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Sell Your Soul

Chapter 1

The day had started out like any other. Alix woke up and took her morning shower before putting on her clothes for the day, which consisted of a form fitting red shirt that read cheer captain on the back and a pair of skinny jeans that hugged her hips and legs perfectly. 

Alix looked at her reflection in the mirror she had in her room above her dresser as she applied her mascara and her light skin colored lip gloss. 

Smiling at her reflection, Alix ran a hand through her long wet hair before she shook her head a little to give it a wild look then she turned and headed out of her room. 

Alix always did her best to be a happy person and be as kind as she could to everyone, but sometimes she couldn't help her anger getting the best of her. "What the hell are you doing Danny!" Alix said appalled at the sight in front of her.

Sitting on the kitchen table were two lines of white powder, and above it was her younger brother with his arm against his nose as he rubbed the sore body part.

"Just getting my morning fix, don't be such a drama queen." Danny grumbled as he grabbed his straw and went to get another whiff of the addicting white powder.

"I'll stop being a drama queen if you stop being an idiot!" Alix said as she rushed over to her brother and tugged the straw out of her brothers hand. "Now go to your room and finish getting dressed, you look like a slob." Alix said as she tossed the straw into the trash and grabbed a wet wash cloth to wipe up the drug that was on the kitchen table.

Alix heard Danny huff and call her a bitch as he walked out of the kitchen and down the short hallway to his bedroom. She didn't even flinch as she heard him slam the door. 

A small sigh escaped from Alix as she shook her head and grabbed herself a waffle and quickly warmed it up before eating half of it and throwing the rest out. 

"Come on Danny were going to be late for school!" Alix shouted as she grabbed her over the shoulder backpack and slipped on her black flip-flops that had love pink written on them. 

As she waited, Alix ran her fingers through her still wet hair to straighten it out a little bit. Alix was about to call for her brother again but stopped herself as she heard his bedroom door open. She turned her head and smiled a little as she saw that he looked a little more presentable. 

"Much better." She said as Danny walked past her and slipped on his converse that were near the front door. "Remember, I have cheer practice after school." Alix said as she followed after her little brother. 

"I know, you do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday." Danny mumbled as he walked ahead of his sister, wanting to be away from her.

Alix sighed and shook her head. Danny was starting to really worry her.


"Jenna, lift your leg higher." Alix said as she watched her fellow cheer members practice there new routine. "Now let's take it from the top." Alix said as she got in her spot in front of everyone.

She took in a deep breath and was about to start counting when she heard a whistle blow. "It's four, you can all head home now." The coach, a boring old lady said as she looked at the watch on her wrist and then headed to her office.

Loud sighs of exhaustion came from all of the cheer team, except from the cheer caption. "Alright girls, lets go change." Alix said as she turned and smiled at all of her fellow cheer members. They all smiled tiredly and nodded there heads before they all followed Alix into the changing room.

Alix walked to her locker and changed into her normal clothes and listened to her fellow team members talk to each other. Occasionally rolling her eyes when one of them talked about how high they were going to get over the weekend or how they met some cute guy trying to sell to them.

Alix didn't really talk to the girls about that sort of stuff, she was a good girl who didn't like drugs.

"Bye girls, see you tomorrow." Alix called out to everyone as she left the locker room. She smiled as she heard some shout bye and others said for her to call them later.

Alix waved goodbye as she saw the coach, but all she got in return was a scowl. The coach didn't like her for some reason.


The walk home was a quiet one. Everyone lived in the opposite direction of where Alix lived. But Alix didn't mind it, she liked to take the time to think about what she was going to make her and her brother for dinner and when she was going to visit her mother next.

Alix closed her eyes and yawned quietly as she turned the corner to her house. The practice must of tired her out after all. Opening her eyes, Alix arched and eyebrow as she saw the front door wide open. Worry started to fill Alix as she neared her home, Danny never left the door open, he knew better then that.

Slowly Alix made the way up the front walk way and up the steps that lead to the front door. 

Voices could be heard inside, and they didn't sound to happy. Alix was about to turn and run to a neighbors to call the cops, but when she heard her brother begging, it sparked something in Alix and she ran into the house. 

