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Darkness Surrounding

Our secrets

Brian’s POV
What the fuck was happening now?! Where the hell did that alarm come from and why did I have this nagging feeling inside of me that Emery was involved in it?!
I ran towards my room, opening the door with a loud banging noise and saw a figure running past me. Since only one person had been in my room it was pretty damn clear who that had been and that also meant that Emery had ticked off the alarm and was now running for her life.

“Fuck! Get back here!” I screamed after Emery just as I punched in the security code and the loud noise was finally shut off. I quickly turned around to see how far Em got, but she was out of my sight already. Fucking hell, she really was fast… Did she plan all that?

“Gates! Fucking help me!” Matt’s voice thundered, he must have turned around and gone after Emery already because I didn’t see him either, just heard his yelling. What was Emery planning?! Does she want to escape all of us, she would never get out of here on her own…

When the thought hit me and I saw where she was heading to.. Matt’s bedroom… where her sister was… fucking hell, couldn’t she have waited a few more minutes?! “Stop her! We can’t let her get away! I thought you said you had her under control.”

“I fucking did! Emery! Get back here!” I ran towards Emery, saw her nearly reaching the door, was she thinking we would let her get in there? If Matt was against it, she would never enter the room without us wanting it… Damn Em!

And then Matt got a hold of her, he grabbed her around the waist and they both tumbled to the ground. I didn’t know why but my heart squeezed painfully in my chest, seeing Emery together with Shads on the floor. At first I was afraid she got hurt, Matt was a big, tall and heavy man and to fully land beneath him wasn’t fun, learned that lesson the hard way, but then I saw that he had turned them around while falling, so she landed on top of him. But that scene didn’t soothe my nerves either, was even more disturbing than before.

I didn’t like to see Emery on top of Shads, not on top of any other men, that is. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Shad’s voice raged as he pulled her up and I could finally close up behind them while I got rid of this jealous feeling inside of me, was probably only because I wasn’t done with my plaything yet… couldn’t be something else, that was not me.

Fuck, I knew I couldn’t interrupt the scene now, I was already on Shad’s no. 1 shit list and if I would interfere now it would only get worse.
Emery was begging and promising, she just wanted to make sure her sister was alright, and I had no idea why Shads wouldn’t give in to her, five fucking minutes, what was his big deal?!
And if Jo was resting right now, even better, Emery could see her breathing and resting and she would walk away, easy as that… why was Matt making such a fuss, why was he the only one allowed to see Jo? Or was something else behind all this?!

“NO! I WANT TO SEE MY SISTER NOW! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?! I KNOW YOU DID SOMETHING!” Em screamed, getting right up in Matt’s face and I was about to see the scene escalating. Shit, the vein in Matt’s neck was pulsating dangerously and that never meant anything good.

Em’s only luck was that she was a girl, or Matt would have handled her a whole different way, not that I would let him, I wanted her unharmed and I would keep it that way, no matter what Matt thought, I was the only one allowed to touch her… and teach her a lesson, she was mine.

“No fucking way. Gates get her out of here before I do something I regret!” Matt growled roughly pushing Em into my direction making me frowned that was a first, I never saw Matt this angry towards a woman. “I repeat, NO ONE is going to see Jolie. Do you fucking understand?! NO ONE!”

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? YOU FUCKING HURT HER, DIDN’T YOU!” Emery just wouldn’t stop, either she was really not aware of the dangerous situation she was in or she just didn’t care, which I had to admit was kinda hot, but I really couldn’t think about that now, because Emery was throwing herself already at Matt, trying to hit and kick him while she was still screaming.

Matt’s reaction was really making me wonder if there was more to all this, was Emery right and he really hurt Jo? Or was he just concerned our deal would go back if something happened to her while being ill? How could she have become ill in the first place? What was this about?!

I finally got a hold on the struggling Emery, and who would have thought that this small woman had such energy and strength hidden in that small body, because I needed all of my power to try and drag her away from the door and Shads.

