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Sell Your Soul

Chapter two

Paranoia, a thought process that's brought on by anxiety and fear.

Alix had a small case of paranoia alright. All day she had been looking over her shoulder and keeping away from everyone. She felt like the five scary guys from yesterday were watching her every move. Like they were everywhere, even in the girls bathroom at school which should be very unlikely.

Walking home from school was terrible. The thought of one of the five guys from yesterday taking her away scared her. She wasn't sure if she was going to be gone for the day and they'd bring her home, or if she was never going to see any of her family or friends again.

Here it is, the moment of truth. Alix turned the corner towards her house and frowned at what she had seen. A black SUV was in her driveway, the trunk open. An as Alix watched in silence the fedora man walked out with one of her suitcases and put it in the trunk.

He was turning to head back into the house when he caught site of her. Alix gulped as she watched him stare at her and then saw him tap his wrist. She hesitated before she walked down the street and over to him.

"You better not make it a habit to be late. Or Shadows will be pissed." He said as he closed the trunk. Alix jumped a little at how hard he slammed it and slowly nodded her head, she had no idea who Shadows was.

"All you things are packed, let's go." He said, not looking at her as he got in the drivers seat.
Alix glanced back at the house she had lived in and had a lot of memories in it. Then she sighed as she got in the passengers seat. She was going to miss her old life.

The ride was silent for a while as Syn drove. He didn't put the radio on or even try to make small talk to the scared sixteen year old.

"So uh, who's Shadows?" She asked as she glanced over at him from her seat. Syn arched an eyebrow as he drove, seeming to think she was an idiot for not knowing. "He's Mr. Muscles." He said as he turned a corner.

"Oh." Alix said, trying to remember who he was and how he looked. She remembered Syn, he almost shot her and then there was green eyes who was a perv, an then the hazel eyed guy who had huge muscles. So, hazel eyed big muscles must be the guy who was called Shadows.

Alix kept quiet the rest of the ride, Syn didn't seem like he was into talking to her. He must be the strong silent types that have daddy issues.

Once Syn pulled up to a large building that looked abandoned, Alix gulped. The place looked like it belonged in a horror film. The building looked like it was about to fall over and crumble. The windows were also looking like they would break if you just poked them.
"Get out." Syn said as he got out of the SUV.

Alix glanced at him sacredly as she got out of the car slowly and followed him to the building, which to her amazement wasn't really that bad.

The outside might look horrible, but the inside was all modern and well taken care of. A little messy but that just meant that the place was lived in.

Syn sighed and grabbed an awe struck Alix's arm tightly as he pulled her through the building. Then he shoved her into a room and slammed the door behind her.

Alix barely caught herself when she was pushed. She gulped as she straightened herself and looked around for a moment before she noticed she was being watched. Nervously, she started to bite her bottom lip.

The man in the room with her was sitting behind a desk, his arms behind his head as he looked at Alix with amusement. "I'm taking it, this place isn't what you thought it would be like." He said as he moved a hand to motion her to sit across from him, which Alix did nervously.

Alix sat quietly for a few moments before she glanced at the ground then at the man, who was just staring at her for some reason. "What?" She asked him, slightly confused.
"Just thinking." He said as he continued to keep the relaxed posture in his seat as he stared at Alix. Another few minutes passed before he sighed and sat up straight. "Alright, this is how things are around here." He started, folding his hands on his desk like a business man.


Sorry it's been so long. I haven't really been able to write things lately. I hope you all liked the chapter though and would be awesome if you commented and subscribed. :)


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