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"Peace of mind is less than never"

Chapter 6 - The Dream;

Johnny managed to grab the phone just as it was on its last ring. He breathed a sigh of relief as he heard his best friend, Zacky’s voice. Even though they had all picked on him when he first joined the band Zacky always seemed to take pity on him, helping him out when the others hurt him, sticking up for him.

“Hey man! Just making sure that you’re not missing me too much?” Zacky laughed down the phone.

“Nah, not really. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of it all! I’ve just got in from picking a few things up from the store, what can I do for you then?” Johnny walked around his flat as he spoke, placing his bag on the kitchen counter and pulling the chocolate bar out of his pocket, it had begun to melt slightly inside his hoodie.

“I know it’s still early but we were all going to head out tomorrow evening to truly celebrate being home and were wondering if you wanted to join us? That’s if you’re not too busy living it up with some girl you’re not telling us about!”

Fat chance I’m sure Johnny thought as he reached back to the side table where the telephone was kept. “Erm, I don’t see why not. Yeah! Actually that sounds like a fantastic idea, I’ll look forward to it” Johnny pulled a grin on his face as his mind raced through what he was going to wear to cover his scars as well as how he would arrive to the bar without anyone questioning where his apartment was.

“Cool man, guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Shall we say around 7 at our usual spot? Oh yeah and Johnny, don’t contract any STDs before then, I may have to share a room with you again on tour soon, bye!” And with that the phone clicked off leaving static.

Johnny hung up and placed the phone back in the receiver and checked the time, 21:00PM, later than he thought. All of a sudden a wave of jetlag swept over him and he needed to go to bed immediately. He walked over to his bed and started to undress, opting to go naked for the first time in months due to not sharing a room with another man. Under the covers he was quick to be lured to sleep, heavily closing his eyes and entering a dream-like state.

***Johnny placed the rest of his money on the table and drunkenly slurred his final bet. The stakes where high and in a game like Texas Hold’em you don’t fool around.

“Sure you know what you’re doing kiddo?” spoke a man at one end of the table, his face half covered by shadows.

“Of course I do, don’t you know who I am?” Johnny swayed with the words he spoke as he began to reveal his hand to the group, who all pulled in closer to take a final look at his cards.

“You loose punk!” blurted the man, throwing his winning hand in front of him and racking in the pot. “And you still owe me more remember? Mr. Bigshot. Betting everything you have and more?”
Johnny tried to stand up from the table but the mass amount of alcohol in his system, coupled with the shock of loosing a game he was sure he would win, caused him to fall backwards, hitting his head against the floor. ***

His eyes snapped awake to the sound of distant screaming coming from somewhere else in the apartment block. He quickly sat up from a pool of his own sweat with had formed within the dip of his bedding. The clock near him read 14:47PM, he had slept the full night through and more. That last dream however had dampened his mood for doing anything productive today so instead he set his alarm for meeting the guys at the bar later and rolled over, back to sleep.

The bar was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday night as Johnny walked through the doors, looking for his friends. Glancing around he noticed Matt waving madly at him, beckoning him over to their table where the rest of the band sat, along with their girlfriends and wives.

“Thought you wouldn’t come squirt” Brian said, patting Johnny across the back. “Or should I say thought that we’d finally gotten rid of you!” The whole table burst into laughter. “Just kidding man here you need to catch up with us” Brian slid a large beer and a couple of shots over Johnny’s way. After finally relaxing slightly he laughed to and began to knock down the shots and drink.

The evening was going extremely well and for once Johnny felt comfortable within his own skin, reminiscing about the tour and discussing the potential new album. That was until he felt a cold hand grip tightly onto his shoulder.

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Bigshot”


Hopefully this chapter moves the story on a bit, I have some big things in mind for the next part of the story. Once again guys, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it! :D


Awh yay! I can't wait! (: and it's no problem at all. Just being honest! ^.^
A7XFoREVer6661 A7XFoREVer6661
Ahahaa that's amazing to hear :D Thank you so, so much I'll try and write another chapter this week. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site!
Jennifer-Christ Jennifer-Christ
This is actually the first Fan Fic i've ever read in my life, let alone an A7X fanfic, but I just though i'd let you know that i'm in love with it. Please update soon?(:
A7XFoREVer6661 A7XFoREVer6661
Love it, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
Love it, it's ok Johnny everything will get better for u, anyhoo can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92