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She Wolf.

Wolfe Has Came Back

Jimmy held his arm around my waist as we entered the ballroom. Matt was upon stage giving a speech for Riot. I smile at the words he spoke towards Riot. I turn a little to see Brian stopping at a female, as he wrapped his arm around her and pressed his lips to her temple. She had short/medium length blackish brown hair. She was a little shorter than me but not by much. She turned her head and gave me a smile as I returned one.

“Who’s that?” I ask Jimmy.

Jimmy looks down with me, “Brian’s wife, Katie.” He says returning his attention to Matt.

I look down at my feet as I sigh; I had missed a lot by running. The only person I had ever kept in touch with was Maggie. But then I began talking to Riot. The two talked me into moving back here to Huntington. Something I had vowed to myself not to do. Yet, here I am in Jimmy’s arms again like I always was after Brian had fucked me and then ditched me. Taking a deep breath I hear Matt announce Jimmy to the stage as Jimmy leaves my side and makes his way to the stage.

Looking around I decide this is my chance to take and leave. I slip through the crowd and head out of the ballroom as I look back to see Jimmy scanning through the crowd. I quickly slip out the door and sigh as I exit the hotel. I walk down the steps and head onto the street side as I try to flag down a cab, “Looking for a cab.” A strange, but familiar voice echoes.

I whip around to see my worst night mare standing there. Taylor Greene. The man’s son that murdered my father. A sinister smirk grows onto his lips as he clears his throat, “Father will be so pleased to learn that the wolf that got away is back. Then we can rid of the wolves in this area.” He chuckles his fangs pushing through.

“In your dreams, fuck face!” I scream out head butting him.

I kick my heels off and take off running down the street side. I turn a sharp corner as I look above to see tonight happened to be a full moon. I bite my lip as I continue running faster as I head down into an alley. I should’ve stayed at the party. I trip and land dead on my stomach as I start to push myself up, I feel a pair of hands go around each forearm. I feel my body being roughly yanked up as I take and whimper in pain. “Now love, we’re going to see my father.” Taylor hisses in my ear.

Taylor shoves me towards a parked black SUV. I scream out praying to god someone heard me. I feel his hand go over my mouth as he puts his other arm around my waist. He picks me up and begins carrying me towards the parked SUV. I hear hissing noises as Taylor turns around and there stood Jimmy. Taylor laughs out as I look at Jimmy praying he could help me. “Want something?” Taylor sneers.

“Give her to me.” Jimmy snarls out.

I do the unthinkable knowing it would be risky. I lean my head back and smack it against Taylor’s mouth. He drops me as I take off running towards Jimmy. I land in his arms; in a blink of an eye we’re gone. When I open my eyes I notice were in a darken place. Jimmy lets me go as he flips a switch and lights come on. I realize we’re in his mansion. I look at him as he walks past me and turns around pinching the bridge of his nose. The one thing he did when he was upset, “What were you thinking?” Jimmy asks me.

“Ji—“ I stop when he holds his hand up.

“Sydney I told you they were out there looking for you. Waiting for you to make a move to where they could get you. They can smell you out, just as you can them. Remember I told you it works both ways for vampires and wolves.” Jimmy sighs heavily. “Come on lets go lay down. You’re safe, I made sure they lost your scent.” Jimmy says.

He holds out his hand as I place mine in his. He leads me upstairs to his bedroom as he lays some clothes out for me. I grab them and go into the bathroom and slip out of my dress and into the shirt and pants. I walk out as I see Jimmy already laying on the bed in his black and red boxers. His eyes were glued to the TV. I slowly walk over as I bite my lip as I climb into the bed and curl up into a small ball. I hold to the necklace as I take a deep breath, I wasn’t going to transform due to the anger and pain. I had my transformations under control, and I was going to keep them that way.

I feel a hand rest on my hip as I turn a little looking into Jimmy’s gorgeous sky blue eyes. A smirk forms on his lips as he looks down at me. I push some of his black hair out of his eyes as I smile, “You know you’re gorgeous.” He whispers.

“You know you’re sexy.” I smile at him.

He chuckles as he leans down and presses his lips to mine. I roll completely onto my back as he climbs over and rests his body against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck as he keeps kissing me. Our tongues flick as he tugs on my lower lip and I let him have entrance. His tongue wonders around my mouth as I feel his hands glide down my body. He rubs my left breast through my shirt and bra as I feel him gingerly touch my nipple. I let a moan out as it gets muffled by Jimmy’s mouth. He keeps touching various places as our clothes begin flying as everything heats up. I toss Jimmy off and climb on top of him as I finish stripping him down and then myself. I position myself over his manhood and begin riding him.


Slowly opening my eyes up I notice Jimmy not beside of me and his boxers gone. I sit up in the bed as I feel panic wash through me. I quickly grab his shirt and my thong as I slip into them. I rush out of his bedroom and down the stairs. I stop hearing him talking to someone. “Is she ok?” A man asks.

“She’s fine.” Jimmy answers.

“Good.” The man sighs heavily. “Jimmy if she knew the truth, she’d turn her revenge onto us.” The man says.

“I know sir.” Jimmy sighs. “I couldn’t bare that. Cause I love her with everything in me.” Jimmy says sadness in his voice.

“I know you do, James.” The man says.

The man’s voice sounded familiar to me. But I knew it couldn’t be possible. I take another step as both men stop talking, “I heard something.” The man says.

“I’ll go see if she’s awake.” Jimmy says.

I turn around and quickly race up the stairs. I run into the bedroom stripping back down to the nude. I lay down in the same spot and position as I pull the sheet over me. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. I hear Jimmy walk into the room as he walks right back out, “She’s still asleep.” He says.

I roll over a little as I open my eyes up. I see a shadow lurk in the doorway as it turns and disappears. I inhale deeply wondering who the man was. I lay there as all the thoughts begin rushing through my mind.


I'll try to have another updare or two up over the weekend.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
Wow. That was amazing. Please update soon.
@synyster gates;
Yay! Thank you!
Thank you so much; I should have another update tonight.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
I really like this story. Please update soon. This is really good.