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Many Storms

Everything's Changing

**Zack's POV**

Violet was waiting for us in the lobby of the 50 story building in which our business resided. She fell in step beside me, keeping her eyes ahead and confidence in her voice.

“You’re the artist, Zack, correct?”
Me? I cleared my throat to appear as confident as she did.
“I’d like your help in redesigning the entire floor. I assume y’all have been too busy from day one to do much decorating, but I think if we do a little you guys will be much happier and efficient when here. What do we think?”

I grinned at her, but before I could answer, Jimmy was on it, “I think that’s a great idea, Violet. What did you have in mind?”

What possessed me to glare up at the giant, I wasn’t sure, but once he caught it, Jim cleared his throat, “What I meant was, we’ll leave that to you and Zack. We don’t know anything about that kind of stuff.”

I saw a slight head shake and smile from Brian and I tried to hide it when my face threatened to light up. She looked beautiful this morning. Her long hair fell over her shoulders now, her three quarter sleeves revealing tattoos that spilled out from underneath. Something about her made me not surprised that she’d probably have a lot of them, just like we all did. Her perfectly fitted black slacks matched her perfectly fitted vest and tie, which was snug over the purple shirt underneath.

“What’s on the table for you guys today?”

Matt turned towards her once we were in the elevator, “We acquired a new account Monday morning, so we’ll mostly be working on their campaign. Would you like to see it?” He threw his legendary dimples at her, but she just grinned nicely back.

“Absolutely. Zack and I can work on some ideas for a remodel and we can reconvene for lunch?”

“Works for us,” Matt folded his arms, and it might have made her sigh, but I didn’t notice since it made me sigh. I immediately blushed and coughed to cover it up, which made her glance my way. My reaction made me and Matt exchange a quick look, hopefully too quick for her to notice.

Although, why would it matter? I asked myself...she had to know we were married...right?

When we got off the elevator, Violet hooked an arm through mine, still shorter than me even in heels, “So why don’t you give me the tour?”

Gulp. Is she touching me? Yep, she’s touching me. My whole body heated as well as my cheeks. I knew the effect my blushy smile had on both men and women, but I couldn’t fucking help it. It got everything I could possibly ever want out of Matt, but I was trying not to flirt with her because this was business and I was beyond confused and what the hell is happening!?

“Sure, Violet.” I took a deep breath and started showing her around. She was very easy to get along with and had a great sense of humor. Or, she found me funny anyway. She was funny, too. I showed her around the offices and conference room.

“What’s in there?” Violet pointed towards a closed door.
“Storage,” I opened the door to show her, but I hadn’t planned on going in until she brushed past me.

“This is perfect…” She mumbled under her breath before turning back towards me. I’d never seen someone stand up so straight before. It made her seem a foot taller than she was, “We are buying the floor below you for new staff. I think it’ll be a good idea to keep them on a separate floor for now. We can move the storage room down there and make this the playroom.”

“Playroom?” I arched a brow, my thoughts immediately going to a 50 Shades sort of room instead of what she was most likely actually talking about.

For a moment I swore I caught the glint in her eye and an ever so slight raise of her brow, “Relaxation. Man cave, if you will, although I hate that phrase. Ya know, video games, a couch, just a space to get away if you need to. All the kids have them these days, we might as well.”

I probably should’ve warned her that Matt and I would just use it as a place to fuck, but I definitely wasn’t actually saying that out loud.

“I’ve heard of that. If Shade really wants to spend their money on that, I’m definitely not going to say no,” I grinned.
“Alright, that’s settled. Do you have an office?”

“Yeah,” She took my arm again and I led her towards it, “Just the way the floor is laid out, mine’s over here.” I wasn’t about to tell her that we had thought it best that my office and Matt’s office be as far apart as possible, “It’s also the largest, since I need the space more than they do.” I puffed up my chest jokingly.

She took a look around, “Do you like this space?”
I shrugged, “I love the space, I just haven’t had a chance to decorate.” That was a lie and she knew it. We were guys, and had no idea how.

