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Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem

Chapter Four

-meanwhile in the mansion-

I watch Alice leave in her more than sexy outfit and feel immediately overprotective. The fact she's dating someone already drives me mad because I don't know who he is. Sure, my buddies found out that he is a soundman at a club, mainly working on the guitar sounds there but there was something about that guy. Something I don't like at all. With a deep sigh I sit down in my bureau again to stare at my computer screen. Alice sent me the files of the redhead in a mail earlier.
”Ruby…“ I mumble and look at her picture. She was an assassin but after all a gorgeous human being. Most likely the prettiest girl I have ever seen with her red hair and hazel eyes which had more green than brown in it. The longer I look at her photo the more interesting I think she is and that is nothing good. A loud growl left my lips when I got back on my feet to walk into my gym. A little exercising would do me good now so I walk up to my bench to lift some weights. With each push I recall what happened the other night with Ruby and what could have happened. I wonder who was the person that wants to see me dead.
Alright, I have a lot of enemies due to the business I am in. When you own a few strip clubs, brothels and the fancy burlesque club and all with success, people start to get jealous and want you to go down but I have no idea who would go that far and kill me for it. As soon as I am dead, Alice would get everything and she is even worse when it's about erasing the opponents.

I put the weight back where it belongs to then sit up. Sweat runs down my muscles and I look at myself in the mirror with a smirk. I missed out on sex for far too long and I don't even know myself why. As far as I could judge it, I wasn't the most unattractive person and with my tattoos I somehow had an attraction towards many women. Slowly I grab the towel from the stack in the corner and dry off my sweat to walk out of the room then.
Minutes later I was showered and had some casual clothes on. I walk up to a nearby bar called Johnny's to sit down at the counter before I check out the people. There are several regulars in the corner that play poker and a few people that are most likely minors. With a smirk I look at a woman with red hair then. I hope for it to be Ruby and am a little disappointed when she turns around and it's obviously not her.

The more drinks I put into myself, the more frustrated I get and when the clock tells me it's two in the morning I decide to get out of the bar. Slowly I try to not look as drunk as I really am as I put the cash on the counter, leaving too much tips but I couldn't care less. I just want to get out of there and out of this horrible state of sexual frustration. And just when I think it couldn't be worse, I see her flaming red hair bouncing up and down while she walks past the window. Alone and confident as ever. With a smile on my lips I walk outside, trying not to tumble too much because I have a certain pride in me that doesn't allow me to look like a fool in front of a woman with her body.
I see her. She walks 7 feet ahead and I can't contain myself so that I let my eyes go past her waistline, watching this beautiful ass swaying left and right. She would make a fabulous dancer at my club, that's for sure. I follow her the whole way. She doesn't even turn around once nor does she seem to be watched. What an unwary little girl.
I make sure to leave some space between us even though my brain tells me to simply grab her and fuck her in an alley. Hell, she wanted to kill me but I play the gentleman right now. Well if you leave out the fact that I have stalker tendencies showing. Somehow my body just wanted to follow and not act. I walk behind her until she takes a turn to an apartment complex.
Pretty sure this is just the little disguise she put up. She can't live in a nice house when she is pretending to be a poorly paid prostitute from the street, trying to fight her own little way.

I hide behind a little hedge and then her body disappears. With a smile I slowly sneak around until I found a place to look inside her flat without getting noticed. I have a perfect view on her bedroom and so I wait. I wait until I see her walking inside with only a towel around her naked body. A few drops of water are still glistening on her perfect skin and all I hope for is that the towel drops and shows off even more. More of what I was supposed to have but couldn't.
Without me even noticing, my hand finds its way to my already slightly excited cock. This excitement gets pushed down again soon though because the madame walks out of the room again. For a moment I was afraid she saw me when she walked by the window but the scent of cherries that gets into my nose from either her shampoo or her lotion calms me and arouses me at the same time. I lick my lips as I wait for the show to continue and then she comes back into her bedroom. I never expected that simple black underwear with not much embellishment could be so sexy but with her it definitely is.
My hand is not able to hold itself back as I start palming myself through the fabric of my boxers. Just the view of her like this, innocent and unknowing, drives me insane and I know now that I want more of her. I am in no way satisfied with the little kissing we had a bit ago. I want her and I want her now. I want her on her knees and on her fours. Wherever and whenever I want it and she will love my dominant and demanding ways.

I groan silently when my hand slips into my boxers and grabs my shaft. Slowly I lean against the wall with my back to have a bit of a hold while I imagine fucking her in the best ways possible. Her imaginary screams will my ears as I pump myself in a fast speed. My thoughts are so visible that I can almost feel her touch and how tight she is only for me. I force myself to open my eyes again and turn my head to look at her while my hand continues to please me. With a smirk I see that she put on a baggy Guns'n'Roses shirt that perfectly hangs from her perfect breasts and with a surprise I have to realize that this makes me finish myself off with an animalistic grunt of her name.
My breathing goes fast while I dress myself properly again. I lick my dried lips to then take one last look at her before she switches off the light just in time. I push a hand through my hair and stare at the point she vanished into the dark for a little more.
“Thank you, Ruby baby,” I whisper to then make my way back to the mansion. I tumble still and the alcohol is still noticeable but at least my sexual thirst is satisfied. For now.
~*-*-*-*-*-~ “I love you” echoes in my head while I sit there all cuddled up to my boyfriend. Meanwhile he dressed himself again but I don't notice anything else than the L-bomb he just let out. Sure, I wasn't completely emotionless towards him but love isn't the feeling a person like me is allowed to feel.
“Are you alright, Alice?” he asks and rips me out of my trance. I look up and see into his worried gaze. It's obvious that he hopes for me to feel the same but the moment he sees my expression he knows I am not.
“Yeah, sure. I just … don't know what to say. I mean … we know us now for a bit more than two months and I am not sure how I feel towards you,” I say honestly. Which is has gotten rare due to my job and the constant lying. In the end he only knows what he has to know and not more. It hurts when I realize just now that he doesn't love me but what I want him to think is me.
“Umm … how about you love me back?” His voice is a little anxious and I can't help but feel bad when I see his puppy eyes and slight pout when he looks at me. Usually I don't mind the puppy eyes but with him everything was different.
“No. I mean … not yet. When I say it then only when I feel it. I am sure you understand that. I am not planning on playing around with you, Zacky.” I smile, heartwarming and somewhat amorously. He buys it. I am not even sure if it was meant to be the truth or not because I do play around with him already.

With a relieved inner-sigh of mine someone knocks at the door. Immediately Zacky and I get up to smile at each other.
“It's fine if you can't say it now. I can wait, babe. But therefore you have to agree now to meet up with my sister for dinner. She's the most important in my life and I want you to meet her.” Damn it. Seems like I am not getting out of that the easy way.
“Sure. Set up a dinner for the day after tomorrow,” I smile and peck his lips while I unlock the door. Lying to him was one thing but convince the family, especially female parts of them, is another big hurdle to clear. We both step outside and he promises to text me when he has the time. I watch him leave and take a deep breath then. Now it was officially too late to get out of there without breaking a heart and something tells me that I don't want to get out of there.


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