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Shepherd of Fire

Cast Out In a World You've Never Known

Despite our words, when He made love to me that night, He once again wore a condom. I didn't mind. Although I loved bearing Him demons, it would be nice to have a break.
Over the next few days, He was gone for hours at a time--having no explanation when He returned. And every time, He'd fuck me hard and fast without a word and with a condom.

James and Andy began bonding as brothers--starting to get into all sorts of trouble that made me grin with pride. Andy had told me James had done quite well his first time--especially given that he wasn't a fuck demon. I was oddly proud of him. Now they were constantly a duo that laughed together and ran off together, doing Satan knew what.

Shadows had prolonged the period of time until He punished Andy, hoping to grow his fear of the day. This only worked so much, since he was so distracted with Jimmy.
One day Satan decided He was in the mood and grabbed Andy by the wrist while him and Jimmy tried to grab a bite to eat in the kitchen.

"Time for your punishment, son."

Andy looked down into his Father's deep hazel eyes, "Dad...I was hoping you had forgotten about that."
"It must be done, Andy."
Jimmy blinked, startled, when suddenly the two weren't there any more.

Andy found himself standing at the foot of a bed in the playroom, wrists tied out to the bedposts.
I watched this unfold from a chair on the outskirts of the scene. The horny teenager had never seen the playroom. He looked around, eyes wide in awe and with the possibilities.
Shadows stood there in black slacks and a nice belt, barefoot. And clearly knowing I as watching.
Andy looked over his shoulder at me before leaning his head back, attempting to prepare himself. I watched the Wicked One pick a thick, long cat o' nine and slowly walk over to our son with it. His upper body muscles flexed as He reared back and came down with the whip across Andy's shoulders. The boy shrieked out and his knees almost buckled.

"Father-- holy fuck--"

He only inherited so much of my ability to heal, so his back split into five angry red, bleeding marks as I gasped. Large shoulders flexed once more to send the tails again over my son's back as he pulled at his restraints. Despite how much he struggled, I could see his erection even from my angle and almost giggled. The second I got excited and got up to join in, Shadows threw up a hand in my directions and then there were ropes finding their way around my wrists and tugging me back down into the chair as I fumed.

The Devil reached back once more and Andy practically collapsed, leaning his head back and holding himself up by his hands. The whip hit the floor and strong hands steadied the teen by gripping at his naked hips. The Wicked One did what He had done to my back, licking fiercely at the angry red lines. On Andy, though, this caused the wounds to be singed closed as his hot tongue licked over his back--leaving scarred trails that would most likely be there forever. The taller one cried out and winced but only got harder.

Shadows used His hands to reach up and untie his son before turning him around and planting a close-mouthed kiss to his lips. Andy reacted by snaking his arms around his Father and pulling him closer before quickly gasping away--touching his fingers to his own lips. They almost never kissed, and this was why. His lips didn't burn like His tongue did, but they were still achingly hot.

"Did you enjoy that?" Shadows asked, honestly curious.
Andy slowly looked down into the burning hazel eyes and nodded, "I had no idea I was into pain."
Shadows grinned slyly, "You're a fuck demon, son. My guess is, you're into pretty much everything."
The teen shrugged and laughed a little before Satan continued.

"We're not done here," He grabbed Andy's delicate face, "On your knees. Let's see what you've learned."

After slowly dropping to the floor, ice blue eyes looked up into hazel nervously before reaching up and unzipping the pants before him, pulling them down until the large erection sprung free. I watched Shadows eyelids flutter closed and a slight moan slip from His lips as Andy used a hand first, stroking Him until He was fully hard. My eyes widened when slowly but surely, Satan's horsecock disappeared completely into the young mouth.

"Holy shit, son--" The Dark One grabbed at a bedpost and threw His head back. Involuntarily, His hips jerked forward a few times before He pulled all the way out of Andy's throat and stroked Himself until His burning come landed on pale, young skin. Despite the fact that I knew it must've been scorching him, Andy's eyes now fluttered closed--clearly enjoying the show going on--possibly as much as I was.

Breathing heavily, Shadows raised his son to his feet by his jaw, wiping some of the milky fluid off his cheek and swiping it over the perfectly formed lips. Blue eyes afire, Andy's tongue flicked out and tasted it--jerking his head back when flashes of the nightmare hit him. Shaking himself away from the images, he stared back down at his Father--his teenage scowl now back on his face.

"You'll have these scars forever, son, to remind you that no one owns your mother in that fashion but me. Understand?"

Andy only nodded in response, blue eyes now downcast.

"Good." Shadows patted him softly on his skinny ass and immediately clothed him, "Now go find some demons to fuck. Tomorrow you're mother's going to mind fuck you."
The teen clapped his hands excitedly, his huge grin now back, before scampering out of the room.