“Do you paint? Like, art?”
I nodded, “A little. I have a small studio at home.”
“You should paint the ceiling.”
I chortled, assuming she was joking.
“Seriously. You could hang your favorite business pieces on the walls, paint the ceiling, and I bet you’d be much more motivated in here.”

Now I was gawking. She was totally right, I should do that. When my eyes widened, she moved on, “So what got you into this?”

“We all had nothing jobs in our early twenties and we started watching Mad Men when it came out. I remember Brian and Matt joking around about how easy that job must be and started spouting off great ideas for commercials like just anyone could do that. They were such great ideas, the rest of us just stared at them and it was downhill from there. And eventually uphill, apparently. Sounds ridiculous, but hey. What can ya do.”

Violet shook her head and I thought she was about to make fun of me, or us, as she walked around my office, “I didn’t really get into the business because of Mad Men, but I embarrassingly enough rose through the ranks just like women on that show.”

“Joan or Peggy?” I crossed my arms and lifted my eyebrow at her.

She turned to give me a daring look over her shoulder, one of both anger and flirtation since Joan worked her way up by less than reputable means, “Peggy, thank you very much.”

I put up my hands innocently, changing the subject, “So where is your office going to be?”
Violet pressed her lips together in thought and walked back out into the main room to look around.

“We can’t have you on the floor below us with the peons, now, can we?” I followed her, hands in my pockets, “We could move the lunch room to be part of the relaxation room,” I seriously couldn’t even bring myself to call it a playroom, “And redo the lunchroom to be your office.”

She turned to look past me at the lunch room before grinning wide, “Perfect!”

**Matt’s POV**

That afternoon Violet bought us lunch and started an interesting conversation about our newest client. She had additions to our ideas that blew all of us away. They never undermined our goals or how to get there, just made it even better. Either she was really great at this, or the best bullshitter I’d ever met, or both.

She also did it after taking off her heels, and once Brian and I started tossing the football back and forth--she joined in. I could see the chemistry in the air between her and my lover--I think everyone could. This didn’t necessarily make me jealous, it just made me want to go over there and kiss him and pull him to me so she’d know he was mine.

I had to admit I loved the way she would look me straight in the eye and tell me her ideas like she knew they were good and she already knew her place here. Somehow, she pulled that off with confident grace and without arrogance.

After lunch was all legal--signing papers and lawyers and shaking hands and congratulations and introductions and pictures. My brothers and I looked at one another with pride, more than happy with our decision.

Violet surprised all of us at the end of the day when she looked right at her watch at 5 o’clock, “I assume we all want to get home to some celebratory activities?” She grinned sideways and said goodnight with a salute as we all chortled.


“Zack!!” My toes curled and my fingers dug into his hips as he rode my dick like his life depended on it. I stroked him off and came myself the moment I felt his excitement land on my skin. I’d bent him over the couch the second we’d gotten home and just before bed he’d climbed on top of me, insisting he do the work--after being done so right just a couple hours earlier.

I kissed his hair and held him close to my chest, “This was wonderful. Getting home at a reasonable hour. Having dinner. Sex. What more could a guy ask for?”

“Right?” Zack chuckled lightly, kissing my pecs, “That was nice. God, I hope that’s what’s normal now.”
“It’s why we did this, so it better be…” I hummed, “I hated those months without you, Z. I mean, I saw you all the time but we had no real time together. It was awful.”

He looked up at me over his glasses and kissed my mouth, “Me, too. I kept telling myself it would end eventually, but it got harder and harder to believe. I’m so happy this opportunity came along, Matt.”
I kissed his forehead, letting him cuddle up to me so we could find sleep after we'd cleaned each other up.


The next morning was wonderful. We took our time getting up, making love, eating breakfast, going to work together. We greeted Violet, who was already in the break room with some workers that were starting to move stuff around. The other guys weren’t in yet. I gave Zack a quick peck before heading into my office.

I was getting another cup of coffee and enjoying the sunrise when she knocked and let herself in. I eyed her with surprise. She was dressed way down, in a white tshirt and a pair of dickies with her hair up in a messy bun.