“Get her out of here and lock her in the fucking cell in the basement!” Shads barked at me and I stopped dead in my tracks, he couldn’t mean that, could he?!
“Matt we can’t put her down there it’s—“ I argued but Matt immediately started shaking his head dismissing my reply.

“You fucking heard me! Get her the hell out of my house and teach her a fucking lesson about following the rules! If she acts up again, she will pay and don’t think I’m fucking kidding.” He growled and I knew he was on the verge of taken care of business himself, but when he looked back at his room door, he seemed to think of something else what was more important.

Every little reply I wanted to give him was immediately thrown off, no matter what I said, while Emery just wouldn’t calm down in my arms.

“Get. Her. Out! NOW!” Shads roared in a deadly tone before he turned and went into his room but that wouldn’t make Emery quit the yelling so I finally put my hand over her mouth and dragged her away before Shads came out again and made sure I would take her to the cell in the basement.

“Just calm the fuck down, Em!” I hissed over my shoulder at Emery as she tried to kick and punch every inch of my body that she could reach. “Your sister is fine! You were in enough fucking trouble with this little stunt!”

“BULLSHIT! IF SHE WAS FINE FUCK HEAD WOULD LET ME SEE HER! PUT ME DOWN, BRIAN! I FUCKING MEANING IT!” Emery bellowed again and I was losing my patience with her finally. All I wanted to do was help her today, and look how that turned out, not only I was on Shads shit list, no Emery was now too, and I bet she outnumbered me now a few times with her scene.

“Emery! Calm down!” I sighed and she struggled even more against my hold making it harder and harder to keep her balanced... But I knew if I would let her see that she was making it harder for me to walk, she would take that as her chance, so I quickly positioned her more firmly and walked ahead, it wasn’t that far anymore, so I just had to keep a firm hold on her for a few more feet. “If you just would have waited for me—“

“I what?” Em half cried, half screamed. I opened the door after entering the passcode and breathed deeply in and out, the warm ocean breathe making me calmer right away. “I would have got to see my sister? That is a bunch of bullshit! You lied to me! You fucking lied to me! It was all a trick!” Emery sobbed, while still trying to pull free of my strong grip.

“Emery! Stop! I didn’t lie to you!” I finally had enough of her accusing me to lie, because the first time I really meant to do something right for her, she was seeing it all wrong! But instead that Emery was trusting me or even listening to me, she hit me in my wounded shoulder, hitting the exact spot of the bullet wound which made me lose my grip on her and when I was sure she wouldn’t hurt herself by falling I let her tumble to the sand with a loud curse. “Fucking hell, Emery! Knock it off!”

The first time that Emery lifted her head now and she wasn’t yelling and arguing was when she looked around, her eyes were teary, some small drops still running down her cheeks. I took a step forward, having this weird urge to sooth her while rubbing my pained shoulder, but then stopped myself, she wouldn’t want my touch now anyway. Stubborn princess!

“Fucking hell that hurt,” I winced as I tried to massage my now again hurting shoulder. “What the hell has gotten into you? You couldn’t have waited five more minutes for me to get back?” I snapped, since she had finally stopped the yelling, crying and punching, it was my time to get through to her, to make her see it the right way.

“Don’t pull that bullshit on me! You fucking lied to me to shut me up! You had no intentions of helping me and now Jo could be d-dead somewhere!” Em replied without losing a beat while she started to sob heartbreakingly. “And to think for once you might have car-cared about-about someone more than yourself!” She continued to cry making me frown and stop mid massage, looking at her with confusion and I felt something like… hurt?!

“God damn it, Emery! I didn’t fucking lie to you!” I shot back, while I let my hands run through my hair. “I fucking talked to Matt just like I promise and he was this close,” I held up my fingers about a centimeter apart. “To agreeing when you set off the alarm!”

“Oh god…” Emery said, her voice barely audible and shaking from new sobs “This is all my fault…Jo could be dying and it’s all my fault…” Oh great, now I made it even worse.
I quickly let myself drop beside Emery and pulled her into my body, maybe I was the last person she wanted to be hold from, but I was the only person she would get.

