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A Shot In The Dark

Concerned Friends Make the Best Investigators

**Val’s POV**

“Wait, Shiloh’s coming here?” Matt asked me confused a little.

I nodded silently, I just kept replaying in my mind “I think I’m in trouble Val…I don’t know what to do,” it wasn’t like Shiloh to admit when she was vulnerable. It didn’t make me feel okay. I knew she was lying when she said she was okay, but I don’t know what it is.

I went on the laptop and got her a ticket from LAX to MCI, fuck this wasn’t gonna be cheap but it was worth it for her. As I finished up the details, I sent her a text of her ticket and itinerary. I booked her in first class, knowing that she’d kick my ass but that they’d pamper her. I just wish that I knew what this was about…Unless…I looked at Zacky who was laughing with Brian, “Vengeance. Backroom.” All the guys stared at me completely dumbfounded.

“Well I mean if you wanted to get laid there are more comfortable places,” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“You can’t fuck anyone with that baby dick you got,” I teased him, which of course made all the guys erupt with laughter. Matt hugged me from behind kissing my cheek.

“That’s my girl,” he chuckled against my ear.

I smiled at him and pecked his lips, “Seriously Zacky,” I turned back to him. “Backroom.”

“Alright, fine,” he pouted and took another swig of his beer and went to the back room.

“Everything okay?” Matt asked me and I nodded as I followed Zack.

“The fuck is this about…” I heard Brian ask as I closed the backdoor.

I turned around to find Zacky sitting there patiently, looking at me. We had made up from the previous fight from two months ago, but things weren’t completely smooth between us. “What’s up?” he asked curiously.

“Can I ask you a question, no judgement, no yelling, I just wanna know,” I sped out. I’m just crazy, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to forego protection. Keep your cool Val, everything’s fine and Shiloh’s just missing her best friend. There’s nothing else going on. I tried to tell myself.

“Uh…” Zacky raised an eyebrow at me, “Sure?”

“When you and Shi were sleeping together…” I started.

“We slept together once Val,” I ran a hand through my hair. “Why does this even matter?”

“No interrupting, please Zack.” I looked at him pleadingly and he let out a big sigh. I knew this was a sore spot for him, but I needed to know what I was walking into with Shi. “When you guys slept together, did you use protection?”

He looked taken aback, “I think so? I honestly don’t remember. That was like 2 months ago, why are you so curious about this now?” He asked, his annoyance rising but his tone steady and calm.

“It’s nothing, just trying to figure out what’s going on with Shiloh. She is coming out here Z…” I told him, not knowing if he had heard my conversation or not.

I heard him hold his breath, a flash of excitement followed by sadness filled his eyes, “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I didn’t want you to be blindsided when she shows up today,” I said softly, sitting next to him and grabbing his hands. “I know that you still care about her Z.”

“I don’t…” He started to protest then looked up at me and I just gave him a sympathetic knowing look. “Alright, I do. Why is she coming out here?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out, she said she was in trouble and didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what’s going on fully, but I know she’s trying to be strong about whatever it is,” I sighed and looked at the floor.

He moved over and hugged me tightly, “Well, what time does she get in, do you want me to go with you?”

I shook my head, “No, I think she just wanted to see me. Plus, you guys need to get your sleep, I may be watching the show from the pit tonight though. Depending on her mood.”

He nodded slightly, “Well whenever you go, you may wanna make sure that Jimmy is asleep, and you leave quietly. Otherwise you’ll get a stowaway.”

I laughed knowing he was right and shook my head. Although, she may be okay with Jimmy being there… I sighed and looked at my phone, “We need to get everyone in bed. I gotta leave here around 1:30, we’re about 30 minutes away from the airport and just incase her flight gets in early.”

He nodded and stood up offering me a hand, I took it and he pulled me into a bear hug. “Everything will be okay, I’m sure she just wanted to see you.”

“I hope so,” I smiled and hugged him back. “Thanks Z.”

He nodded and broke the hug walking to the door and opening it to find the other guys tumbling in through the doorway. I laughed and shook my head, “You guys are so fucking nosey.”

“It was Jimmy’s idea,” Matt smiled sheepishly at me as he stood up.

“Hey!” Jimmy pouted at him. “It’s not my fault.”

“I don’t know Jimbo, but can you get off me?” Johnny asked from underneath Jimmy.

“Only if Brian gets his fast ass off of me,” Jimmy said, obviously irritated and obviously needing to sleep.

“I’m not that fat Jimmy, but if you want me to stay on top of you that works,” Brian smirked and went limp, letting his full body length lay on the two boys that were still on the floor.

“Get off, get off, get off!” Jimmy screeched at him.

“Alright,” Brian laughed and moved off of him, “There you go Jimmy.”

Jimmy got up and punched Brian in the arm, “Asshole.”

Johnny laughed breathlessly from the floor and I offered him a hand up which he took. “You guys are both fat asses. Crushing me.”

“Nah, you’re just a midget,” Zacky joked with him. I laughed and shook my head.

“Well you all know that Shiloh is coming, I am asking you all to be nice,” I looked at Brian directly when I said this.

“I will be,” Brian rubbed the back of his neck, “Listen, I was intoxicated last time we saw her, like beyond intoxicated. I didn’t want to listen to anyone else’s point of view except Michelle’s. Besides, something I haven’t told you guys yet…” He sighed and rubbed his face showing he was stressed.

“What’s going on Bri?” I asked him as I gently touched his arm.

“Right before we left for tour, remember how I wanted to crash with you and Matt for a few days?” He asked me, not meeting my eyes.

“Yeah?” I replied, everyone in the room just kinda standing there looking at our friend who, much like Shiloh, hated showing vulnerability.

“Michelle and I broke up, I caught her with another guy one day when we got back from that meeting early,” He said softly. Immediately all of us hugged him tightly. It was a family bear hug, one that we would not let falter.

“I’m sorry,” I told him and kissed his cheek. “It’s her loss.”

He nodded, not meeting any of our eyes, “I guess what I’m saying is that you won’t have any problems from me.” He chuckled a little, “I’ll even give her a hug if she’ll let me.”

I smiled up at him, “I think she will Bri, just apologize to her. She’s really a sweetheart.”

Matt nodded, “She really is Bri, it’ll be okay.”

Brian met Zacky’s eyes, “I’m sorry I was a dick man.”

Zacky nodded and clapped him on the shoulder, “It’s okay, but Val is right, we all need to sleep.”

“Got it! Setting alarm for 1:30!” Jimmy bounced down the aisle of the bus and jumped into his bunk. All of us chuckling.

I yawned and leaned into Matt. “Tired babe?” He whispered in my ear as the rest of the guys found their way to their own bunks.

I nodded, “Exhausted. You guys did a good show last night in Wichita though. I don’t know if I’ve told you that.”

He pecked my lips and nodded, “You did, let’s go to bed.”


Sorry for the slow down guys, got a little lost with what all complications I wanted our Heroine to deal with. Figured it out. Faster story line to come.


hahahaha I love all of those.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Crotch fruit?
Womb nugget?
Fuck trophy?
Scrotum screamer?
Vag veggie?

lmfao womb raider. I love that. <3

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Zee being all worried about his little womb raider is so frickin cute!

Thank-you so much for your enthusiasm. I'm so sorry I kept you waiting for 10 months.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13