“Did I miss something?” I grinned down at her, crossing the floor so I was standing up against the front of my desk.
Violet looked down at herself, like she just realized what she must look like, “I may have slight control issues. If you want something done right, ya know?”

I shifted uncomfortably when all I could think about was ripping those Dickies off of her and having her ride me in my chair, those huge tits in my face. Um, why was that hot? I sipped my coffee, still eyeing her over the rim of the cup, “So, uh, you guys already made floor plans and stuff?”
“Did Zack not tell you?” She grinned and I wasn’t sure what she was getting at. So I went with it.

“We were a little busy.” I set down the coffee and crossed my arms, totally letting it slip out as sexually as I possibly could. She didn’t seem to understand what I meant. Did she not know?

“Shade is buying the floor below us. The storage room will be moved down there, and the current one will be turned into a rec room slash break room. The current break room will be my office.”
“Wow, you guys do have this figured out.” I tried to hide how flat my voice came out, thinking of how well she and Zack seemed to get along.

“Anyway...I think it’d be a good idea if one of you guys interviewed this candidate for administrative assistant. He’s applied at Shade before, but they didn’t really have any openings for him. Right now he’s working at another firm, but I don’t think it would be hard to snatch him up.”
“Alright.” I all out smirked at her. Jesus, Matt, cut it out, “I assume you’ve already set this up?”

She smiled unabashedly, “10.”

I shook my head at her brazenness, “Anything else I should know about?” When I watched her cheeks color, my cock twitched. I had to say something before this got awkward, “I noticed your hands. If you don’t mind my saying, not exactly a woman’s touch.”

Violet relaxed again, looking out the window at the beautiful colors, “I don’t mind. I have some interesting hobbies. My girlfriend and I just bought this house in the historic district that we’re fixing up. Well, I’m fixing up. She’s buying stuff.” She rolled her eyes and I tried to hide my shock.
“You’re gay?”
She finally looked up at me, scoffing, “I’m bi. I’m kind of trying this open relationship with a girl thing that she convinced me to do. I like dick, but I also love her, so…”

I just about choked on my coffee. I loved that she was comfortable enough here to say such a thing, so I did my best not to overreact...or say “yeah, I love cock too.”

“Uh, yeah. Women, am I right?” I tried to sound convincing as I pulled at the back of my neck. She gave my wedding ring a look and then met my eyes, but didn’t ask.

“I also dabble in auto mechanics.”

Why did that of all things make me hard? I sat down and crossed an ankle over my knee, watching the sunrise with her, “Yeah? You should talk to Little Johnny then. He’s the one that messes with all of our cars. He could show you around our garage sometime.”
“Not your thing, huh?”

I glanced over at her. Did I detect a hint of...disappointment?

“Nope. Everyone assumes I’m the super masculine one, but I have to spend all my “extra” time working out, so...that’s really my only hobby.” That, and fucking Zack til he can’t stand. I put my hands out to look at them, “I bet your hands are more calloused than mine are.” I chuckled lightly.

She laughed, too--now looking at her hands, “I haven’t had a manicure since I interviewed for my job at Shade. My manicurist kept giving me these super judgmental looks.” Violet rolled her eyes again, “I guess we could both use a little less stereotyping in our loves, eh?” She chuckled and slowly headed for the door, “If you want, you could bring in one of the other guys to do that interview with you, but more than that would be too intimidating. Let me know what you think, if you don’t like him I can line up some other interviews.”

I nodded and thanked her, chuckling at the extremely early, extremely odd conversation.


Over two hours later, Jimmy and I sat in the conference room across from an extremely well-dressed twenty something in hipster glasses. He seemed to know his qualifications were great, even if he still seemed quite nervous. But he was exactly what we needed. Jim and I played good cop bad cop a little, I paced behind Jimmy and looked out the window while he smiled nicely and jabbered away with the kid. Eventually we shook hands and told him we’d give him a call.

