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If Only Mother Knew.

O n e o f O n e.

They met about two years ago when I was thirteen. I remember the night perfectly.

It had been about four in the morning and I was up. I never went to bed when I was supposed to. Ten o'clock is way too early for somebody to go to bed.

Anyways, I was up and typing away on my laptop. I had been listening to "A Little Piece of Heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold. That song never fails to make me smile.

The front door to our apartment had opened and slammed against the wall. I knew it was my mother and she was either drunk or feverishly making out with her latest one-nightstand. Or, it was both. Which it was, in case you were wondering.

Inwardly, I groaned. Back then, I had hated the sounds of my mother having loud sex. And trust me, it was [b]loud.[/b] The sighs, the screams, the moans and groans of lust... It was horrible. But now, I've grown accustomed to it. Only because I'm fifteen, not thirteen and a helpless teenager.

I had pretended to be asleep that night, well I [i]tried[/i] to go to bed that night. But, my mother's room was next to mine and that night she was particularly loud. I don't know what is was, actually I do, but I'm guessing the guy fucked really well. She was moaning louder than ever before. And, she sighed his name a couple of times. "Jimmy!" "Oh yeah..." "Ah!" That's my typical alarm clock or the noises I fall asleep to nowadays.

Turns out the day after that, mom told me that she had brought home the guy she was seeing for the past few weeks. She had told me about him but I had never seen him.

And when I did... My jaw hit the floor.

It was Jimmy Sullivan, drum God. I looked up to him and his band; they're my role models. They are the reason I act up in class and why I smoke in the bathroom and the locker room. Their music saved me from all of my mom's one-nightstands and from me killing myself that one time. They're my saviors.

And now, two years later, they're still my saviors. And, according to my mom, they're in a happy marriage. But, they aren't. I mean, if Jimmy were happy then he wouldn't be secretly making out with me each night, right?

But, over the two years that I've known him, Jimmy and I have grown appallingly close. Well, it's not appalling to me but to anyone who ever knew, it would be. Jimmy isn't like a father figure to me like he's supposed to be. He's my friend. A [i]sexy[/i] friend. He's taught me how to play drums and he was my first kiss...

That was a year ago. Right after he and my mother got married. We had been sitting in the living room. Mom wasn't home so it was just me and him. We had been watching a scary movie and I, being the pussy that I, got scared. I buried my face in his shoulder and when I looked up his lips were exceptionally close to mine. So, I went for it.

Our lips had met in perfect sync and soon, our tongues were darting back and forth between mouths. My hands were tangled in his thick black hair and his hands were tangled in my transparent yellow shirt. The fabric stretched and my white bra was exposed beneath the confines of my shirt. Not that I really cared.

Eventually, we had stopped. Our lips were all swollen, our hair a wreck, cheeks flushed, breathing uneven. We were a mess.

Now, every time mom leaves for work at eight every night, Jimmy and I are alone. And damn, it's heaven when we're alone.

We spend the nights cuddling and making out. Sometimes, we go further and that's when it gets real good. But, Jimmy and I have never had sex. And, I'm ready for that to change.

Although Jimmy appears as a jaunty and carefree person, he can be really sweet and caring when he needs to be. He's always concerned that he's going to hurt me. He obviously hasn't grasped the fact that I'm my mother's daughter and can take any rough-housing that he throws at me.

I'm currently sitting in the kitchen, sipping a glass of orange juice. Mom's working extra hours as a waitress at the club she works in so Jimmy and I have to house to ourselves for the night. It all works out for our little secret relationship.

Jimmy sneaks up behind me, kissing my neck, "You smell nice today."

I smirk and look at him, kissing his plush pink lips, "Well I did take a shower and put on vanilla scented perfume."

Jimmy chuckles and leans on the counter, "Perfume, eh? How sophisticated."

I laugh and slip out of my chair, leaning into his towering body, "It's my mom's. It's how she attracts her prey."

Jimmy smirks and lifts me onto the counter, wrapping my legs around his waist, "Well it's definitely attracting me to [i]you[/i]." His lips attack my neck, pressing light kisses against the skin. My breath hitches in my throat as his teeth latch onto my skin. I tangle my fingers in his black locks, tightening my legs around his waist.

His lips cover his teeth and he starts to suck the flesh covering my neck bones. My eyes slip close and my mouth goes slack with pleasure. My fingers tangle themselves loosely in his raven hair. His ocean eyes stare up at mine with longing.

I tug his head up to mine and connect our lips. Our lips part and our tongues dance heatedly, trying to make difficult twists and turns. Our hands runs over each others bodies, trying to feel every inch of skin whether it be covered or exposed.

