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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

Itty Bitty, Teeny Weeny, Black Polka Dot Bikini. Part 1

I sighed and mentally danced when I found the last bag that needed to be unloaded sitting behind me. Three hours. It took me a whole three hours to unpack, sort, and get everything put away. I probably wouldn't have to buy new clothes again until I was twenty. I snatched the bag off the ground and opened it, pulling the polka dotted bikini out. It was adorable, the top was kind of standard, but the bottom was a skirt, with a bow and ruffles on the bottom.
I looked at it longingly, wishing I could wear it, and at that very moment Val walked in with a huge smile on her face. Go figure, her smiling.

"Hey sweetie, I was just coming up to tell you that we are going to have a barbecue, to kind of celebrate having you here. We invited some of the guy's girlfriends, and don't worry, we told Brian he couldn't come unless you said it was okay." She said it all basically in one breath and her smile faltered a little when I didn't immediately respond. I set the bathing suit on my bed and walked over to my dresser and got my note book.

I hesitated before writing down my answer, I mean what if the guy hates me? I did possibly damage his ability to have kids. What if I freak out again? What if I kick him again? My therapist did tell me that the only way to get over my "irrational" fear was to face it head on. I sighed and scribbled my answer for Val.

"You can invite Brian." She squealed after she read it and hugged me, while almost breaking my ribs in the process. She let me go and ran from my room smiling and squealing like a little kid at Christmas.

"Oh, and you should go change into your bathing suit, to make sure it fits, and everyone is going to be swimming." She added, and then bounded off again. I looked over at the bathing suit sitting on my dresser and gulped. This is going to be more of a pity party than a welcoming party.

*Time lapse of about 20 minutes or so*

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.
I sighed again, before stepping out of my bathroom and into my bedroom, wearing only my new bikini. It fit like a dream. It pushed up my boobs and actually made it look like I had boobs, and apparently some where down the line I acquired curves, which it showed off perfectly. On the downside, it also showed every scar, big and little. It didn't help that my skin is literally paper white and all of my scars and bright pink. I would have down right refused, but I had a lot of making up to do to Matt and Val, that and I'm sure Val would have tied me down and dressed me herself. She seems like that type, the woman doesn't take no for an answer.

I sat on my bed and put some sun block on my legs and arms and torso and what have you, so I didn't fry and then put on a long sleeved shirt and a summer dress that Val had picked out. I slipped on my flip flops and my note book and pen and proceeded walking down the stairs.
The house was empty, but I could hear music and people talking from the back yard, so I headed in the direction of the kitchen. I looked out the giant glass doors at everyone. There were a lot more people that just the guys here. There were guys I didn't know and girls that looked unfamiliar, but I assumed those were significant others to the guys I already did know.

Looking around, I saw that Matt was at the grill cooking, and Val was standing next to him holding a plate for the food that was already done. Johnny was running from Jimmy and there were a group of people off to the side laughing at their antics. Zacky was sitting at a picnic table, talking to the brown eyed man, or, Brian I should say. I probably should stop calling him that now that I know for sure what his name is.

A shiver of panic went down my spine, but eased as I saw he was wearing very darkly tinted aviators that covered the color of his eyes completely. Huh, that was nice of him. I thought.

"Hey, you must be Adison." I jumped at the voice and turned around to find a girl that looked exactly like Val, only she had brown hair instead of blonde. She stuck her hand out in front of me and I tentatively shook it, looking at her like she had seven heads.

"I'm Michelle, Val's twin sister and Brian's wife." She smiled and released my hand. Huh, twins. It's safe to say I feel really stupid for panicking now. I wonder if she smiles as much as Val does.

She smiled at me again, and walked past me to the door. As soon as she opened the door I was hit with the smell of food and my stomach was instantly growling at me. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath and walked outside. In front of everyone. Oh god.


Another update. :)
I think this one is a little short, but that's okay. Part two is sure to be amusing. :3
Give me love, people!
Comment, rate, vote?(still not sure what that is all about), and subscribe! Oh, you could also be dolls and recommend it to your friends? :3 It would be very nice of you, and I'm sure I could find something to bribe you with later. :)

Love and Pudding,


*puppy eyes* i miss this story

Jessi6661 Jessi6661


Jessi6661 Jessi6661

YEA-AH, NEW UPDATES :D love this story so much, please keep updating C:

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Anytime Love <3

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Thank you so much! This comment completely made my day! <3

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