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She Wolf.

Trust Isn't What It Seems To Be

I stand in the living room as I watch him walk back and forth. This had him desperately confused. In ways I felt sorry for him, but in others. He knew that one day it’d end up happening. I lean into the door frame as I sense someone watching us again. I slowly glance over my shoulder to see a shadow at the stairs again. I knew that Sydney wasn’t asleep. I wasn’t a fool, I knew her tricks better than anyone realized.


I snap back to reality as I look at him. He clears his throat, “I need to tell her.” He says.

“You should’ve told her that night, instead of letting her run. But you chose the other option.” I sneer out at him causing him to rise from his chair.

“Boy I can easily kill you. And you know this.” He warns me.

“I’m not scared of you. I’ve been protecting your ass from Sydney for a year now. Since you found out that she had come back to town. No more. Either you tell her now, or I will.” I warn him turning around and heading for the stairs. “Sydney, please stay.” I tell her.

She turns back to face me as I hold my hand out for her. She gently places her hand into mine as she looks up at me confused. I hold to her as I walk into the kitchen, as I clear my throat. I push Sydney further into the kitchen as I watch her scan the room as he walks out of the shadows.

“Who the hell are you? Why do you have Jimmy hiding things from me? Protecting you?” She blurts out.

“Please sit.” His British accent lingers out on his words.

She quietly goes and sits down as he flips the light on. Her eyes grow slightly wide as he takes a seat in front of her. I stand behind of Sydney as I rub her shoulders showing I was there and supporting her. “Sydney, your father—“ He stops himself and takes a deep breath.

“What about him, he’s dead?” She says.

“He wasn’t your real father.” He begins. “He was hired to protect you, and he failed. Your real father is very close to you. Has always been, except when you left Huntington.” He says to Sydney.

“What the hell are you talking about mister?” She snaps.

“Sydney, Ronald wasn’t your biological father. There’s so much your mother didn’t have time to tell you, which I need to.” He takes a breath as I rub Sydney’s back and whisper in her ear,

“Listen to him.”

She simply nods her head as I nod at him. “My name is Liam Payne. I am your biological father. I met your mother in school, and we became closer than anyone could’ve ever imagined. I am in a mob, a mob that is at war with the vampire that wants you dead.” He says.

“You’re my father? Ronald was a fake? Why?” She asks sadness and distress in her voice.

“To keep you safe, but I failed as well. Your mother begged me when she died in my arms to protect you at any cost. I tried, but he’s just more powerful than what I used to be. But now—“ A smile forms into Liam’s lips. “I have you and we can take him down. Free Huntington of the curse he has placed upon all the supernatural begins here.” Liam says to Sydney.

“Syd.” I say to her.

She sits quietly as she looks up rage in her eyes. She gets up from her chair and smacks Liam across the face before turning to me. “How could you keep this from me? I trusted you.” She screams before smacking my chest and storming off.

A sigh escapes my lips as I close my eyes. I had no earthly idea of how to fix this mess. I cross my arms over my chest and look at Liam, “Happy now, and Mr. Payne.” I snap out.

I had just lost the woman that I had cared for so long. The woman that I loved so much. The woman who had stolen my heart and everything I had to offer. I turn around and leave Liam alone to think about his actions and what he had caused. I knew I had lost Sydney, and knew her temper was boiling and soon she’d end up turning into her wolf form. I sigh jogging up the stairs to see her clothes shredded on the ground and the window broken out. She had already transformed and disappeared. I had to find her, before she harmed anyone that she may regret.


I'll try to have another updare or two up over the weekend.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
Wow. That was amazing. Please update soon.
@synyster gates;
Yay! Thank you!
Thank you so much; I should have another update tonight.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
I really like this story. Please update soon. This is really good.