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Many Storms

Hearts Could Change

***Matt’s POV***

“Oh, Violet…”

The incredible blow job I was getting was rudely interrupted by Zack popping off. He scurried back onto the bed and gawked up at me, eyes narrowed and firing. Fuck. I had totally just said that out loud. Apparently I was just drunk enough to let it slip out. Goddammit, I was so hard, though. And I’d been getting kinda close. I took a deep breath and tried to focus.

I was deep in it this time, and drunk at that. Apologizing my way out of this would be so tough.

“Zack, I’m so sorry--”
“You were fucking picturing her! I know we’ve both been kinda...curious...but what the fuck, Matt! How fucking dare you!!”
“I know, baby, I mean--I wasn’t actually picturing her”--a bald faced lie-- “It just slipped out! I’m sorry, Zack!”
He picked up my sleeping pants and threw them at me, “Go sleep on the couch, fuckface!”

The alcohol meant I couldn’t keep the stupid grin off my face at the name he’d chosen to call me, since I was the one just fucking his face--

“God, I hate you so much right now! Get out!” He pushed at my back and I put up my hands in surrender.
“I will totally know what to say to you tomorrow, dear.” I dodged his next hit and scuttled off to the bathroom on my way to the couch.

Since I was drunk and now alone, I thought it would be a good idea to finish my fantasy. I should not be encouraging my imagination, but like I said: drunk. I pushed one hand to the wall over the toilet to steady myself, jerking myself off with the other. Closing my eyes, I only had to imagine it was her on her knees, catching my come in her mouth, and it hit hard. I bit my lip so I didn’t make any noise, stroking myself through an intense orgasm.

“She make you come harder than I can, Matty?!?” I heard Zack yell sarcastically from the bedroom and my shoulders slumped. He deserved better.


The morning light hit with a hangover much lighter than I deserved. I was splayed out on the couch that was way too small for me to sleep on. Getting up and guzzling some water quickly, I padded into the bedroom quietly. It was early enough that we still had some time before work, so hopefully I could work some magic.

As I walked towards the bed, I heard a sniffle and my heart plummeted. Fuck. Me.

I climbed into bed and held Zack back against me, “Please tell me you got at least some sleep, sweetie.”

He nodded, wiping at his eyes with the tissue in his hand, “Yeah, I slept ok I guess--I was drunk enough that I passed out. Woke up a little bit ago.”

“I’m really sorry, Zack. I promise I wasn’t actively thinking of her--I was drunk and her image just flashed in there at the wrong time. I feel so awful, babe.” I brushed my knuckles over his cheek, “You know you give the best head there is. There’s no way on god’s green earth she’s better at it, or even as good. I’m sorry. I love you.”
My hubby batted back at me, chuckling sadly, “Alright. Stop apologizing. Geez.”

I knew this was his defense mechanism kicking in, one of the only things I loathed about our relationship. He would forever think he wasn’t good enough for me.

“Zack, don’t do that. You have every single reason to be mad, hon.” I turned his body towards me and lost my train of thought for a moment when his huge, watery green eyes gazed back into mine. He started working his pouty, tear stained bottom lip in between his teeth and I had no idea what I had planned on saying.

His hands clutched at the sheets and his gaze darted around for a moment, seemingly unsure of what he was about to say, “Uh, maybe, she is great at giving head...we don’t know...we don’t even know what a woman going down on you is like at all...I mean, we’d have to actually find out before--”

My jaw dropped as I realized where he was going with this, what he was thinking. No way. My hubby, my Zack, the guy I'd been fucking since we were teens, wasn't just curious. He was really curious, and actually suggesting something I never thought we'd do in a million years. A threesome. With a woman.

A grin lit up my face, parting the sad, dark skies of my mood. While it had caught me really off guard, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I playfully slapped at his thigh, “You are so bad!” I laughed, “I can’t believe this! You want her! You made me sleep on the couch, and you want to fuck her just as much as I do!” I knew I shouldn’t push my luck and go on about it, but I couldn't help myself.

He giggled adorably and tentatively put his fingers at my waist. I picked up his hand and kissed his fingers, “So why are you still upset?”
Zack’s expression dropped again, “I’m just so confused. I know it shouldn’t matter, she’s in a relationship--with a woman no less--”

I coughed awkwardly, wondering if I’d regret what I was about to say, “She’s, uh, actually in an open relationship…” I looked around the room before nervously looking back at him to see what he was thinking.

That damn sexy eyebrow was sky high, basically asking if I had really just gone there, “Are you...suggesting…??”
I shrugged, “I mean...if you don’t want to…” Jesus, neither of us could even say it.

“Why is she getting to us, Zack?” I ruffled my hair, “I mean, out of all women, why her? Why now?”
“Honestly?” My hubby kissed my neck, making me smile again, “I think it’s because she’s so masculine.”

