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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

Unicorns. Part 2

I sighed for about the millionth time as Val dragged me into yet another store, and started piling my arm with clothes. She shooed me away to the dressing room and I started trying the clothes on, throwing what didn't fit or what I didn't like off to the side and keeping what I did like. I learned three stores ago, do NOT argue with this woman. No matter what, she will win, so just do as she says, and do it with a smile.

I fished putting my own clothes on and grabbed the keepers and proceeded to exit the dressing room. I smiled, hearing Jimmy yell some obscene something or other at what was probably a stranger that was now running for their life. I looked up and my smile immediately dropped, and the clothes that were in my arms fell to the floor.

Have you ever experienced an anxiety attack? No? Well, let me tell you, they aren't fun. You can't move, or breathe and the only thing you can think about is getting away, but that one thousand pounds of whatever it is that is sitting on your chest and keeping you from breathing is also holding you in your place. So, instead of running, you fall to the floor in a sobbing, not breathing heap, and lay there for the public to see and whisper about, but, of course, not help. Luckily, I wasn't quite to the dying on the floor in front of all the nice, yet not so nice because they won't help, strangers of the mall when Jimmy found me.

"Hey, there you are." He bounced, however I was stuck in la-la land and wasn't very responsive, not like I am to begin with anyway, but you know what I mean.

"Uh, hello? Adison?" He waved his hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention, but I was stuck. I was stuck starring at him. The brown eyed man. I mean, I'm sure he is a nice guy and all, not everyone with brown eyes is an evil, sadistic rapist and gets his jollies off on torturing people, but I just couldn't get over those eyes. It wasn't just him, it was everyone with dark brown eyes. They are just fuckin' scary.

Jimmy finally took a hint and followed my eyes to where the brown eyed man was standing, talking to Val. He scooped up the clothes I had dropped and ran them over to Val, and I mean literally ran, and quickly told her something before running back to me and grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the store. That's when I lost it. The tears just starated flowing down my face, like flood gates had suddenly burst.

Jimmy dragged me to the bathroom, checked all the stalls and when he was satisfied he walked over to the door and locked it. The only reason I knew all that was because I heard him kick all the stalls open and then heard the click of the lock, as soon as we entered the bathroom, I wedged myself securely underneath the sinks where I was pretty much out of any line of sight and buried my face in my knees and tried to regain my composure.

I felt Jimmy scrunch in next too me and looked up, and what happened next, was so shocking, even Jimmy was speechless I laughed. I whole-heartedly laughed, under the sinks of a dirty mall bathroom, of all places for my first laugh in over four months to be. Why, you dare ask? Because Jimmy, in an attempt to sit next to me to comfort my had successfully tied himself into a pretzel. There is no describing said Jimmy-pretzel, but believe me you, it was fucking hilarious, and soon, he was laughing too. And five minutes later we were both sprawled on the floor of the dirty mall bathroom laughing our asses off at, what was now, nothing at all.

After a few minutes of laughing hysterically, we finally calmed down. We laid on that dirty mall floor, starring up at the dirty mall ceiling, oddly enough, I was loving the way my stomach muscles ached from laughing. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I laughed so hard, but it felt nice to do it again. I did't know if it was the stress from the brown eyed man, or the shock of him just being there out of nowhere, or the crowd of the mall, the nerves of the new family, but I didn't care, and I hoped that it would happen again. Right then, I came to the conclusion that laughing was good, and needed to be more frequent. Who would have though that this un-naturally tall man, with wild hair, and wild tattoos, and a scary wild personality would be the one to make me feel the most normal I had in months. I certainly didn't.

Our peaceful silence was interrupted with a loud banging on the door and a lady yelling that it be opened immediately or she would inform the security guards and make sure that who ever was in here would never be allowed to come back to the mall. Ever. Yeah, it escalated THAT quickly.
With a huff, and a few muttered curse words Jimmy jumped to his feet and then helped me up, before leading me to the door, unlocking it and saluting the angry lady, who happened to have a whole heard of kids doing the "potty dance" before bounding off towards the food court. So, I've only ever been in a mall a few times before this, and I had never actually gone to a food court, and at this very moment, I was in pure awe.

Jimmy dragged me over to a fruit bar and started listing off stuff he wanted in his fruit cup, and when he was finished he nudged me and asked me what I wanted. All I could do was stare.

"Adi, what's wrong?" He asked, concern all over his face. I pulled out my unicorn note book he had given me earlier that day, and simply wrote "So. Much. Fruit." and handed him the book. He laughed, and nodded and told me to write down what I wanted. I did and once we got out food and he paid, which I felt a little guilty about, we headed out to find somewhere to sit. We ended up wandering around until we found where everyone, minus the brown eyed man, had congregated I took an empty seat next to Zacky and watched as Jimmy smiled at me from across the table. I suddenly became VERY interested in my fruit.

"Hey, Adi, I'm really sorry about Brian showing up out of nowhere like that." Val, said from across the table. Everyone else stopped talking and starred at me like I had a giant spider eating my face or something. I took a deep breath and gave her a small smile and a nod, letting her know it was okay, and that I was okay. She smiled back and looked very relieved. What, did she think I was going to hate her or something? If she did, the woman was crazy.

Jimmy and I finished out fruit and the others finished what they were eating and we decided it was time to head back to the house. All the bags from the stores we had gone to were gathered by the guys and we left the mall. Jimmy was running ahead of us flapping his arms in an attempt to use the shopping bags as wings while screaming "I am one with the birds!" before running into Matt's parked SUV, car thing. I shuffled behind everyone, wrapping my hands in my hoodie sleeves and looked down at my torn up chucks, both life long habits that I probably will never break. I suddenly felt a presence next to me and looked up to find those gorgeous green eyes looking at me. I smiled, blushed and looked back down at my shoes as Zacky walked next to me. My god, the boy made me feel like butterflies were going to start seeping out of all of my orifices Okay, maybe not. That was a little gross.

He walked next to me until we got to the car, and he threw the bag he was carrying in the back then rushed back to my side to open the door for me. I smiled, blushed, and climbed into the middle, next to Jimmy, who gave me a knowing smile. I bumped his shoulder with mine and fiddled with my chipping nail polish. I felt Zacky climb in next to me, his hand brushing mine, which sent thousands of tingles up my back, as he put on his seat belt.

"Okay, I think we are ready." Val said to Matt, and with that we were homeward bound. I was looking forward to going home, well, I mean, Matt and Val's house. I'm not sure if I can call it home just yet. But, back to the point, I was looking forward to going there, I was not, however, looking forward to unpacking all the new clothes and, for lack of better words, stuff I got today. Yipee.


Here you are my lovlies, another update.
Do enjoy. Do comment. Do rate. Do vote? O.o That's a thing now, I guess.

Love and Pudding,


*puppy eyes* i miss this story

Jessi6661 Jessi6661


Jessi6661 Jessi6661

YEA-AH, NEW UPDATES :D love this story so much, please keep updating C:

A7xlifeline415 A7xlifeline415


Anytime Love <3

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Thank you so much! This comment completely made my day! <3

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