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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

Peaceful Dreaming.

When Zacky and I got back to the house, Brian was gone. Matt and Val weren't very mad at all, they actually blame themselves for what happened because they forgot to warn me about Brian and Brian about me. As for Johnny and Jimmy, they thought the whole thing was pretty freaking hilarious. Also, it turns out because of where I hit Brian, he isn't going to be able to walk normal for a while. Whoops.

The next 20 minutes were filled with Val gushing about how worried she was, and her giving me bone crushing hugs. When she was done she shooed us all out of the kitchen so she could cook dinner.

We all exited the kitchen and headed into the living room. Everyone sat down and got comfortable, while Matt grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels. I stood there, awkwardly, not knowing weather I should sit down somewhere or weather I should leave. Matt, sensing my hesitation waved me over and patted the seat next to him. I walked over to him and sat down. On the other side of me was Zacky, and beside him was Jimmy. Johnny was seated on the chair.

"Dammit, Matt! Would you pick something already?" Jimmy yelled.

"I'm sorry, I don't control the fucking TV. It's not my fault that there isn't anything on." Matt said, glaring over at Jimmy.

"When in doubt, pick a movie!" Jimmy jumped up and ran over to the giant stand that sat by the giant TV. Seriously, that thing has like 40 gillion movies on it. Jimmy sat down in front of the stand and began inspecting the movies.

"Addddiiiisssooonnnnn!!" He whined. I jump and the sound of my name and looked at him quizzically. The rest of the guys looked at him like he was crazy. He jumped up, ignoring their stares, and hopped over to me.

"Addddiiissoonnn, come help me find a moovviieee!" He bounced up and down, then grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the movie shelf with him. I looked up at the movies displayed before me, fully aware of Jimmy bouncing behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw him bouncing, and smiled a little. He was kind of amusing.

"Adison! Hurry!" He whined. I heard the guys laugh a little behind me.

"Dude be patient, shes only looked at them for like 5 seconds." Zacky said, chuckling a little bit.

Jimmy whined in response and just impatiently bounced some more.
I looked through the movies until stopping on Queen of the Damned. One of my favorites. I took it from the shelf and opened the DVD case to make sure the disc was in there. Hey, you never know, those things disappear sometimes. I re-closed the disc case and handed it to Jimmy.

"Yay!" He squealed, yes I said squealed. He ran over to the DVD player and tuned it on. Matt switched the TV to the right channel and Jimmy put the DVD in the player. I made my way back over to my spot next to Matt. I sat down and pulled my knees up to my chest.
The main menu came up and all the guys looked at me. My eyes widened and I shrinked back into the couch hiding my face in my knees. I felt someone nudge me and I looked up into Matt's smiling eyes.

"Don't hide, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we were surprised at your movie choice." Matt said, hesitantly patting my back. I gave him a "what the fuck" look, you know the one, with one eye brow up and junk like that.

"Well we kind of figured you were a chick flick kind of girl." All the guys kind of laughed. I gave them all a "what the fuck" look and returned my gaze to the TV.

"Can I push play yet?" Jimmy asked excitedly. I guess they like this movie?

"NO!" We all turned out heads towards the kitchen, where Val's voice had come from.

"Uhhhhh, Val! Why noooot?" Jimmy whined.

"Because food is done!" Val yelled back. The guys heard the word "food" and they were immediately out of their seats and running to the kitchen.

Slowly I got up from my seat, pulling my hoodie sleeves down over my hands. It's an odd habit, that I've done my whole life. I walked into the kitchen, and Val smiled at me and patted the seat next to her on the island. I hopped up on the stool next to Val and she handed me a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich and some mac-n-cheese. I smiled a little and nodded in thanks.
I looked at my food for a moment then grabbed my sandwich and took a bite out of it, realizing I hadn't eaten all day. I looked up and saw everyone else was stuffing their faces. I smiled and finished chewing my bite and took another.

"So I was thinking maybe we all could do something tomorrow." Val said, covering her mouth as she was chewing.

"Like what?" Matt asked, like any other typical guy, with his mouth full, not bothering to cover his mouth.

"I was thinking the mall. You know, to get Adison some clothes and shoes and anything else she needs." Val said, she took her last bite and got up to put her plate in the sink.

"Sounds good." Matt said, still with his mouth full. Jimmy got excited again. Wait, who am I kidding, when is that man not excited about something? Anyway, he was bouncing again. Go figure, and was urging everyone to hurry up and eat so we could go already.
I finished my sandwich and grabbed a fork so I could finish my mac-n-cheese. I topped everything off and put my plate in the sink. The guys finished eating and Val told us all to leave so she could loaded up the dish washer. I stayed behind and helped. Val,of course, objected but I stayed anyway.

When that was done we both headed into the living room. All the guys were waiting for us, so they could start the movie. Val took a seat next to Matt on the couch, cuddling up to him. Jimmy sprawled out on the floor in front of the TV, and Johnny was back in the same chair he was in earlier. Zacky was on the other side of the couch that Matt and Val were on.
There was a spot open in the middle, so I sat there. After we were all seated and comfy, Jimmy started the movie. A little ways into the movie I felt my eyes getting heavy, so I crawled down next to Jimmy on the floor and laid next to him. I made sure to lay far enough away that I wouldn't touch him, and he wouldn't touch me.

I didn't really like people touching me. Which makes no sense, because I had no problem when Zach was holding my hand. Does that make sense to you? No? Yeah, me either. Anyway, I laid there on the surprisingly comfy floor, watching The Vampire Lestat preform his one and only concert. My eyes got heavier and heavier, as I began dreaming about hand holding, and green eyes, and eventually I was dreaming for once, instead of having nightmares or not dreaming at all.
I immediately woke up when I felt I was being picked up. I was filled with panic faster than you could say "hakuna matata". I began kicking and flailing, trying my hardest to get out of my captor's grasp. Then Val was beside me, soothing me.
"Adison sweetie, It's alright. It's only Matt, he's taking you to your room. To bed." She smiled.
I stopped flailing and looked up at Matt. He smiled kind of sheepishly.
"Sorry, Adison. I really didn't mean to scare you." He sounded very sincere, and kind of guilt ridden. I gave him a small smile and nodded. Then to show him it was okay, I hesitantly wrapped my arms around his neck and hung on. He carried me up the stairs and into my room and set me on my bed. Val came in right behind us. Matt held out his arms for and hug, and I obliged, giving him an awkward type pat on the back kind of hug. I gave the same for Val. I know it seems rude, but touching people makes me nervous, I can't help it.
They said goodnight and all that, then left the room. I went over to my bag and got my jammies out, then went into the bathroom to change. When I came out of the bathroom I made sure to leave the light on. The dark freaks me out too. I went over to the light switch and flipped off my light in my room, then carefully made my way to my bed in the dark. I crawled under the covers and got comfy. I closed my eyes and thought about the shopping trip that was happening tomorrow, It was bound to be amusing, especially with Jimmy there. As I though, I began to drift back to sleep, and as I drifted, I hoped I would dream of those same beautiful green eyes.


So, out of all the stories I've read on here, there has been no dedications. However, as per my usual, uh, tradition I guess you could say, I am dedicating this chapter to the first person that commented.
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