“Nothing is your fault, princess.” I pulled her even closer and let my hand run up and down her back trying to soothe her. I never was good in this, never stayed with a woman long enough to have to experience something like this at all, so I felt a little helpless on how to act right now.“H-how c-can you s-say that?” Emery sobbed her blue eyes full of tears when she looked up to me and I brushed a tear that ran down her cheek away.
“You worry too much, Shads told me Jolie was resting, that’s why he didn’t want you to interrupt her. She is probably okay already. Rev got her some medicine… You shouldn’t worry about it” I tried my best with the information I got, but if this really was the truth I had no idea.

“You think that?” Emery asked and I let my hand run over her cheek again, amazed by the softness of her skin, even after we shared so many nights together, after I touched every inch of her skin, still those moments surprised me and made me yearn for more.

“I do think that. And I will promise that I will find out what’s happening, even if I have to sneak into Shads room myself, but not tonight… As you might have noticed Shads wanted me to take you to the cell in the basement, and this-” I motioned around with my free hand “Is not the cell…” I gave her a small smirk making Emery chuckle, while she tried to whisk the escaped tears away again.

“I did notice that… where are we?” Em asked while her eyes looked around amazed “I got up from the sand and scooped her into my arms, and to my surprise she didn’t rage against me or demanded me to put her down, my shoulder was paining me now even more but I wouldn’t let her see that.

“This princess… is a place I normally don’t show anyone. It’s kinda private, but I did understand you and your concern for your sister, so I couldn’t take you to the cell and if Matt would have been in his right mind, he would have understood you and the situation… I don’t know what’s going on with him, but I will find out and… we will find out what’s wrong with your sister, okay? But for now, you and I will stay here… So Shads can calm down and tomorrow we will head back and hope that the coast is cleared.”

“What do you mean?” Emery looked still around and seemed to breathe in really deep, her breast moving up and down in the deep cleavage top she was wearing and hell, water was running in my mouth for another taste of her.

“I mean you and I will stay here tonight, but even though this is not as secured as my room up in the compound, you shouldn’t think that you can get away from me here, Em. And if you try, believe me that what Shads would have done to you is just small compared to my wrath, got me?” I asked her with anger shining in my eyes.

I wouldn’t allow her to get away from me anyway, but she should know what would happen if she would betray my trust, because taking her here was going directly against my boss rules and bringing her here was not only kind of private as I put it, it was damn private. I never had a woman in my secret spot at the beach before, so if she betrayed my trust and willingness to help her, she would have to pay.

And damn why was I hoping I didn’t have to make her pay… why was I hoping that she saw the great afford I put myself through to bring her here?

“Will the big brute find out that you took me here instead of the cell?” Emery asked interrupting my thoughts, thank god!
“He seemed too occupied with the situation going on… If someone asks about the cell, just tell them it was cold and dark, that’s all there is to know.” I said and Emery’s eyes met mine and then she did something unexpected, she leaned towards me and kissed me.

Her lips moved against mine and I opened up immediately, when she was about to pull away I wouldn’t let her, I laid myself on top of her, until her back had completely met the mattress.
I pushed her legs apart and settled myself against her core.
“Don’t start something and then pull away” I growled in her ear and earned a small chuckle from Emery, such a pretty sound when all I had been hearing before was yelling, crying and screaming.

“That was just meant as thank you and not as sign to take advantage of a poor girl” Emery said while I let my lips run down her throat, making Emery moan out the last word.
“Everything from you is a go sign for me” I growled out pushing her top up so I could keep my path and kiss down her flat belly.

“Why did I know you would say that?” Emery moaned out and I grinned, “Because you know me” I said and while saying those words I didn’t really register what they meant, or I didn’t want to register what they meant…

I pushed Emery’s pants down and thought how stupid I had been, why didn’t I think of this way of distraction before, this worked always the best and both Emery and I were pleasured and happy in the end, stupid me.

