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Darkness Surrounding


"Will you just shut up and listen to me? I'm not going to fucking hurt you! You have to trust me!"

When business dealings with Danny Pagano go awry and he backs out on his word, Avenged Sevenfold takes matters into their own hands. What will Danny Pagano do when he realizes his most prized possessions have been taken right under his nose? Will he learn his lesson or take sweet revenge?

Disclaimer: We do not own Avenged Sevenfold, but we did create the plot and original characters, so please don't steal!

Warning: May contain sexual content, language, drug and alcohol use, and violence.


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

California Gang: Shadows - Leader, Vengeance & Gates - rule enforcers and weapon specialist, Christ - technical specialist and look out, Rev - the collector and hospitality

Danny Pagano

Danny Pagano

Dangerous California mob leader. Will do anything to keep his daughters safe and likes to keep them on a tight leash. He is ruthless in his business practices and will kill anyone that stands in his way or disobeys his orders.

Jolie and Emery Pagano

Jolie and Emery Pagano

Precious daughters of Danny Pagano


  1. Breaking the rules!

  2. Suspicious dealings

  3. A plan is forming

  4. Breaking and entering

  5. Scaring tactics and a different approach

  6. Captives in hell

  7. The first night

  8. The Rules

  9. Not afraid

  10. The way you make me feel

  11. Worth the fight and creating a plan

  12. Your decision

  13. Final chance

  14. No turning back

  15. Surrounded

  16. Direct orders

  17. Trustworthy?

  18. Losing control

  19. World turned upside down

  20.  Past the point of no return

  21. Finally mine

  22. Too close for comfort

  23. Lucky me

  24. Business mishaps

  25. Playing games

  26. Red Alert

  27. Cravings and Concerns

  28. What is this feeling?

  29. Our secrets

  30. Our paradise 

  31. Eventful night

  32. Falling for you?

  33. Avoiding

  34. Two can play at this game

  35. Truth or Lie

  36. Cry me a river

  37. Confusing endings to a night

  38. Seeing the truth

  39. Genuinely confused

  40. Can I trust you?

  41. Date night

  42. Spotted!

  43. Pagano's Meeting

  44. A new deal

  45. Behind my back

  46. Baby steps

  47. The truth will come out

  48. So now you know

  49. Falling apart?!

  50. Buried Alive

  51. High Priority

  52. Over my dead body!

  53. Weird Behaviour

  54. Dan ‘the body’

  55. More than words

  56. Secret Talk

  57. Birthday surprises

  58. Party Time

  59. Birthday surprises or nightmares?

  60. There's no light at the end of the tunnel tonight

  61. Reckless

  62. Pointing fingers and placing blame

  63. Viper Games

  64. Doubtful

  65. Reasonable doubt

    *content warning*

  66. A test of will and temper

    **content warning**

  67. You wont get away with this!

    **content warning**

  68. Life or Death

  69. Putting the pieces back together

  70. Back to life

  71. The new normal

  72. Couple time

  73. Our Future?

  74. Home sweet -oh no!

  75. Father knows best

  76. Sneaky

  77. Separation anxiety

  78. Our secret

  79. Nightmare

  80. Fiancè

  81. Plans in Motion

  82. The final day

  83. Breaking out of this Hell

  84. Guilt Trip

  85. All for you

  86. Losing my mind

  87. A step too far

  88. The time is running out

  89. We're going in

  90. Rescue Mission

  91. He came

  92. Is this the end?

  93. Emergency Situations

  94. Happy Ending?


Oh thank his he’s okay! But now Em is not okay. When will this group get a chance to breathe?? Loving it as always ladies!

These cliffhangers are killing me here! Love this story!

Hnybdgr Hnybdgr

Oh god, what’s Matt trying to do now? I support him though, Pagano needs to be punished for treating his daughters like shit.

Holly Holly

Yay!!! They are FINALLY reunited! I’m so happy! But wonder what trouble Matt just got himself into with Pagano. I hope we get to see Jo kick ass and rescue him! As always, I loved the update and i can’t wait for more!

Gah! They still have to get out! Ya killin' me, smalls!!! ;) thx for the update! If Jimmy is hurt I will find you.

violetshade violetshade