“Should we hire a woman instead?” Sullivan joked, “Ya gonna be able to keep it in your pants?”

I facepalmed myself, trying not to let him get to me, “Jesus, Jim. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I want to do every guy out there. And that flamboyant? Not my thing.” I raised my brows at him and he just raised his hands innocently, “But seriously. He’s perfect, right?”

“Yeah. Violet’s got great taste. Although, we already knew that because she chose us!” He happily smiled and I chuckled, “And hey, the more gay guys around here the better my chances are with her!” He elbowed me to let me know he was sort of kidding. I shook my head and went to find her.

**Zack’s POV**

When she knocked I yelled for her to come in. I was currently lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling and blaring some Iron Maiden waiting for inspiration to come. Not figuring she’d actually do it, I patted the floor next to me. I couldn’t help but giggle when she laid down.

“Are you actually helping with the reconstruction of your own office?” I chuckled, giving her outfit the once over...possibly an excuse to look at her.

“Yes. I’m very hands on,” When she ever so slightly emphasized the words, I had to double take at her. While I was used to being flirted with by women, I hadn’t seen it coming from her, “Don’t look so surprised.” She smirked when her eyes met mine, before she looked back up at the ceiling.

“It’s not because you’re a woman. You’re an office executive that was here in a pantsuit yesterday. One I remember quite well,” This time it was her turn to double take and I made sure my gaze back was confident. When I turned it on it was hard to turn off sometimes. For whatever reason, I wanted to ask what else she could do with her hands. What?! God, this was so awful and confusing. I’d never had these thoughts about a woman before...but then again, she sure was different. I reminded myself though, that this was work and I was married, “And today you show up like you’re part of the painting crew.”

She went back to looking up, “And you didn't. Thought you wanted to got all Michelangelo on your ceiling.”
I settled my hands behind my head, “Hey, I’m waiting for motivation.”
“And Iron Maiden motivates you?”
“Most heavy metal does. Other stuff, too. Not a fan?”
“Oh, I love Maiden. Just don’t get to work with too many metal heads. I can’t listen to it at home much either.” She sighed.
“Why not?”
“My girlfriend doesn’t like it. When I work on the house, I listen to it, but any other time she gets all pouty. While it’s kind of adorable, she makes me pay for it.”

A girlfriend? I tried to seem like that wasn’t totally unexpected, “And you’re still with her? I can’t imagine not sharing musical tastes with my partner.”

“Yeah, well…” Now she was smirking and I was trying not to get turned on, “She makes up for it.”

I just let out a shameless laugh, since that’s clearly what she was going for anyway. After an empty moment passed, she changed the subject, “So you have any ideas at all for what you want in here? You don’t really have to worry about ever having clientele in here, so you could seriously make it whatever you want.”

“Hm. That’s true.” I gestured towards the empty canvas, “I was thinking some sort of night sky scene. Maybe space. I often find myself looking up at the stars and being motivated, so I figured I could bring some of that in here. Maybe some of the Seattle skyline over here.” I motioned towards my left, the side she was on. I found myself wanting nothing more than to smother her body with mine…

“That sounds like an awesome start. I can have the crew come in here and cover everything if you wanna start today.” She leaned up on an elbow next to me, her violet eyes heavy.

I scooted up to rest on both my elbows to look back at her, taking my time since the look in her eyes was so sultry and I was very aware she was about to step into dangerous territory. Didn’t she have a girlfriend? Didn't she see my wedding ring? Fuck. Just when I swear she was moving in for the kill, my office door opened.

Matt looked down at both of us, arms folded and brow up as I looked back at him upside down. Thank fuck Violet seemed to have herself much more put together.

“How’d it go?!” She asked excitedly and completely innocently, like we hadn’t just been caught in a compromising position.

It took him a second to answer and I knew I was totally fucked.

“Good. I think he’d be perfect.”

I stood up and attempted complete aloofness, “Did I miss something? Who?” I offered Violet a hand, that she took.

“Violet is helping us hire an administrative assistant. He’s already been interviewed and approved.” His hazel eyes moved to mine, dragging down my body and back up.

