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Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem

Chapter Two

The following day was filled in with a research about this little redhead. In my head, the picture of her trying to poison Matt repeated itself over and over again. Also the fact that her face was somehow familiar to me bothers me. I sit back down after I grabbed another coffee to sip of it before I get back to the research.
Hell, this woman knows how to be hidden on the internet! With a heavy sigh I lean back into my chair, recalling her face to then hack into the police station's server. With the help of the program for facial composite, I quickly make up a sketch of her face before I let it run through the program. While the technology did its work, I massaged my temples. If there was something I hated, it was not being able to associate someone with an event.
Just when I emptied my cup, a silent beep occurs and I have a file on the desktop. Smilingly and out it on the right monitor to then check out her fake name. “Ruby“, I mutter and give a search on her complete name on the left monitor to find her much more quickly now. I read through the blog entries that look harmless for everyone. In her police file is just prostitution on record which is obviously her fake job, just like mine is the dancing in Matt's club. Just like in her record, the only entries online were about prostitution and how “good and clean she is at her job“.
If you know how to interpret it, you know what this is about. With a raging groan I slam my fist on the table. This was not acceptable. I let an assassin run off. An assassin that tried to murder my closest friend.

The longer I stare at her photo, the clearer my memories about her come into my mind.
When i first met her, she was having long chocolate brown curls bouncing up and down when she was infiltrating the house of my father. Not knowing that I was there, too, she sneaked her way inside and now that I think back, she must've just started business. It was a simple stab into his abdomen of his throat. Most likely because she know that it was hard for her to get him anyhow. Surely my father was a fiend and back then the head of the only mafia existing in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles. He made sure his organization would be the only one. Despite all the horrible things he has done to people, he was the best father a daughter could have. Protective but loving.
Without realizing it, I clench my fist so hard that my nails bore themselves into my palm. My anger just focusses on this woman and the fact that Matt is her next goal. The one person I still have after the death of my father is the one she wants to take away from me. But not with me.

Quickly I turn off the computer, jumping on my feet the next moment to walk out of the bureau. I gather my things and get dressed before I head off to find that whore. In my pocket there is my Vorpal Blade. Now I know, Vorpal Blade while carrying the name Alice is pretty much cliché but this knife was always my best companion on my missions.
I walk around town while I search for her with my smartphone. First I look at the place she stands at night but obviously she wasn't there. It doesn't take me long though until I find her. This town wasn't big enough to hide when someone is as eager as I am.
I take a quick way to get further down the street she was walking along and pull her into an alley with one smooth move. My knife is up her throat and with a mental chuckle I have to realize that her dagger is up mine. I feel how my blue eyes stare into her soul and all the hatred towards her comes back up.

“What do you want from me...?“ she hisses into my face, having her dagger close to the skin on my throat.
“You're a good actress, I give you that, totally believed that slutty and fearful bitch attitude back then in the mansion. But man, I should've recognized you, you little whore. That's the only thing true about your disguise. No matter how you put it, you're a filthy slut.“ My words are confusing her a little, I see that. Fact is that she doesn't know who I am so I am having the advantage here with knowing who she is. 
„Yeah, fine, you found out I'm no hooker, good for you, honey. But what the fuck are you talking about?“
“What I'm talking about? You … let's say it like that, Matthew wouldn't have been the first guy you killed close to me,“ I explain to her while I have to hold back the urge to spit into her face.
“Oh wow, yeah, I'm sorry. Fellow assassin. I killed someone. Who happened to be close to you. What do you want? Revenge? Then do it, cut my throat like you aim to do. But if you really dare to fulfill this little step, be sure that you won't be alive for much longer to enjoy your victory.“ Her words make me laugh a little. How can she be so naïve when she is not the one to talk. Within an hour I know every detail of her life and then she will feel my full revenge. 
“You really think I'll make it this easy to you? You're gonna pay for it, slowly and intensively. You'll drown in a paranoia of me being everywhere to jump at you, injure you and then let you bleed and suffer before I finally, after some time passed by, put a stake through your cold and already dead heart,“ I speak with all the hatred I got. My voice is cold and I realize that she can feel that. „Not so fiesty after all, huh?“ I spit and smirk then before she opens her mouth again.
“Oh, you've seen nothing yet, sweetie.“ I cock an eyebrow at her but I have not too much time to think because she suddenly stabs me with something like a hidden blade. With the words: “Catch me if you can“ she vanishes.

The stinging pain in my thigh makes me gasp and I fall on my other knee, taking a few deep breaths before I groan frustratedly, slowly leaning against the wall of the alleyway we're in. Quickly I rip off a sleeve of my blouse and bind it around the wound. Silly goose didn't even twist the blade so that this wound will be healed up in two days again.
“Some people…“ I mutter while I grab my box of cigarettes. My fingertips go over the golden letters on the pastel colored box that read Sobraine. I think around shortly before I grab the purple cigarette, searching around for my lighter to then curse silently. In my eagerness I completely forgot about that. Just when I want to get up, I heard the clicking sound of a Zippo and a flame pops up in front of my face. With a smirk I recognize the lighter with a curved, black M on the silver background and light my cigarette to then look up into the green eyes of Matt.
“What's up, dude?“ I chuckle and he holds a hand out to gently pull me up on my feet. “Playing the white knight again?“
He chuckles softly and puts an arm around my middle to give me a hold. I can't help but smile honestly and whole-hearted. Whenever I am injured, he is somehow always there to save me and take care of me. If you see behind those muscles and the cocky attitude, you see the kind heart he has. Of course this is just visible when he lets you see it.

“Of course. You know that I always take care of you, Ali,“ he says while we walk up to his car. I take a deep drag of my cigarette and look up at him then.
“How did you even find me?“ I ask and tilt my head a little, surveying him nosily.
“Well I was in town when I saw you rushing around. I wondered what the hell got you so angry because you probably didn't even realize how you pushed people aside on the sidewalk.“ A soft chuckle escapes my lips and I nod slowly.
“True that, I didn't realize it. But it's nothing. My plan changed anyways and no, I will not tell you what I am on about.“ He just pouts and gets into the car then. After I closed the door, I lean back into the seat. I see how much it annoys him to not know why I was so in rage and it bothered him even more that he wasn't on time to see what happened to me. Though he was a really angry man, he had the manners to not interrogate me when I don't want to talk about it.

The drive back home is silent. We listen to Metallica and enjoy the sound of it before he parks in the garage and walks up to the passenger door, lifting me up bridal style then to carry me into the big bathroom in his level of the house to place me on the edge of the bathtub. With a smile I commented his demand to get out of my pants but I obeyed. He just wants to help and I don't mind him seeing me in my underwear. It's nothing that I hide from guys.
“It's not that bad. Just a simple stab, no twisting, no nothing,“ I whisper and smile then. He quickly takes care of the wound before he lifts me back up again to carry me up into my bedroom.
“You stay in bed and I order us some Thai food. If I see you walking around, I tie you to the bed. Got me?“ I have to chuckle softly and nod then taking a deep breath before I slip under the blanket to simply enjoy any further treatment.


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