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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

Unicorns. Part 1

I woke up the next morning feeling oddly good. My dreams weren't plagued with nightmares and I was getting my ass spoiled off today. However, I was dreading having to be around so many people, but what could I do? It isn't like I could just hide in my room forever, no matter how temping that sounded.

I got out of bed with a huff and grabbed some clean clothes and headed twards the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the water heat up before stripping out of my jammies and climbing in and shut the shower door. I washed my body and hair quickly this time, not wanting to cause any exrta waiting for today's trip. That and I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible.

I jumped out of the shower and dried my body off, then wrapped my hair in the towl while I got dressed. I applied my sun block, eyeliner, and mascara then took my hair out of the towl, parted and brushed it. I walked back into my bedroom and put on my hoodie, a pair of clean socks, my shoes, and my hoodie.

I made my way down stairs and heard voices in the kitchen, so I headed in that direction. When I got into the kitchen I was greeted with the smell of french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Matt, Johnny, and Zacky were already sitting around the island stuffing their faces as I jumped up onto a stool , no one noticing my presence yet. I sat there in awe wondering how men could eat so much in one mouthful when a plate full of food was put down in front of me by a smiling Val. Seriously, does she EVER stop?

"Good morning, Adi." She said cheerily and went back to the stove. The guys finally noticed me and did their best to tell me good morning through their full mouths. Zacky, I noticed, blushed and quickly chewed and swolled his huge bite and began taking smaller bites. I smiled to myself and began digging into my own food. Let me tell you, Val is one hell of a cook.

We all finished, and this time I helped Val load the dish washer and clean up, against her will, of course. When that was finished, it was time to go. I made my way upstairs and grabbed my messanger back and met everyone at the bottom of the stairs. We made our way to the car, to find a very happy and hyper Jimmy jumping in the drive way holding something that resembled a book in his hand.

We all piled in Matt and Val's giant trail blazer type thing. I suck at cars, honestly. Matt was driving, while Val sat in the passenger seat. I was squished between Jimmy, who had demanded he sit by me and literally threw Johnny in the third row of seats by himself, and Zacky, who was a very bright shade of red, but then again, so was I.

I was looking out the front wind shield, avoiding looking at Zacky, when something plopped in my lap. When I looked down I found the book Jimmy had been holding when we saw him in the drive way. It was a note book, that was open to the first page, which had a message written on the first line. It simply said 'Hey.'
I looked up at Jimmy like he was crazy, but he only smiled and bounced eagerly, waiting for me to write back. So, I obliged.

'Uh, hey.' I scrawled with the purple pen that was shoved in the spiral binding of the notebook and handed it back to Jimmy. He quickly snatched it and went to writing, determination on his face. He seriously was like a puppy, it a hyperactive, little kid way. I won't lie, it was kind of cute. He finished his note and handed me back the book.

'So, how are you liking Matt and Val? Are you going to stay with us forever?' I quirked an eyebrow, but smiled to my self at his affection after knowing me less than twenty-four hours. It was strange, but nice. Also, on the topic of strange, I'm a little surprised at myself for being so relaxed around these people. With the exception of the brown-eyed one. I just thought I would throw that out there.

'They seem very nice, and I will stay as long as I am wanted, I suppose.' I read over my message and scribbled it out, replacing it with 'They seem nice, and I don't know.' and handed the book back. I felt a little bad after seeing Jimmy's disappointment but I honestly didn't know. What if Matt and Val ended up hating me? What if they didn't want me around because I couldn't be around the brown-eye'd man? There were so many possibilities.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard Val announce that we had arrived at that mall and after Matt parked we all hopped out of the vehicle. Jimmy shut the door after I had gotten out and handed me the now closed note book that had rainbow unicorns on the cover and told me to keep it, and that we would continue out conversation later. I nodded and put the book in my messenger bag before I was dragged into the giant mall by a very excited Val. This will certainly be interesting. I thought to myself.


Okay, so this chapter might be written a little differently, and that is because I wrote the last three about a year ago. I hope it's still good though. :3
Enjoy my lovies.

Love and Pudding,


*puppy eyes* i miss this story

Jessi6661 Jessi6661


Jessi6661 Jessi6661

YEA-AH, NEW UPDATES :D love this story so much, please keep updating C:

A7xlifeline415 A7xlifeline415


Anytime Love <3

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance


Thank you so much! This comment completely made my day! <3

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