I moan and push Jimmy away from me. I smirk the smirk that is identical to my mother's seductive smile. I cross my arms and grab the hem of my shirt, watching Jimmy's eyes widen as I slowly remove the shirt from my body. It falls to the kitchen floor where it will remain until I retrieve it later.

Now, all I have left is my black bra [s]which is kind of small[/s], my short denim shorts, the lacy thong that lay beneath the confines of my shorts, and my rainbow socks. The socks are useless to me to me so I fling them across the room, letting them fly through the air and into the living room.

Jimmy can't seem to stop staring at my well developed breasts. They truly are a sight. They're 36D's, which are an abnormal size for a girl my age. But, they seem to be making Jimmy happy and I can feel my nipples hardening from the arousal his eyes are granting me.

"Enjoying the view?" I giggle seductively, beckoning him with my finger. He steps forward and is stopped by the counter. He leans his top half forward and licks the exposed valley between my breasts.

"Most definitely." He smirks, pulling his Dream Theatre shirt over his head. I gaze at his chest and his tattoos, reaching out to trace one with my finger. My favorite tattoo of his is the handcuffs that wraps around his neck. It's so sexy. And, even though he isn't the most buff guy around, his body remarkably sexy. I guess I'm just attracted to tall, lanky guys.

I laugh softly, "Come here." I wrap my thin arms around his neck and pull him towards me, locking our lips. I make sure he can taste my watermelon lip balm by forcing my bottom lip between his teeth.

My legs wind themselves around his waist and I feel his gaunt arms coil around my waist. He lifts me off the counter, placing a hand on my firm butt to keep me steady in his arms. He stumbles towards his [s]and my mom's[/s] bedroom. Once there, he lays me down in the nest of blankets, not once forcing our lips apart.

His fingers glide up my back and unhook the clasp of my bra, dragging it from my body in one try. My plump breasts were now exposed to my soon-to-be lover. The areolas scrunch up from the sudden breeze that lingers in the room.

Jimmy's lips part from mine and they make their way down my baige colored body. He spends some time on my breasts, kissing, licking and biting the exposed flesh. One hand plays with my right nipple as he sucks the swollen left nipple into hot mouth.

He tugs fervently at my nipple, causing a great wave of pleasure to course through my veins. A sigh of pleasure escapes my lips and my toes curl against the back of Jimmy's jean-clad thighs.

Jimmy smirks, seeming to notice the pleasure it brings me. He continue to suck and pull my nipple with his teeth. His hands cautiously move down my body as if they are scared to take it any further. But they shouldn't be. This is what I want. He should want this too.

"Take my shorts off; expose me baby." I breathe into the air.

Jimmy is happy to oblige and unbuttons my short, tugging the zipper down with his fingers. The shorts are tugged down my shaven legs and once they are discarded onto the ground, the older male above me takes his time moving his hands up my smooth legs, "So soft..." He whispers.

I ignore his compliments and tug his pajama pants down. The pants are green with little Heineken symbols scattered all over them. Jimmy [b]loves[/b] his beer. Now, Jimmy and I are only in our underpants. It's truly an exciting moment.

It's more exciting for me than him because it's the time that I give up my virginity, my v-card. It's the number one thing a girl, and possibly a homosexual male, cares about. We live up to the day we lose it and treat it as if it's the most wonderful thing in the world. Although, mother says that sex isn't so great after a while. I think it's because she's a little worn out. Or, she's trying to crush my spirits. She has a tendency to do that a lot. I still don't know if it's intentional or if she doesn't notice she does it.

"Sadie...." Jimmy mumbles against my skin. The feeling tickles and causes ms to giggle slightly under my breath.

"Yes Jimmy?" I whisper into the quiet atmosphere of the room.

"Are you sure about this? Once we start there is no turning back." The kisses are endless and trail down my stomach. There's a trail across the top of my panty line. If he doesn't stop teasing me, I will take my panties off myself and leave him with no fun.

"This is what I want. You're the only one who deserves to take this away from me. Now stop teasing," I snap, "and get to it."

Jimmy smirks against my skin and grips the hem of the thong, tugging it down my legs. He exposes my privates and I feel the warmness of his tongue lick the whole length. I gasp at the sudden wetness, even though it was already wet, and look down at my naked body. The drummer looks weird in between my legs but I am not complaining. I want him there, whether it is his mouth or his cock.

I arch my back and groan as his lips close around my hard clitoris. His tongue dives through the inner lips and darts around inside of me, his soft lips sucking away at my bud. The juices are flowing from my privates and Jimmy is slurping it greedily.