“OH Brian!” Emery moaned out when I let go of her nipple and I smirked when I pushed her panties down and got rid of the rest of her clothes. I threw the clothes out of the bed and smiled to myself, I never had women here before but I had to admit that the naked Emery in my bed here with the beach in view was a damn hot sight.

I let my calloused hands run up and down her naked body, making her shiver, her eyes were closed and I knew normally I was the demanding type, but right now… fuck… I didn’t know why, but right now I just wanted her to forget the trouble and be safe and satisfied here with me. We couldn’t always fight and she was through enough today, she should get some time to relax… tomorrow I could think about another way to give us both a little extra kink but today, we and the beach had to be enough.

I leaned down and let my tongue run over Em’s slightly opened lips, she snapped her eyes open and her arms slung around my neck pulling me closer, her tongue entered my mouth trying to win the upper hand, and I let her, she moaned against my mouth when I let her direct the movement and she began to rub herself against me.

My pants were becoming more and more uncomfortable with each of her movements and I knew I had to free my hard member soon off its’ jeans clad cage, but before I could move my hands down to my pants, Emery had already started to open my buttons and pulled down the waistband trying to free me.

I pulled away from her long enough to shove my pants out of the way and get rid of my shirt, as soon as I was as naked as she was, she pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, and what can I say, this woman was damn hot when she was so demanding and I did like a strong woman from time to time.

She positioned herself over my cock, but before she let herself slip down she looked me straight in the eye “Will you go to the beach with me tonight?” She slowly let herself down, but didn’t let me enter yet, oh she was playing a game with me, wasn’t she?
“Maybe” I said huskily, my voice hoarse from the tension building inside of me.

I grabbed Emery’s hips in a firm grip, maybe even too firm but I couldn’t control my strength now, wanting her so bad, and she was just inches away from me, just one thrust and I was inside of her.
“Will you?” Emery moaned out when my fingers of my right hand found her clit and began to massage, she wouldn’t keep that up much longer.

“Maybe” I replied again with gritted teeth and Emery leaned her head back her long blonde mane tickling my thighs and I inched my hips up, my tip now at her entrance, feeling her heat already.

“Brian…” Emery moaned and I couldn’t wait much longer “Yes, fuck… I will… Happy now?” I asked and with my words Emery finally let herself sink completely down, and I moaned out from pure ecstasy, god why does she feel so fucking perfect?!

Emery moved up and down my length in a fast rhythm making me pant, she was moaning my name and I might have panted hers a time or two, she let herself fall on top of my chest while I still pounded in and out of her, holding her up with one arm.

She started to kiss my wounded shoulder and murmured something like and apology, did I hear that right?!

“OH FUCK! BRIAN!” Emery moaned even louder “So close… yes!” Her walls started to tighten around me and I felt the need to increase my pace as well, being on the edge of coming.
“EMERY!” I groaned out loudly when I pounded in and out of her relentlessly until I finally spurt my seed in her and we both panted heavily her still lying on top of me, still being joined…

I closed my eyes for a moment and thought about what just happened, somehow I couldn’t lose the feeling that this had felt different then all the other times we had sex…

I looked down into Emery’s face and saw her staring up at me, when she saw me looking she closed her eyes a light and satisfied sigh escaping her lips, making me wonder what she was thinking right now… and that was something new.

Jo’s POV

I waited for Matt to return, sleep just wouldn’t come to me anymore, but I had slept most of the night and day away anyway. I was wondering where Matt had gone too, someone had knocked on the door and he left, probably some business meeting.

I threw the blanket away and tried to sit up, I was still feeling dizzy, but instead of the cold that I had been feeling all day and night now I was feeling extremely hot.
I pulled of the sweatshirt that Matt must had put me in and got rid of the long sweatpants.
I pulled on some shorts and was now only wearing the tank top, but it was still so freaking hot, what had he done, put the heating on full power?!

I grabbed the water bottle and downed the rest of the water in one go, but that wasn’t enough, god I was so thirsty… and my stomach was rumbling, I hadn’t eaten since the evening before… and what time was it now anyway?