“Do I, uh, get a say in this?” I was joking, but my laugh came out nervous and faltering.

His hands moved to his hips and my eyes widened. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, calling my attention to those strong hips. His eyes narrowed, “Do you want one? I think I know you well enough by now to know you’d like him as much as we did.”

Violet could sense the tension in the room and excused herself, “I’ll get on the process of hiring him. Would you like him to be in charge of hiring the rest of the staff, or one of you? I would think you’d be too busy, but it’s up to you.”

Without even looking at her, Matt husked, “Johnny can do it. He just writes copy.” Finally, his gaze shifted--along with his whole demeanor. Suddenly he was all dimples and sparkly eyes, “We should all go out to dinner tonight. Ya know, to celebrate.”

“That’s a great idea. I’ll get reservations.” She smiled and was out the door.

Matt followed her, locking the door once he had shut it before turning his eyes towards me. Then I was being pressed against my desk, his large hand slowly wrapping around my tie and pulling me slightly up towards him. My hands braced on the edge as my eyes fluttered and my dick hardened. I loved him like this...my caged beast.

His golden eyes narrowed again as mine widened further. He hissed through clenched teeth, “What were you doing on the floor with her, baby?”

“I, she, uh, suggested I paint the ceiling to c-create a more c-comfortable work space,” I batted my eyelashes up at him, trying to calm him. Matt just grunted and fell to his knees. Um, what?
I gawked as he tore my belt and pants open and started sucking my cock. What the hell? I had expected yelling and more angry words and one hell of a fight, not this. Oh god, this.
My head fell back and my hand went to his hair. He wasn’t easing into it, either. His tongue licked at my already leaking head and his suction was absolutely divine. He squeezed my balls with one hand and stroked me with the other, making me choke back a yelp. The hand at my sac reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me forward until I was forced down his throat. Fucking christ.

Breathing hard and clenching at the desk, I came hard in his mouth, whining quietly as I shuddered. I tried to find reality as he pulled off, softly kissing just inside my hip as his arms slipped around my legs lightly. When I looked down, I found wide begging hazel eyes staring back up at me. He had just swallowed after deep throating me--did I miss something?
I stared as he slowly stood up and zipped me back up. His hand went to my cheek as his forehead leaned down to mine, “Please don’t ever leave me, Zack.”

“What?!” My arms instantly went around his waist, “Honey…where is this coming from? I married you, Matt, and when I said forever I meant it.”

He chuckled as he lowered his eyes and blushed, “Yeah...of course.” Matt stepped back and ran a hand through his hair, “Sorry, I just reacted when I saw you in here with her...on the floor...clearly in a moment…”

“I would never have let her…you know that, right?”
“Yeah, totally.” He cleared his throat and kissed me lightly, giving me a soft, loving look before stepping out of my office.

**Violet’s POV**

That afternoon I went up to my suite on the top floor to shower and change after working on the demolition of my office. I liked getting my hands dirty, but I knew I’d have to make up for the office work part tomorrow and get an early start. Worth it, though. I’d made reservations at the Brazilian steakhouse downtown, hoping it wasn’t too on the nose--so much meat and all.

No doubt I’d have to answer to Sonia when I got home. She didn’t like the idea of me working with five dudes but she was going to have to live with it because I knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime. We were going to make one another’s careers and so far it was going pretty well.
Matt and Zack had wedding rings anyway, but to be fair, they could be married to men for all I knew and then I'd really be in trouble. I never had looked into their personal lives because I didn’t want that to influence any of my opinions of them as business men. Until I knew them a little better, I was going to do my best not to ask about their personal lives despite the fact that I told them about mine.

Sonia was a little jealous for my taste, but I reminded myself that guys got that way, too. Besides, the makeup sex after any of our jealousy-induced fights was always incredible. I knew she loved to be owned afterwards, showed that she was mine and that I’d always come back to her even if I might bed others. Even though we were technically open, we’d been together for 8 months and I hadn’t slept with anyone else yet without her. She did a good job of keeping me interested, and I just hadn’t run into any situations where I found cock I just could’t resist--nor did I go looking for it.