I scoff-laughed, “Masculine? Those tits, those hips, that hair, those eyes...what is masculine exactly??”
He rolled his eyes at me, “Her personality. I mean, it’s probably sexist to say this, but lots of her traits are ones we would identify as typically those of a man. She even admitted to wearing the pants in her relationship.”
“Hm.” I drifted off for a second as I thought about it. I guess he was kinda right.

“So you...wanna...I mean, she’s clearly attracted to you--”

My eyes snapped to his, “Me? I haven’t seen her give me any signals, she was practically all over you this morning, though.”
He blushed and bit that lip again, “We have kind of...hit it off…” His green eyes raised again, wide with wonder, “I can tell she likes you, too, though…” Zack’s voice went breathy and my heart started to thud, “It would...answer a lot of questions...ya know...get it out of our system…”

Fucking A, he was actually interested in this. My breathing picked up and I wasn’t sure if I was more turned on by the idea of her or the fact that he was interested in her. Wait, what? Yeah.

My lips crashed onto his as I smothered his body with mine. Our kiss was desperate, searching--as were our hands. My fingers wrapped around Zack’s wrist and pushed it back into the mattress as I hardened fully against his belly.

“Zack--” I panted as he keened under me.
“Just take me, Matt.” He yanked my ear down to his lips as he whispered seductively, “I’m already slick and ready for you.”

I shivered at his words, before reaching down and guiding myself into his perfect body, “Oh, god, Zack…” I couldn’t help but thrust quickly, making him moan out hoarsely and groan my name.

“I have no idea why that’s hot, baby…” I mumbled into his ear as I took his asshole over and over, “I want to watch you fuck her, I want to fuck her, I want us to fuck her together and ah, god...I want it so badly…”

“Matt!” Zack arched off the bed, stroking himself as he ejaculated onto his chest and abs. He constricted around me and I tried to breathe as he milked one hell of a fucking orgasm from me. I pumped into him again and again, the ropes making my head spin they were so intense and went on for so long.

“Fuck…” I held myself over Zack before gently lowering my whole body onto his, gathering him up against me and into my kiss as we came down together. His hands soothed over my back.

“Damn.” He whispered.
“Yeah. You can say that again.”

***Zack’s POV***

We didn’t talk any more about it that morning, but things from then on out were definitely different. I did my best to keep things professional, but after our talk that morning--my thoughts about Violet were running pretty rampant. Especially when she was in the room. Something in me told me she sensed it, but I also figured that was just me being paranoid.

I dressed in clothes I could paint in and when I walked into my office, things were already being moved and covered and supplies were being brought in. Violet entered, dressed to the nines.

“Not getting down and dirty today?” I joked.
“No,” She put her hands in her pockets, “The new kid starts today. Johnny and I need to go through applicants for other jobs.”

I couldn’t help myself, “You should have Matt help you show the new guy around. One of us should, and I don’t think he’s too overwhelmed today.”
She grinned wide, “Great idea.” Her beautiful eyes glanced up at the ceiling before back at me, “Can’t wait to see it.” And she was gone.

I began to make sure everything was covered or not in the room before I started on one corner.

**Matt’s POV**

I was still enjoying my first cup of coffee and beginning to go through my emails when she knocked on my open door and walked in.

“Morning.” I grinned, sitting back in my chair to look at her.
“Good morning,” Violet smiled back. She looked incredible this morning--hair tossed to the side casually and only a little makeup, a sly grin on her face even when she spoke, “Aaron starts today. You want to show him around with me?”

When her eyes met mine, my breath caught a little. The look in her eye, the morning sun in the window, the easy way she stood there like she was at complete ease with herself, was all a little much for me. My gaze didn’t falter, though. I stood up, making sure she got a good taste of my dimples before we started this day, “Sure.”

We met Aaron down in the lobby and showed him around, introducing him to everyone. Violet claimed she knew every single one of our clients and suggested he use his time until his office was ready getting to know them as well. While I knew she'd looked into our company and no doubt knew many of our clients, I didn't think she knew every single one. We had a decent amount, so I was officially impressed.

She had a very warm, easygoing personality but I knew the difference between when she was being nice and when she was flirting. Which was back and forth all morning. In fact, she was quite shameless about it--which only encouraged me, which in turn encouraged her. Did she feel safe being this much of a tease because I was married?

By the time Aaron went to the floor below us to see how they were coming along, it was almost lunchtime. The guys headed my way, Brian leading,
“We’re headed to Ming’s for lunch. You coming?”

Before I could make a coming joke, a tall beautiful blonde walked off the elevator and towards Violet. They kissed lightly as all our jaws dropped. She was every bit as supermodel beautiful that she'd been described as.

