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Shepherd of Fire


Diem runs around corrupting souls for the One and Only. He doesn't believe she has what it takes, but she is ready to prove Him wrong.




Diem's best demon. A vengeance demon, she specializes in ruining abusive men. Also specializes in mind tricks.



Shadows' and Diem's second born. The first fuck demon in the family.



Michael and Aphrodite's first born. Angel of requited love and avenger of unrequited love.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

She is His hate, His lust, His war, His trust. Created to indulge in all that eternal life has to offer, she is named as such. She must convince the Devil that she was made just for Him. Specializes in mind tricks. Kinda has a thing for teenage boys.

James Owen

James Owen

Shadows' and Diem's first born. Heart of gold and loves to get into trouble with his brother.

Johnny Cupid

Johnny Cupid

Pandora and Michael's son; adorably devious and can make any two beings fall in lust just with his throwing stars.



An archangel that will never die; Satan's nemesis.



Shadows and Diem's third born child, their first daughter. Rebellious and beautiful, as fuck demons should be.

Shadows/Satan/The Devil

Shadows/Satan/The Devil

King of Hell and resistant, at first, to Diem's come-ons. Turns out even the Devil has a couple of soft spots.

Synyster Gates

Synyster Gates

An older demon that specializes in corrupting pregnant wives. Shadows' right hand.


  1. My Intentions Are Known

    Diem fucks up and meets the Master Himself.

  2. Pardon Your Mind

    Mission accomplished and Diem meets the infamous Syn Gates.

  3. Storybook

    Diem proves she won't give up so easily.

  4. Disciple of the Cross

    Diem has another go with green eyes and black eyes.

  5. Chains of the Divine

    Diem gets her next taste.

  6. Tell Me Who You See

    Diem starts to play games with the Devil.

  7. And You Know It's Right

    Another step.

  8. Hold Me In Your Arms

    Shadows' right hand turns.

  9. Down To The Devil's Show

    Will she survive?

  10. To Be His Guest Forever

    Shadows and Diem start to get comfortable with one another.

  11. Now Midnight Has Come

    The masquerade.

  12. No Need To Serve On Your Knees

    Shadows dominates a room, but not in the way you're thinking.

  13. Desecrate Through Reverence

    Diem enjoys fucking with Syn's mind and the ending? Surprise!

  14. Champion In Suffering

    Syn meets the hellish torture that is a vengeance demon.

  15. Arming the Strong, Aiding the Weak

    Diem goes into labor.

  16. Bearer of Needs

    The Devil is still the Devil.

  17. Known For My Hate

    Diem once again sees the darker side, but then sees...another side.

  18. I Am Your Lust

    James is growing fast and we meet the new....

  19. Welcome To The Family

    Andy's very friendly.

  20. Natural Born Killer

    Battle turns to lust.

  21. You'll Be Struck To The Ground

    Andy must learn.

  22. I Am Your Guilt

    Shadows makes a bitch of a choice.

  23. I Am Your Trust

    The third child.

  24. Look Ahead And Hold On Tight

    The Dark Family grieves in their own way.

  25. Cast Out In a World You've Never Known

    Andy and Diem keep comforting one another while Shadows is distracted.

  26. Hey, Kid, Do I Have Your Attention?

    Pandora figures out who she is.

  27. No One's Innocent

    Shads takes care of business and James find his place.

  28. Simulation

    A ceremony for the First.

  29. Come Back To Me

    The aftermath.

  30. Tell Me Who You See

    Zack's corruption is final.

  31. Taste Your Blood Tonight

    "Pleasure through killing" *violence warning*

  32. Scream From The Silence

    Diem's punishment.

  33. Your Fucking Nightmare

    Diem's second round. James has a surprise.

  34. Murder Born of Vengeance

    The cycle continues.

  35. Blinded By The Game

    Michael and Pandora get reacquainted.

  36. So Warm As I'm Setting You Free

    Michael asks and Zack converts.

  37. Voice Your Prophecy, Shed Us Some Light

    The fall. Not Michael's, though.

  38. Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Matthew's Fall

  39. If You Want To Serve Above

    Zack's first night and Pandora takes advantage.

  40. She's A Dwelling Place For Demons

    Punishments and surprises.

  41. This Means War

    Michael makes the next move.

  42. Women Ravaged, Children Crying

    Michael uses force and Pandora goes into labor.

  43. I Was All Up In A Piece Of Heaven

    Things escalate.

  44. Waking The Fallen

    Diem goes into labor and gets quite a surprise.

  45. Time Passes By

    Catch up time.

  46. The Feeling of Being Damned Alone

    Michael tells Shadows to stay away.

  47. I Don't Belong Here, I Gotta Move On


  48. Love, Hate, Fear

    Getting to know Shadows' son.

  49. Who The Fuck Are You?

    Syn and Zack get an interesting visitor.

  50. Now It's Just So Good

    Anteros awakens.

  51. Coming Home

    Gates has a present and Anteros has a heart to heart.

  52. It Goes On And On And On

    Diem teases.

  53. Mercy's All That You Need

    The past.

  54. Won't Tell Ya Who Not To Be

    The fall--Shadows POV

  55. Changes in You

    Shadows has an interesting request.

  56. Wake The Ones

    Anteros furthers his discoveries.

  57. Simple Choices

    Adrestia balances the heavens.

  58. Two In My Heart

    Shadows searches for a solution.

  59. Angels Looking After Me

    Ceremony of Separation

  60. What's Inside

    Diem becomes herself again.

  61. Savor This Final Hour

    The vamps throw a party.

  62. Wasteland

    Deiros gets put in his place. By Daddy.

  63. Aiding The Weak

    Shadows strikes and Diem stands up.


A year?! No way! Sooo sorry guys! I do love this story but man am I stuck! Other stories have captivated my attention, plus I'm trying to re-write Blinded into an actual story to try and get printed :)
I will consult with Overneath, she's really great at jumpstarting me sometimes!

violetvictoria violetvictoria

A year, Shade. A whole year. I've been patient. Please?

Buggaloo Buggaloo

It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

synology synology

Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

I need moooore.

synology synology