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Many Storms


The boys have their own advertising firm in Seattle and Matt and Zack have been happy together for a long time. Shade Financial comes along and gives them the break they've all been looking for, but will it come with consequences? A couple questions everything they know for an opportunity and new experiences, and a brotherhood takes a chance.

*I don't own/know the guys, none of this happened. Don't steal my stuff! Please.*



Matt Sanders

Matt Sanders

Matt's a protective, leader type that loves his husband more than life itself.



A sweet, but jealous, woman that's stolen Violet's heart.



A hard working career type that loves to have her fun, with or without her girlfriend, when it's quittin' time.

Zack Baker

Zack Baker

The artist that got to marry his first lover, his true love.


  1. Tend Your Light

    Zack and Matt try and find time for one another.

  2. We'll Take This Step

    The guys make a decision.

  3. Everything's Changing

    The guys and Violet get to know each other a little better.

  4. Hearts Could Change

    Zack and Matt figure some things out.

  5. Passion In My Eyes

    The situation heats. For lots of people.

  6. Ravage Your Mind

    Matt and Zack pinch hit for the other team. Sort of.

  7. "I Tried"

    Violet faces the truth but find she has some support.

  8. The King

    Matt has to come to terms with how Violet deals.

  9. Betrayed

    Dynamics need figuring out.

  10. Blinded In Chains

    Violet introduced the couple to a new world.

  11. Tested

    A wonderful weekend is followed by a fuck-up.

  12. Home Is Where The Heart Is


  13. I Don't Deserve

    Matt and Zack still have things to figure out.

  14. My Many Demons

    Violet finds more than forgiveness.

  15. One Foot Out The Door

    Zack reconsiders.


Amazing chapter!

Zack's reaction is kinda proving Matt's point... Matt stayed clear of Violet because it's better for his relationship, Zack is going to run to her now that he had a discussion with Matt.

I feel sorry for Matt.. he's trying to take care of everyone (how annoying that might be) and this is what he get. I wonder if this will go terribly wrong or terribly right. Little bit of both maybe ;)

Kimmie Kimmie

That was so amazing. That sex between Matt and zacky though. Oh my

Vengeful vixen Vengeful vixen

Well I figure he's just overly confident and happy at the moment and kinda high on adrenaline ; ) but yeah. Glad you enjoyed both of them flipping : ) I know I did! haha

violetshade violetshade

Damnnnnn Zacky, who would’ve known that would send him into a Dom mindset. I don’t know what’s hotter, Zacky topping or Matt bottoming

So Zack. Much wow.