Violet grinned and pulled her towards us, “Guys, this is my girlfriend Sonia. Sonia, this is Matt, Brian, Zack, Johnny, and Jimmy.”

She shook each of our hands with a smile, but studied us carefully, “You failed to mention how cute they are.” She giggled.

Violet rolled her eyes and led her away by a hand at the small of her back. We gave each other silent, surprised looks as we rushed into the elevators.

“Holy damn, are we in a porno? Or my dreams?” Jimmy panted dramatically as soon as the door were closed.
Brian leaned his head back against the wall, “How gay do you think this girlfriend is? She did call us cute.”

“I think she's trying to stake her claim, guys,” I folded my arms, shrugging as if to say sorry. This was met with a bunch of confused looks, “If you were dating a Violet, that just started working intimately with five dudes--what would you do?”

Now they nodded and mumbled and grinned.

We stepped off the elevator and towards our lunch, “She has every reason to stake her claim.” Brian grinned sideways at me before looking down at Zack, who happened to be walking between us. He slung an arm over my husband’s shoulder, “Don’t think we’ve missed the way she looks at you, Z. You either,” He glanced up at me again. I pursed my lips, trying not to smile. It was that obvious, huh? Brian ruffled Zack’s hair and got a punch to the ribs and that adorable smile, “You two finally coming over to the dark side?” Now I had brown eyes gleaming at me, “We don’t mess around.” He winked and I rolled my eyes. The guy never turned it off. Why Violet wasn’t already being sucked in by the actually bi one of us was beyond me. It wasn’t from lack of him trying, either.

“Jealous, Bri?” I sideways grinned at him before we walked into Ming’s.
“Fuck, yeah I’m jealous. You guys get to have sex with her and and she gets to fuck both of you? I’d sign up for that.” He shrugged like it was daily spouted fact. Which it was.

“Dude, no one is screwing our new boss besides her girlfriend, geez…” Zack breathed out, a heavy blush rising at his cheeks as he chuckled nervously and ruffled his own hair. It not being styled and gelled was due to our being a little behind this morning and practically made me growl at the hot memory.

“Well, then you’re both idiots. We’ve all had sex with each other and we work together just fine.”
“Yeah, but she’s a chic. Don’t they, ya know...not deal with that as well?” I was now legitimately curious, territory I knew I shouldn’t be going into.

“Brian’s going to tell you that she’s bi, therefore she’s cool,” Jimmy rolled his eyes, “But, to be fair, I don’t think he’d be wrong. You said she was in an open relationship, right?”

“Yeah.” I arched a brow at the giant.

“C’mon, do I have to spell it out for you? No one’s in an open relationship without being extremely casual about sex.”
“I just figured it was because she doesn’t actually want to settle down.”
“Maybe, but most people who aren’t casual about sex wind up in committed relationships because they don’t want to deal with the emotional hassle of being in an open relationship.” Johnny chipped in and I chuckled over at him, not usually one for such astute observations.

“All I know is, we really don’t want to be the reason this doesn’t work,” I said it out loud to remind myself as much as tell them.

“You think too much,” Brian grinned again right as our waiter showed up.

**Vi’s POV**

The second they left in the elevator, I gave Sonia an annoyed look.

“What? Can’t I come say hi to you at your new job?” Her innocent look was adorable, but I wasn’t falling for it. Not that I cared, it was sweet that she felt she had to come flaunt herself. I always thought it was funny whenever she got jealous. She was the supermodel look alike. I knew I was nice looking, but next to her I all but disappeared.

“Whatever you gotta tell yourself, sweetie. I know you loved the way they looked at you, despite how hopelessly gay you are.”
“What’s wrong with that?” She tossed her hair.
“Nothing. I quite prefer you like girls.” I chortled, putting a hand to her back to bring her to me so I could kiss her longingly, “But if I wanted to be peed on in public like that, I’d be dating guys.” I pulled away to give her a quipped, daring look--the one that often sent her to her knees.

“I don’t know what you’re--” Her eyes darted to my lips and back to my eyes as her voice went breathy. I grabbed her chin with my fingers, “Yes you do. This time I thought it was cute, but you do it again and there will be consequences.”

She swallowed hard and cast her eyes down, “Yes, ma’am.”

I gave her a moment and then grabbed her hand, pulling her towards my new, almost finished office, “I think we should eat in.” Beautiful minutes she was sprawled out across my desk yelling my name…


“It stinks like sex in here.” Jimmy grinned wide as he walked into my office.

I tried to throw him a curve, sitting back in my chair and putting my feet up, “That obvious, huh?”

His blue eyes just sparkled back as he walked to a chair, leaning on it with both hands, “Well, you look delightfully fucked, if I do say so myself, and you’re eating lunch at your desk that you clearly just got--versus the lunch you were supposed to have with your girlfriend.”

