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Girl I Know


Molly Jean Gravewood, the owner of Gravewood Gathering, opens the doors every weekend to her no kill animal shelter in Huntington Beach, California as a way to offer the community opportunities to adopt pets but also just give the animals play time and interaction with humans and other critters.

M. Shadows, a now staple celebrity in the Huntington Beach community, has gone through a fairly messy divorce the last year and just wants to take his sons to do something easy but fun. After seeing an ad for Molly's shelter, he reserved his spot and his two boys.

Matt will never be ready for how kind, gentle and beautiful Molly is. Not to mention she makes him laugh. Soon he finds himself going to see her every weekend but can he get up the nerve to ask her out?



@violetshade better than my reaction.... I wanted to give him a well placed front snap kick to the nuts...

(My karate is showing)

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

She should totally make him work for her forgiveness. Dominant Matt begging for forgiveness is an image hahaha. Loved the update! I can’t wait for what else is in store for these two.

Nice! Gotta love a little Syn action ; ) Esp one that involves strawberries and champagne!
Glad she was at least a little pissed, she should be a LOT pissed for him going through her stuff!! He apologized though : )
Glad they got past this!! I so wanted to punch him at his initial reaction!

violetshade violetshade

Thank goodness the made up! Loved the chapter!

Nicole Nicole

Plot twist! Now I wanna read more!

Nicole Nicole