Slowly I trace my nails over his lower arm to tease him a little more. I redraw his tattoos in admiration to then finally pull down his boxers to free his manhood.
A soft groan leaves his lips when I grab the shaft and start pumping slowly. His hips move along a little and it was unbelievable how much this turns me on and motivates me but the look on his face had something so special. Head tilted back with his eyelids halfway closed and his dry lips parted lightly, trying to regain the moisture on them by licking over them now and then. This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life and I decide to finally stop teasing as I slowly wrap my lips around his tip, gently sucking on it which causes his breath to hitch for a moment.
”Shit, Alice …“ he whispers in a rough voice and pulls a little on my hair while I take him further in. I moan at his actions and the vibrations of my voice make him move his hips again. If I could smile, I would but I get back to concentrate on making him happy.

Without gagging I am having his full length in my mouth and start moving quickly, bobbing my head up and down. I find the perfect rhythm with the help of his hand and sneak one hand down to his balls to massage them lightly. He starts going up with the speed and I happily partake in that. Zacky's groans get louder and his breath even faster as I hollow my cheeks and swirl my tongue around his tip again to then realize that he is close to the edge. Just then I speed up a little more, feeling him hitting the back of my throat which causes him to finally get his release.
Like a good girl I swallow everything he has to offer while I keep on with my movements to then lean back. I lick my lips with a smirk and sit down next to him. His breath is still going fast and I enjoy to feel his heartbeat with my hand on his chest and my head on his shoulder.
”You're perfect, Alice,“ he whispers in a rough voice and I can't help but smile about this. ”I love you.“


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