“Good eye,” I mumbled as I went back to eating my lunch that I’d had to get downstairs since I’d spent my actual lunch eating Sonia. I was glad that this tall one seemed this comfortable with me already.

I cleared my throat at looked straight up at him with a sideways grin, “What can I do for you, Jim?”

He strode forward until he was sitting on the edge of my desk right across from me, smiling warmly down at me, “I get it, you flirt incessantly to make men uncomfortable, just like lots of men do with women. I don’t blame you, it probably gets you everything you’ve ever wanted out of life. You pull it off with a high level of sass that would bring any man to their knees,” My jaw dropped as he rounded my desk. I dropped my feet and stared, heart beating wildly as Jimmy dropped to his knees and put his hands on my knees, “Is that what you want, Violet? Me on my knees for you?”

Okay, I had decent game but I had no idea what was going on. He was extremely cute, puckered lips and beautiful blue eyes that were now trained up at me. Just when I was thinking I could maybe say something, he winked.


I fell into a fit of giggles that I sorely needed. Despite the fact that he had just roasted me on a subject I was in no way prepared to admit he was right about, it was hilarious. He laughed with me, pouncing up onto his feet and sitting in the seat on the other side of my desk, “We think you should throw us a party.”

I threw an overly haughty look his way, “Do you now? Good thing I’m five steps ahead of you. Is Saturday night alright with you?”

He smirked naughtily back, “Wonderful. Will you bring your girl all dolled up with you?”

“Of course.”


When I got home a little late at 7, Sonia had just set out dinner and I let out a light moan at the wonderful smells filling the flat.

“Sorry I’m so late, babe.” I gave her a light kiss and ran off to the bedroom to change quickly before eating.
“You know I don’t mind.” She smiled sweetly. Good, she was in a good mood.

I started digging into the lasagna and took a sip of chardonnay, “Did I tell you Shade is throwing a party Saturday night?”
Sonia let her expression drop and gave me a flat look, “NO.”
I cringed, “Sorry. Must’ve slipped my mind.”
“Yeah, I know what you’ve been focused on.”

Fuck. Tread lightly.

My fork clattered back onto my plate, “Jesus, Sonia, I just got home! I’m so fucking starving and you start with this?”

She stood up, but instead of following her, I just glared as she pointed down at me, “I know you have that kink. And there are five of them--two of which are gay! I know you’ve thought about it!”

I was thrown off guard and too embarrassed to ask which two. What had I missed? Her gaydar was much better than mine, so I had to assume she was right. But which two? I tried to focus.

“I haven’t! But if I had, what would it matter, huh? You said you were okay with this, Sonia.”

Her gaze lowered as she started playing with her hands, “I...I thought the threesomes would be enough for you.”

We’d been with a man together several times, which she did purely for me. It’s what convinced me she was absolutely one hundred percent a lesbian. It was always fun, but that wasn’t my kink, and I’d always need my freedom.

“Well, they’re not,” I stepped forward and took her hands in mine, kissing them as she pouted, “But I’ve explained this to you, babe. It’s just sex. You’re the one I love. The one I come home to. Look, if I ever stop having sex with you, you’d have every right to be upset, but that will never happen.”
I brushed her cheek and kissed it before moving to her lips, “C’mon, please don’t be mad. Come with me Saturday?”
She gave me a weak smile, “I can’t. My work is also throwing a party, remember?”

Shit. No wonder she was mad. Yeah, now I knew exactly what she was talking about, I’d totally forgotten, “I’m sorry, Son. I’m an ass, I forgot.”

She sweetly patted my hand, “It’s okay. You do your thing and I’ll do mine.” Despite her nice tone, I looked up to think I almost caught a glimpse of tartness in her eyes. I ignored it and went back to my food, thankful when she started in with normal conversation of telling me about her day.

I tried to not dwell on it, but later that night when I was trying to get some sleep, I lay awake with her in my arms….thinking about them. Zack and Matt. And being at a party with them and alcohol--by myself.



Even their fights are adorable! *slaps hand to face*

Although...crying Zacky, Vi?! Really?? *cries helplessly* Whyyyyyyy....

Anyway...are they going to make this happen? How?

I've waited so long to use that picture of Zack and Matt in something--it looks like that is exactly what's going on, it's so priceless!!! The look on Zack's face is so fucking hilarious!


Le sigh. I love it when love works out.

Buggaloo Buggaloo


Misery Misery

Sorry, not sorry! ; )

violetshade violetshade

*happy sigh* Don’t make my eyes leak, dammit!

Misery Misery

CUUUUUUUUUUNT! *holla* This bish will take care of Zacky for you ;)

Misery Misery