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DISCLAIMER TO READERS: I write really long chapters and so does my bff when she writes with me. Also there is a TON of sex scenes and I like to amp up the drama. After all this is fiction and even in that we can't be perfect.

I have many new things in the works. I will be posting within the next few weeks. I hope all of you that read are patient with the process and keep checking back! Love all of you fellow writers and readers! :D

We have many works going on and have found this site to finally post on!

We love comments, critiques, the works please feel free to let us know what you think!

Characters written by E. Gates: Joslyn Marsden, Dakota Spendlove, Katarina Blaze, Charlie Hammers, Teagan Baker

Characters written by K. Vengeance: Nova Lane, Vivian Marks, Wren Acker, Frankie Stein, Elizabeth Haner

We like to post chapters as we have them written as we did on Wattpad so there will be tons of updates right now but then things will slow down until we can find a good update schedule that works for you guys as well as us. Keep on keeping and let us know what you think of the stories :)


No Rules to Guide Me

No Rules to Guide Me

NC-17 Romance Drama

Co-Write with Emma! Feat Matt/OC and Zacky/OC


10.0 6 Votes
I Am Your Lust

I Am Your Lust

NC-17 Romance Comedy

O/C and Matt, O/C and Zack- What could possibly go wrong...or incredibly right at a pizza party?!


9.9 9 Votes
Girl I Know

Girl I Know

NC-17 Romance Comedy

O/C and Matt - Molly works at a no kill animal shelter. Matt needed an activity wish his two growing sons. How many times can you volunteer at the animal shelter before asking the girl out?


9.8 7 Votes