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We Are.


The music played softly on the stereo and melted into the back of my mind. The only thoughts I could process were the way he smelled, the same familiar scent, the way his muscles were tensed in the most protective way. In high school, we used to get drunk and he'd let me dance on his feet.

"My beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together..."

Here I am, at 23. My barefoot size seven feet layered on top of his chubby size elevens, swaying gently to the Eels. When we were 17, this was friendship, drunken innocence. Now? It was ecstasy. And I was doomed.

She will always be the only thing that comes between me and the awful sting that comes from living in a world that's so damn mean..."


Bradley Harper

Bradley Harper

Hazel's ex-boyfriend. Heavy drug user, gang member, and completely obsessed with Hazel

Hazel Halford

Hazel Halford

She is beauty, she is grace. Her heart is large but guarded more than any castle could ever be. She fears love, happiness, and attachment. Her heart is protected and she has PTSD because of the abuse she's endured, something that she keeps a well-guarded secret. She wishes to return to the Hazel she used to be

Naomi Espinoza

Naomi Espinoza

Hazel's best friend, Matt's wife. Knows what's best for Hazel and knows things that she doesn't know yet. She's blunt, caring, and a little Latina firecracker.

The Members of Avenged Sevenfold

The Members of Avenged Sevenfold

Zachary Baker, Matthew Sanders, Johnny Seward, Brian Haner, and Jimmy Sullivan.


  1. New Beginnings.

    "Time can change me, but I can't change time."

  2. My Skin. *trigger warning*

    ""They say that promises sweeten the blow, but I don't need them."


Ah hell. Glad Hazel felt like she could leave!

Nicole Nicole

Fucking Brad. Brads are always douches! Hooray for Hazel escaping!

RamonaFoREVer RamonaFoREVer

Can’t wait to read more!

Nicole Nicole

Interested to read more! :)

RamonaFoREVer RamonaFoREVer