I searched for the clock beside the bed and saw it was already late afternoon, no wonder I was hungry now.
And wasn’t it already hours ago that Matt had gone to the meeting? Didn’t he say he would be back right away?

How could I get myself this virus when we were staying here all the time?
If I was still healthy I could have joined Matt in his office, maybe helped him with some work, or at least distracted him from some of his bad moods, but instead of that, he was there shut off with work, and I was here, sweating and alone with my flu, or whatever it really was.

I moved towards the door, holding myself steady on the wall, I heard some voices but it was not loud enough for me to understand anything for real.
If Matt was in the hallway, was he on his way back? Would someone hear me if I knocked loudly?

I could really need a bathroom now, and some more water… and something to eat. I sighed loudly, letting myself thump against the door. My legs too weak to hold me up now, I hadn’t moved since last evening, so there were not much strength left in me now, but I wasn’t feeling as worse as I had been all night… but I still must have some fever… I hoped that would be the last of the infection I got.

Was Emery sick as well? Was someone taking care of her, like Matt was taking care of me? God, he was so sweet, wasn’t he? He wanted to do everything right and my stomach fluttered only thinking about him… I was slowly losing my heart to this big boss man and I couldn’t do anything about it…

Suddenly a loud siren noise was breaking through the voices and the silence in my room. I flinched and cowered my ears from cheer reflex, what the hell was that?! Did someone break into the house? Was someone coming for Emery and me? Was our father here?

What would our father do when he saw us here? And me being sick, would he blame Matt? What would happen to them when Dad found us anyway? I never thought about it, Matt had distracted me too much to even think about that fact, but now… how would I react, would Matt hand me over like that? Did I mean to him anything like he came to mean to me?!
Would it even change something? Probably not!

I scrambled up against the door, more yelling sounded… and was that… a female voice? I pressed myself against the door, trying to make out a word they said or better yelled… but the damn walls were so sound proof it wouldn’t do any good.

Then suddenly silence and I frowned, what was going on and did they leave me alone now?!
Was someone attacking the compound and they had to fight? Where was Emery? Was something happening and I just had no idea about it? Why else would have an alarm sounded?!
Suddenly the door opened some more yelling and then a muffled voice and then Matt was trying to silently walk in, probably thinking I was still asleep but stopped right away when he saw me standing in front of him. How a man big and tall like him could walk so silently was still beyond me.

“Jo? What the-” Matt’s eyes widened and then he looked me up and down, his mouth hanging open and then he shook himself lightly and closed the door quickly.
“Why are you up? What are you doing out of bed… and why are you not wearing your clothes?! Babe, you will get even worse… damn!” Matt lifted me up into his arms and then brought me back to the bed, putting me into the blanket and looked concerned.

“Matt, what was that sound and what-” I tried to talk but he put his finger in front of my mouth “Ssshhh… Calm down.” Matt pulled me onto his lap and his heat combined with the blanket now around me made me feel even hotter than before, I began to sweat again and tried to wiggle out of his grip.

“But Matt I-” I tried again but Matt’s hold was just getting tighter “Don’t worry, that was nothing… nothing you need to care about. I’m gonna keep you safe, okay? You don’t have to worry, no one will take you away.” Matt talked more to himself then to me as it seemed and I frowned.

I lifted my head up to him and saw him staring ahead towards the window, finally I could wiggle my hand free and placed it on Matt’s cheek, his head snapped down to me, a frown was on his face “Will you tell me what this alarm was about?”

“I… rather not… damn your hand is hot… aren’t you freezing anymore?” Matt looked confused and then put a hand to my forehead and quickly pulled away.
“Damn Jo, you are burning.” He slowly sat me down beside him and unwrapped me from his hold and the blanket.

“I know, that’s why I got rid of all the clothes and blankets… I wanted to ask for some water… and I need to go to the bathroom” I said quietly and Matt nodded, than rubbed a hand over his face.