I had to admit, though, that the situation I’d found myself in with Zack earlier made me a little nervous. They were coworkers and we were going to have a very close business relationship and I knew I shouldn’t complicate it by starting anything with any of them, no matter how good looking or charming any of them were. Especially since two of them were married. Matt had seemed upset with Zack at walking in our little moment, no doubt because he knew neither of us should be in that situation. I wondered if Matt would bother confronting Zack about it or not, but it was none of my business. I just needed to stay away and make sure those moments never happened again.

I met the other five at the restaurant right after work, around six. They were all joking around with one another when they walked in, tied loosened and sleeves rolled up, jackets absent. Johnny slung an arm over my shoulders, making me feel welcomed into their group.

“You’ve got it backwards, Violet. You’re supposed to dress up at the office, and down when beer thirty hits.”
“One hell of a joint you picked, missy.” Brian looked around before over at me, “We love this place, but haven’t been in awhile.”

“We tease Matt and Zack about how much they like--” Jimmy was about to say something with that little kid grin on his face, when Matt stopped short and they ran into each other. I couldn’t help but giggle at their antics before I told the hostess we had a reservation.

I tried not to overthink our sitting situation. As long as I wasn’t right next to Zack I’d be fine. We were sat at a corner booth and had plenty of room. Johnny slid in when Jimmy pushed him in first, Zack and then Matt sat on his other side and Brian, Jimmy and I sat on his right.

The second we sat down, we put in our drink order. Matt put his arm across the back of the seat and leaned back. He was very good leader material--sure of himself and not afraid to guide, but also not an asshole. Extremely rare.

“Johnny, you should show Violet our garage sometime. She messes around with cars some,” Matt smiled my way. Those dimples should be illegal--or at least come with a warning.

I immediately found it had been even worse to sit right across from Zack. That green gaze was quite distracting. I was very glad Matt had started the conversation. Johnny and I went back and forth about what we drove and worked on and that sparked other conversation. Matt then added the fact that I had a girlfriend.

Brian and Johnny reacted in the way most guys did--all smirks and wide smiles. It wasn’t lost on me that neither Matt nor Zack had reacted this way. Jimmy on the other hand just genuinely smiled,

“Yeah?! What’s her name? What’s she like? How’d you meet?!” His voice was void of sexual suggestion and full of wonder.

I chuckled at his excitement on the matter, noticing Brian sling an arm across the back of the cushion like Matt had done, behind Jimmy so he was slightly turned towards me.

“Yeah. Tell us about her.” There it was, the suggestion.

Our drinks showed up and it gave me a moment to collect my thoughts, hoping they’d get distracted and move on. But, of course, they didn’t. They were riveted.

I glanced around at them, “We met on a blind date, actually. One of my co-workers knew she was gay and single. I wasn’t really into dating, I didn’t have the time for relationships, yadayada, but they convinced me. We hit it off and after a couple months she convinced me to settle down and buy a house with her.”

Brian arched a brow at me from the other side of Jimmy, “That’s a big step.”
I scoffed, “Fuck yeah it is. We can’t even live there yet. We’re both staying in a suite I bought on the top floor of our building.”

Johnny grinned wide, “You mean...you sleep with your girlfriend in the building we work in every day?” His voice was almost a squeak.

Matt shot him a look, “Dude!”

Brian’s expression changed into that smirk, “She’s that pretty, huh?”

I cough-laughed and probably blushed a little. It was true that she had kind of wrangled me into lots of things I didn’t want because she knew how to play me like a fiddle, “Yeah. She’s gorgeous. She’s like a foot taller than I am, blonde, legs that go forever, rack th--” I stopped myself with a clearing of my throat as they gawked, “You get the idea. Even though I wear the pants, as they say, I woke up one day in a relationship and a house, wondering how the hell that happened.”

This made them all laugh, which put me slightly at ease.
“So are you gay as well?” Brian asked.