Shadows watched, hidden, as His heart ached. He'd been secretly watching His daughter for days now, and each day it only got harder. She was beautiful, defiant, and angry. Michael had personally taken her under his wing, quickly realizing just how much patience this was going to take. When she'd first arrived, her bat wings had sprouted immediately in retaliation of knowing where she was. Even though she'd insisted her name was Pandora, they had renamed her Aphrodite--hoping to turn her lust into love.

The second time He'd watched them, Michael told her that her parents had forsaken her-- traded her like a possession as she curled up into a ball and cried. Then He had cried. It hurt so deeply when He could tell she was starting to believe them. That's when her wings had started to change and days later they were fully feathered and white. Satan had buried His face in His hands, knowing He had to do something. He knew the second He revealed Himself to her, Michael would know, so He began to send her thoughts--hoping to bring about her true nature. He knew Diem would be better at this, but He couldn't bring Himself to bring her into this--it would break her.

The first time He'd done it, He was alarmed by how strange it had felt. He did filthy things to His son all the time, so why was this different? But as He stood in the dark, watching His daughter touch herself while He sent her images of usually her and her brother together--He felt...dirty. Which He loved, but it was still dark and delicious and new and different. Pandora had laid there, writhing in ecstasy, but having no idea what she was doing. Knowing she wouldn't know how to come, He'd left her alone after awhile to return another day. Then He'd gone home and fucked the ever living fuck out of her mother.

When He'd returned, He could tell she was more confused than ever. One moment, she'd be a raging teenager--yelling at Michael that He couldn't change her and that she wasn't meant for this. The next, Michael would be consoling her as she cried into his chest. The fact that the cross on Michael's chest didn't burn her proved that he was making progress and was changing her.
Shadows knew He'd have to act fast before she grew into a fully formed angel. So He'd forced Himself to assault her again as she locked herself away in her room, biting at her beautiful lips while they both touched themselves. When she all out moaned, He couldn't help but send her a scene of Him taking her slowly and that's when she had figured it out and for the first time--came wonderfully while moaning a name she didn't even know she knew. Watching it unfold was gorgeous and He grinned as her wings tinged with black while she tried to catch her breath.

When Michael had seen her wings, he had been furious. He asked her about it but she only blushed and looked away. As soon as he pressed her further, she exploded back at him, going on about her true nature--that her wings were flawed because she was bored to death in Heaven. Shadows had hoped that making her come alone would bring the Fall, but knew it was unlikely. At least it was progress.

The first time I asked Him about it was also the last time. As I laid there, more than completely satisfied and attempting to compose myself, I glanced over at Him. As soon as He'd finished, He'd left me to zip up and stand at His window again, arms folded as His naked back faced me. I missed His nightmare, I missed Him. We still had good moments together, but they were becoming fewer and farther in between and whenever He came back from one of His missions, He'd fuck me just like that. Quick and usually with my back to Him, followed by Him being distant. I wanted to give Him time, give Him space, but it was eating away at me.

"My King," I walked up behind Him and wrapped my arms around Him, placing my hands on His chest, "Confide in me, Darling. What's going on?"

His hurting hazel eyes continued to stare out over His kingdom of Hell, "You'll know soon enough, Queen." His voice was full of sadness and bordering on anger. The Dark One's body tensed under my touch and I could tell He was restraining His fury as He slowly removed my hands and put them back to my sides, without Him even turning around. Stuffing my hurt deep inside, I left Him there and went to find Andy.

I found my two sons playing around in James' room. As the horned one's arms flew around in the air, hitting drums and cymbals as hit feet went a hundred miles an hour, Andy ran around the room--shrieking nonsense. Eventually they noticed me walk in and finally stopped.

"Hey, Mom." James chucked a stick at me and I ducked, laughing. Andy straightened up and ran a hand through his hair, the grin on his face fading as he tried to play it cool. This made James throw his other stick at his brother.

"Dude, you're such a dork!" James laughed and created more drum sticks that appeared in his hands. Andy ignored him and glanced down at me while lighting a cigarette--doing his best James Dean. I didn't even have to say anything as our eyes glittered at one another.

Andy grabbed my hand and we headed for the door, "I'll be back later, dude."
James giggled and started drumming again.

"Mother, holy fuck that's dirty--"
We laid next to one another on his array of blankets and pillows as we closed our eyes and I began teaching him the ways of mind-fucking. I wasn't sure he'd be able to pick up on it, but showing him would sure be fun. I'd started light as I often did, showing him the things we often did together. Then I'd gotten a little more risque and that's when he'd said those words. I smirked to myself and threw an image of him fucking me while I was far into my next pregnancy.
Andy arched back and groaned, grabbing at himself through his pants, "Uh, demon that's good--"

I pushed his hand away from his crotch and he opened his eyes and turned his head to look into mine, "Fuck me, Diem--this is torture!"