I feel the warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach and warn, "Ah Jimmy, I'm... Oh..." His tongue strokes the inner walls of my pussy, I don't like the "v" word, and it brings me great pleasure.

Jimmy hastily pulls away from me and a whine elicits itself from my throat. "Why'd you stop?" I ask, making it sound as if I'm close to tears.

He pulls down his boxer briefs, exposing the monster that will be buried inside me soon. It's at least seven inches long and an inch and a half thick. Will it even fit inside my tight opening? "Well, you said that you were about to cum so I think we should cum simultaneously."

I just nod and stare in disbelief at his rod. It really is huge and I'm scared that I will be ripped apart by his sex stick, "A-Alright... That thing won't kill me right?"

Jimmy chuckles and a worried look flashes across his face, "No... Are you sure you wanna do this? We don't have to if you don't want to, Sadie."

I grip his broad shoulders, "Jimmy, I want to do this. Now, let's do it before I really do change my mind."

"Do you want me to loosen you up first?" Jimmy asks gently.

I shake my head, "I don't need anything else poking me down there."

He chuckles huskily and positions himself. I spread my legs for him so he can easily push in once he does so. I grip his shoulders tighter and brace myself for the pain that is about to come forth.

Jimmy sighs softly as he pushes the head of his dick inside of me. I tear up as I feel it pressing against my virginity, getting ready to break it. He strokes my hair back and mumbles into my strawberry blonde locks, "Hold my hand and squeeze. This will only hurt for a second." I did as told and felt him apply pressure.

Tears spill over my water line as he broke my virginity, easily sliding past the broken barrier. I grunt as he does so and dig my nails into the flesh of his palm. I visibly winces but just seems to slowly ease his way into me until he's buried to the hilt.

That left me breathless. And, we hadn't even started the real sex yet. Sure, our bodies were one at the moment but I don't think I can handle the thrusting motion.

"Tell me when I can move." Jimmy pants in my ear, pressing kisses down my neck. God, why did he have to be the most affectionate step-dad ever?

"N-Now. Move now!" I groan. I arch my back as he strokes my insides with each thrust he takes.

His hips pull back until he's almost all the way out of me and then they slowly push back in. It creates a slow, steady rocking motion. It's not enough to get us going though.

"[i][b]Harder, faster[/b][/i]." I sigh, needing to feel what real sex is. I need to feel the hot, passionate and sweatiness of it. I want to feel skin upon skin. I want it all.

Jimmy once again is happy to oblige and picks up the pace. I can feel his cock rubbing against my inner walls and it creates a sensation that I've never felt before. It makes me feel all twitchy and it makes me want to scream.

Our grunts, sighs, and moans of lust echo throughout the barren apartment. Jimmy's movements are becoming a bit jerky but they satisfy me in a way that I can not explain. He keeps brushing past this one spot inside me that makes me arch my back and scream. It makes him smirk in satisfactory and hit that spot dead on.

[i]Oh, Jimmy..."[/i] I sigh in content. His hips pull back and slam into me as hard as he can. I think I mentioned before that I can handle anything [u]rough.[/u]

He hits that one spot again and I cry out in pleasure, my hands gripping his dark hair. I feel as if I'm hurting him and if I am, he doesn't show any signs that he's in pain. So, I guess I'm not.

[i]"Fuck, Sadie... I'm so... So close..."[/i] He grunts in my ear, his thrusts becoming twitchy. I lift my hips in time with his thrusts, making the sex that much better.

I throw my head back and that's when I know I cum. Jimmie grunts and goes still, ejaculating inside of me. [i]Oh baby.[/i] We sigh and cum simultaneously.

Once we're done, Jimmy pulls out. His dick is coated with love juice and he doesn't make any attempt to rub it off. My lover collapses beside me, breathing just as unevenly as I. We clasp our hands together and squeeze tightly until we can feel a heart beat in them.

"I love you Jimmy... I don't care if you're married to my mom or that you and I are thirteen years apart... I love you. I always will." I whisper quietly.

"Sadie... Your mother can [i]not find out about this." Jimmy growls sternly, "But, I love you too." He presses a soft kiss to my forehead.

"Imagine if she ever did find out?" I laugh softly. Jimmy chuckles shakily and I can tell that the thought is uneasy to him. We'd both be dead if mother ever knew.

But, can you just imagine if she did ever find out that I made sweet, erotic love to her husband? She'd be bathing in fury! Ha!


I copied it straight from Mibba. :/ sorry if the little [b] or [i] things show up.


Awesome story I liked it even if the age made it a little strange.
Crazydesi Crazydesi