I took a sip of my drink, “Uh, no. I’m bi.”
The brown-eyed pretty boy grinned wide, “Best of both worlds. Pretty great isn’t it?” He raised his glass and I cracked a laugh, clinking it with my own. His hooded gaze made it look like he was constantly giving bedroom eyes to everyone.
“Yeah, it really is.”

They had no idea. I had a very specific kink, one that made me imagine lots of uncalled for events that now involved Brian since he’d just admitted to being bisexual. I stopped myself from asking if he’d been with any of his friends. Talk about inappropriate.

The different slabs of meat began to cycle by and we all picked whatever we wanted. Once we started eating, I glanced up at the green-eyed cutie going to town on some steak and chicken.

“You want to start painting tomorrow?”

His eyes shot up to mine. He paused, thinking a moment, “Yeah. I have enough of an idea that I can start.”
“Paint what?” Johnny asked earnestly.
“I’m going to paint the ceiling in my office. Violet’s idea.”
“Cool! Can you paint mine?!” Jimmy bounced in his seat.

Zacky chuckled, shaking his head, “Sure, bud.” He spotted another meat walking by and raised his hand, only to have Matt pull it down and whisper in his ear. What the…?? Zack scowled at the huge guy, who only grinned back. Green eyes rolled, but he kept his hand down and focused on what was already on his plate.

Conversation was sparse as we focused on our food, but light and easy going--more and more so when we had another round of drinks.

When we were all stuffed, Jimmy used Brian and Matt’s move and put an arm on the cushion behind me, his crystal blues sparkling.

“So. I double, and triple, checked the numbers. Our numbers. Shade’s numbers. It doesn’t add up, why Shade would necessarily be dying to buy us. Now that it’s official, I gotta ask, what’s up?”

This had all of them suddenly looking at me with curious gazes and some folding of arms.

I cleared my throat, “You’re right. I was actually the one who convinced them period. They weren’t looking for new opportunities, I was. Truth is, my career wasn’t going quite like I wanted anymore, so I had to take matters into my own hands and I did. That said, they didn’t need much convincing--I’d earned that kind of trust from them.”

“So...if this doesn’t go well, you’re really screwed.” Brian mumbled.
“As are all of us.” I shrugged, since we were all in the same boat, “But I’m not worried in the slightest. I’m excited. I think we’ll make a great team.”

I was a little nervous until Jimmy squeezed me into a tight side-hug, “We totally will! Cheers to Violet!”

We all said cheers and drank to our future success.


I walked in the top floor suite and dropped my keys on the side table next to the door, bracing myself.

Sonia sauntered in, wearing a very short black nighty, wine glass in hand and her long blonde hair up in a messy bun, “I wasn’t sure you’d be home tonight.” She quipped, taking a large sip, “How was your day?” Her tone wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.

“Wonderful,” I grinned wide and walked to her, glad I had on heels so I only had to look up a little at her as I slung my arms around her neck, “I’m pretty tired after fucking all five of them, though.”

She rolled her light blue eyes, put the glass down, and pinned a look on me to let me know she wasn’t mad and that I was now in for it. Hell yeah.

I pulled her lips down onto mine in a deep, hot kiss. Her arms went around my waist and cupped my ass, pulling me close. I led her over to the couch that was in front of the way-too-expensive looking fireplace where a fake fire roared. Sitting down with her in my lap, she pulled her entire nighty off over her head, revealing her fabulous tits and tight body, a lacy thong barely covering her pussy.
As I took one of her nipples into my mouth, I ran a finger lightly over the lace between her thighs. She gasped quietly and played with my hair. Sonia was my hot little oven. She took awhile to warm up, but once she got going….damn.

I tried to remember she didn’t like nipple play nearly as much as I did (mine were very sensitive) and gazed up at her through my eyelashes as I slipped a finger into her. She sighed and lowered her head to kiss me again.