“Sorry, I… I was confused when you were at the door and didn’t know if everyone left. Wait a second, I make a quick check and then… just wait” Matt motioned me with his hands to stay and I nodded, not really knowing why he was acting so weirdly.

He disappeared from the room, I heard his voice yelling before the door shut behind him and just a second later he came back a huge smile spreading over his face.
“Come on, we got the house for ourselves.” He held his hand out for me and I wanted to quickly walk to him, but my legs weren’t still working as they should, so I nearly stumbled into his arms.

“What’s wrong?” Matt looked at me with new concern and I shook my head “I’m just a little dizzy… and feel a little weak, but its getting better, don’t worry.” I tried to soothe him but Matt wouldn’t let me. He scooped me up into his arms and carried me towards the bathroom.

“Should I help you or-” Matt looked a little ashamed and I motioned him to set me down “No, I’m fine. I’ll knock when I am ready.” I said and he nodded “Okay, I’ll wait here.”
I disappeared into the bathroom and took care of my business, I splashed some water in my face and looked into my miserable reflection.

I brushed my hair and teeth and knocked on the door when I was mostly done, instead of letting me walk back, Matt just scooped me up into his arms again and I had to chuckle “A girl could really get used to this treatment, you know?” I teased and Matt gave me a smirk “A man could too”

“Are you hungry? Should I make you some soup? Would that make you feel better?” As if my stomach heard his words it growled loudly.
“Yes… I could really need something to eat.” I smiled and Matt sat me down on one of the chairs at the kitchen island while he pulled out everything he needed to heat up the soup.

I watched him walk around the kitchen, setting plates for himself and me and then getting us drinks and walking back to the soup, and back to me and I couldn’t keep the smile from my face, he did care so much and was doing everything he could for me and even more.

Sweat was building on my forehead again and I brushed it away, trying not to let Matt see it, but of course he did, it seemed like he had his eyes everywhere, and no matter how small my movement was or how silently I was he had a six sense for me.

“You feeling worse? Should I get you a blanket?” Matt asked already on the way to the couch when I waved him off “No, no… I am okay…” I gave him a smile and he eyed me for a moment, but then must have decided to take my answer for the truth.

“Okay, but if you need something, you will tell me, okay?” He asked and I nodded “Will you now answer my question?” I asked and he sighed “It was a false alarm. Your sister typed in the wrong access code to Gates door which led to the alarm” Matt said while he poured soup into the two plates.

“Why would she do that… did he… Matt, did he do something to her?” I asked my eyes widening, and I got off the chair, stumbling a few steps into the hallway, would I be able to find Emery here?!

“Jo, babe… stop… no” Matt quickly got a hold of me and put me back in my place, his hands on my cheeks making me look at him.

“She is fine… She just got wind of you being sick and wanted to see you, but I didn’t want to… I didn’t want to take any risk…” Matt trailed off and I nodded “So she won’t get sick as well, huh? That was good, I couldn’t stand the thought of her getting ill, too” I nodded approvingly and Matt looked a little perplexed and then nodded “Yeah, exactly… so she won’t get ill, too.. that’s what I meant” He gave me a small kiss to the forehead, “Now eat something, let’s use the time we have alone.”

I dug into the soup and it tasted delicious, my stomach was quickly full and I sighed loudly when my plate was empty. “You want some more?” Matt asked and I shook my head “No, thank you.”

“Really? You should eat some more to get your strength back, babe” Matt looked me up and down and I patted his hand that was resting on my bare thigh.
“I am fine really… I just need to lie down for a bit…” I said even though I really didn’t want to sleep, my body still felt too exhausted.
“Okay, let me help you” Matt lifted me up and I sighed “You know, I still have legs… you don’t need to… ah forget what I said, this just feels too damn good.”I rested my head on Matt’s shoulder and he chuckled lightly “You know how to charm a man, huh?” I grinned and kissed the side of Matt’s throat making him groan lightly.