Laughing lightly, I closed my eyes again, "Don't worry, I will. When I'm done. Now you try one."
"What? How?"
"Think of an idea first. Form it clearly in your mind. Then concentrate and send it to mine. Just see what happens."

"Okay, mom. You asked for it." He laid back and when I opened my eyes he had the cutest look of focus on his face as his brow furrowed. Then I gasped.
There we were, fucking on a bed of white as Michael watched--chained to a wall and his wings darkening as he clearly enjoyed what he was trying not to watch.

I grinned proudly, "Nice." I couldn't help but climb into his lap as his eyes opened again and he grinned up at me.
"Yeah, you like that? Not bad for a beginner." His sideways smile was so adorable.

I just moaned in response and leaned down to kiss him as I slid a condom on him. Andy's perfect mouth opened for my tongue and his arms wrapped around me as I sheathed him. Groaning and closing his beautiful eyes, he squirmed under me as I began to slowly ride him. As his hips curved up to gracefully meet me rhythm, he opened his icy blues again to meet mine, "You've gotta let me fuck you in public sometime, D....uhhhh, fuck..." His hands went to my hips as he clenched his jaw.

I slowed down and stopped, putting a finger to his lips when he protested, "This is how you build tolerance, baby."

"But I'm only like this with you!" He whined and bucked up his hips.

I leaned down and kissed just below his ear as he shivered, "Don't you want to satisfy me?"
He laughed lightly into my ear, "No one can do that but Father, darlin'." He smirked, knowing I loved when Shadows called me that.

Rolling my eyes, I sighed, "Just make me come four times and then you can."
"Four!!! But when you come it makes me come!" He protested further, but then laid back and resigned to at least trying. I rode myself into my first and I could tell he was having a tough time with even that--although he made it. Pulling off of his young cock, I laid back and guided him on top of me and then into me.

"Just, don't go too fast, Andy, and you'll last longer."

"Whatever you say, Mom," He started thrusting, rolling his eyes at me. Fortunately for him, my mind fucking had gotten me going just as much as it had him and soon I was clenching my thighs around him as he struggled, "FuckingFUCK, uhhh--"
He pulled out and collapsed next to me, "Shit...I can't do this..." He breathed out heavily.

So I climbed back on top, eliciting moan and after moan out of his lips as he held on. As I got closer, fucking him harder and harder, I moaned louder and louder until I could see he was past the point of no return. He whined and arched back, emptying himself into me as I clenched down around him--screaming his name.

Wanting to show my Love what we had accomplished, hoping it would make Him feel better, I flashed us to my bed. But Satan was nowhere to be found.

Andy sighed, still enjoying his afterglow, "Where's Dad been going anyway? He's gone a lot."
I looked up at him sadly before turning the other way, "I don't know. He's still grieving, I think. He won't talk to me."
Seeing how hurt I was talking about it, he leaned over and kissed my shoulder, "C'mon. Let me make you some desert. Turns out I'm a really good baker."

We spent the next hour in the kitchen. James showed up about a half an hour in and the kitchen descended into chaos. Flour and sugar were thrown everywhere and at some point we were all feeding each other frosting playfully. Somehow, chocolate cake got made and after I magically cleaned everyone up, we sat around the throne room eating it. James was telling some crazy story about scallion ducks when we were all suddenly pale and speechless and dropping our food to the floor in complete awe.

There my King was, walking through the main archway--His large wings out fully in victory. I stood up, putting my hands to my mouth as I gasped and tears sprang to my eyes. My Savior's face was full of happiness and pride and relief, blood tears streaming down His cheeks--our beautiful white angel in His rippling, saving arms.


OH MY GOD. I can't even with this chapter....wtf...
Apparently I have no trouble writing Andy scenes in THIS story (not so much in Hearts). More Shadows smut to follow, I promise!!
So what DID He do to make her fall?
*did you catch the lyrics from BVB's "Fallen Angels"? (or the Jack and Diane one?)

As always, thank you for reading and for the comments that I love so much!!!
P.S. I finally added characters, if you didn't see them you should check 'em out. One of the Andy pics is the link that didn't work in the last chapter :)


A year?! No way! Sooo sorry guys! I do love this story but man am I stuck! Other stories have captivated my attention, plus I'm trying to re-write Blinded into an actual story to try and get printed :)
I will consult with Overneath, she's really great at jumpstarting me sometimes!

violetshade violetshade

A year, Shade. A whole year. I've been patient. Please?

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It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

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Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

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I need moooore.

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