“Please what?” I grinned sharkishly.
“That tongue, baby...I need it inside me…”

Faking patience, I patted her ass so she’d stand up, and hauled her to our bedroom. Tossing her back on the sheets, I pulled off her panties as she giggled cutely. Her giggling ceased when I flicked my tongue over her clit teasingly.

“Violet…” She whined as I kissed the inside of her spread thighs. I chuckled and softly licked at her seam until I could taste her. Sonia moaned when I pushed my tongue deeper inside her. I slowly worked her up, sucking and licking at her clit until she was close. When I slipped in two fingers, she moaned and cried and shook over the edge.

Climbing over her, I kissed her as she melted under me.

“Vi?” She cleared her throat when I pulled away and looked at her, “Um...fuck me in that suit?” Her voice was breathy and feminine as she gushed her request at me.

I paused, a grin coming over my face as I realized what she wanted. I wasn’t sure why that made me feel powerful, but it did.

“Sure, baby.” Giving her a hot look, I got up and walked to the other side of the bed for my strap on. When I grabbed it, she scooted to the end of the bed. I raised a brow and sauntered to stand in front of her as I put it on. She was giving me this crazy sexy, seductive look as she put a finger in her mouth. I raised a brow with a light chortle. Sonia didn’t usually like this position, she was rarely that worked up. Apparently tonight...she was.

With the strap on over my tight slacks, I stepped up to the edge of the bed with my fake cock in my hand. Her breath caught as she raised her legs. I teasingly put the head just inside her entrance as her breathing picked up. Running my hands over the silky smooth skin of her long legs, I put her ankles over my shoulders as I gently started working a little deeper into her. As much as she might want to do this position, I knew I’d have to work her up to a good pace slowly or she’d only be in pain soon.

“Oh, god...Violet...faster, baby, please--” She arched her back and begged. Fuck she was sexy when she begged.

“Shhh, honey…” I kissed her ankle and pulled out a little before pushing in a little. It had taken awhile to learn how to use one o’ these things, but once I got the hang of it I had to admit it was some of the most fun I’d ever had. Making Sonia moan and come like this was totally worth being the one on this end versus getting to be the one getting fucked.

Now I was all the way inside her, so I continued the slow thrusting, but now with deep, long thrusts. I held onto her thighs as she got way more into it, eyes closed and moans and whimpering my name. My breathing picked up with hers and when she started to come--so desperate and wrecked and writhing--I followed her, groaning quietly as I spasmed just watching her.

Smiling down at her as she tried to catch her breath, I pushed her thighs down and out and tested her interest in continuing with a few shallow thrusts.

“Violet...yessss…” Sonia grabbed her own thighs and that’s all the encouragement I needed. I pumped harder and harder into her, her body so curled up that I was hitting her g spot hard. She put her knuckles in her mouth, whimpering and crying as she bit down. I smirked and barely touched her clit and she shattered completely, shouting loudly in release.

I bit my lower lip as my hooded gaze dragged over her body. I pulled out and took off the fun toy, slowly getting undressed as I waited patiently for my prize. Once I was completely naked, I climbed up her body until I was straddling her face.

Leaning over and holding onto a pillow, I was now the one moaning and mewling as her tongue drove me wild. She was so fucking good--had taught me most of what I knew now to be how you actually went down on a woman. When I came from her tongue inside me, she moved to my clit and replaced her tongue with a finger--before moving that finger into my ass. She wiggled it fucking perfectly and I came again, collapsing onto my back almost immediately after.

I smiled wide when I felt her lips kiss my stomach and up between my breasts. She cupped one and I threaded my fingers into her hair, “Sonia, that’s enough.” I tried to make my voice firm despite how wrecked I felt, knowing that’s what she liked.

“You sure, baby?”
I nodded, pulling her close so I could kiss her lips, “Very. I’m zonked. Lets go to bed.”



WHAT CAN YA DO?! ; ) hahaha we are all such dorks. but we get to be dorks together!

And what about Matty when he's all unsure of himself?!? Awwwww, Zacky would never leave you, you sweet sweet hunky man.

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Le sigh. I love it when love works out.

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