“I like the way this goes” Matt moaned out and it was my turn to chuckle “And even more because I can now make out with you on the couch, without any interruptions” He softly placed me on the couch and then lay down beside me.

He pulled me into his body, spooning up behind me, his lips at my ear “I was so worried about you all day”
He kissed my throat and his arm pulling me even firmer against him “Was thinking about going back to you a hundred times but work was keeping me away…” Matt’s deep voice rumbled in my ear.
“Work is important… I thought about helping you…” I replied a small moan escaping me, when Matt’s hand ran underneath the tank top, his big hand covering up a lot of skin at once.

“Hmm..” Matt replied his lips now moving up my throat and I turned around, my eyes closed, feeling him so close to me, his lips on me, his hands running all over me made me feel hot and cold and that had nothing to do with my sickness.

I moaned loudly when Matt’s hand dipped lower and began to massage my thighs and his lips moved up and down, meeting my lips in a long and sensual kiss, making me forget everything around us, all my exhaustion was forgotten, the fever, that we were in the middle of the living room and anyone could walk in on us, with him this close everything was pushed into the back of my mind.

“God Jo…” Matt moaned when my hands slung around his neck, pulling him up to me, his forehead pressed to mine, but then he frowned and pulled away “Shit… Jo.. you are still so hot” I gave him a weak smile “You make the best compliments, you know?”

He pulled away, no smile in his face this time just concern “We need to do something about the fever, babe” He got off from the couch and walked away, leaving me alone.
I laid my head back against the pillow sighing loudly, I was just feeling so good… why was this stupid fever not going down, when I really started to feel better?!

What was Matt doing now? And what did he plan to do about the fever? Did he have more medicine?
I closed my eyes and waited for a noise, a door closed and another opened, then closed again and I waited some more.

“Babe?” Matt leaned down and held his hand out for me “Come on, I got an idea.” He pulled me up and kept a firm hold around me, leading me to his room.
“Changed your mind?” I asked with a wink and Matt shook his head “Don’t tempt me… your fever must go down first” He said “You are mine to take care of, and that I will do.”

“Grab some of your clothes, I prepared a bath for us” Matt said and left me alone again. Wait a second, a bath for us?
Hmm.. that sounded like something I would enjoy. I grinned and picked up some of my clothes, I was feeling better, not as unsteady on my legs as before but he was right, my skin was still glowing, maybe a cold shower or bath would do me some good.

Did he plan to join me? Watch me? Now the glowing just intensified… by the thought of both of us naked in the tube I got weak knees from pure excitement.

“Are you ready? I just put in the water… and hell it’s gonna be ice cold” Matt shivered and I smiled up to him “Thank you… for doing all this, but I can take that bath alone.” I didn’t want him to get a cold just because he wanted to be nice to me.

“No, I told you I take care of you, and I mean it.” Matt pulled me closer to him and gave me a smirk “And do you think I would let the chance of you naked in a bathtub slip from my fingers? While we are here, all alone?!”


So Brian took Emery to his secret place? Hmm...is he developing feeling for the little blonde or is he just trying to take advantage of her?

And poor Jolie...so sick. Isn't Matt the best doctor a girl could ask for? I think a hot bath with Mr. Sanders would make anyone feel better! ;)

Tell us what you think! Are these two boys going down a path that will get them in deep trouble?


Oh god, what’s Matt trying to do now? I support him though, Pagano needs to be punished for treating his daughters like shit.

Holly Holly

Yay!!! They are FINALLY reunited! I’m so happy! But wonder what trouble Matt just got himself into with Pagano. I hope we get to see Jo kick ass and rescue him! As always, I loved the update and i can’t wait for more!

Gah! They still have to get out! Ya killin' me, smalls!!! ;) thx for the update! If Jimmy is hurt I will find you.

violetshade violetshade

Finally the update is here :D LEt us know what u think :D

MeRi MeRi

Whoa, are you girls planning to exceed a hundred chapters with this one?! Great!
So happy you updated this! Hopefully they’ll be able to rescue the girls safely!

Holly Holly