Alix looked around the house, not really sure where her brother or the voices were coming from. Then as soon as she walked into the living room, she gasped as she saw five tall guys standing around her little brother.

The sound of her gasp caught the attention of the group and they all turned to look at her. Some wore smirks, others scowled.

"Well, hello there. What's a pretty little thang like you doing in a place like this?" A chubby-ish guy said as he looked Alix up and down and licked his lips.

Alix gulped and tried to ignore the mans question. She looked at each of the men that were around her little brother. "W-what's going on here?" She asked as she looked at all of the men and then down at her little brother who seemed to have a busted lip and a black eyes.

"Just getting our payback." The most muscular guy of the group said as he took a step to the side so Alix could get a clear view of how beat up her brother was.

"Payback?" Alix said quietly as she stared at her brother for a moment then looked up at the guys again. "Payback for what?"

The guys that were surrounding Alix's brother all smirked. For a second, Alix thought she'd have to repeat her question, but then a guy with a fedora spoke up. 

"You see girl, Danny boy here has asked us to join our little." He paused and looked at the other men before he looked at Alix again. "Group." He waited to make sure she was getting what he was saying so far. 

"But, he instead conned us out of our property." The man smirked a little and then reached behind his back and pulled out a hand gun. Alix gulped as the man cocked the gun.

"An you see girl, we don't take kindly to being cheated out of our things." The muscular guy said as he let the fedora guy point the gun at her little brother.

"So now, were gonna cheat him out of his life."

Alix's mouth dropped open at what she heard, she couldn't believe her brother would be in so much trouble. 

Everything seemed to go into slow motion as Alix watched the man aim the gun at her little brother. Then without even thinking about it, she ran at the man with the gun and pushed his arm so it was aimed at the ceiling. 

The sound of the gun going off scared Alix and made her jump a little at the noise. 

"You little bitch!" The man with the gun said as he quickly moved and hit her with the butt of the gun, making her take a few steps away from him and hold her head in pain.

"Please, please don't kill Danny." She begged, tears from the pain she was in from the hit and fear for her brothers life ran down her cheeks.

"We should fucking kill you as well as Danny for interrupting us." The man with the gun said as he cocked the gun again and then pointed it at Alix this time.

Alix gulped and took a small step back as she saw the gun now pointing at her.

"Wait a minute Syn." The muscular guy said as he put a hand on Syn's arm and lowered it a little. Then he looked at Alix and smirked. "How about a deal?"

Alix bit her bottom lip nervously and glanced at all of the guys before she looked up at the muscular looking guy again.

"What kind of deal?" She asked skeptically. 

"You start working for us, doing things we need done to work off what Danny owes us and we'll spare your brother's life." The man said as he looked Alix up and down, much like what the chubby-ish looking guy had done to her.

Alix gulped as she slowly moved her arms and wrapped them around her waist. "And if I refuse?" She asked quietly as she looked at her brother, who sat quietly with his head hung low.

"We'll kill Danny then be on our way." The man said and let Syn's arm go so he could aim at Danny's head.

Alix gulped as she thought about what she should do. Danny was her little brother and he didn't deserve to die, but he did do something really stupid. She gently bit down on her bottom lip as she thought of what to do.

"Well? What's it going to be babe?" The muscular guy said as he looked at Alix. "The clocks ticking, if you don-"

"I'll work for you." Alix cut the man off. "Just please, don't kill him." 

The man smirked and patted Syn on the shoulder, a non verbal way to tell the man to put the gun away.

"Good choice." The man said as Alix slowly fell onto her knees and hung her head in shame. "We'll send someone to pick you up tomorrow around this time so we can teach you of what's going to go on." The man said as he shoved his hands into his pockets and then walked out of the house. The other guys following soon after.

It was quiet for a few minutes after all of the guys left. Neither Alix or Danny moved from their places on the floor.

"I'm sorry." Danny mumbled quietly.

"Doesn't matter." Alix said as she slowly stood up and walked to her bedroom. Her face was expressionless as she walked into her room and closed the door behind herself. Slowly Alix walked to her bed and laid down face first on her bed. She just laid there emotionless for a few minutes before she started to sob.

The events that had just happened, rushing through her mind causing her to have a break down.


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