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Second Heartbeat

To Us.

. Matt was sound asleep next to me when I woke. I watched him sleep for awhile before deciding to get up. I headed out for a walk, i needed some more time to think.

"Thank you Sir, I won't let you down.", I smiled at my new boss at Tugs Bar & Grill.


He returned a genuine smile, I gave him good reason to have faith in me. I'm only going to be working 3 nights a week, Wednesday Dart Night, Thursday Pool, and just a normal busy Friday. Not full time, but some time out of the house.

I plan ti enjoy my last few days off though.

My phone blared in my pocket as I left the bar.

"hey, where are you?", a groggy voice called through the speaker.

"just out for a walk, i'll be home in 10 minutes.", I decided to tell him the news in person. "ok babe."

I walked in to see Matt sitting on the couch shirtless, eating a bowl of cereal. I laughed, plopping down next to him, causing the milk to jump up from the ball, just to fall right back in, not spilling a drop.

His face was shocked.

"if that would have spilled all over me, you would be-", he began in playful anger.

"what? Licking it all off?", I cut him off, biting my lip and lightly dragging my nails down his bare chest.

His face grew a devious grin, he placed the bowl on the coffee table and gave me a hungry kiss. When we parted, he left his forehead, pressed against mine.

"im sorry about yesterday.", he whispered, looking right in my eyes.

"me too", I spoke just as softly.

"its just, it was the first day back and-"

"you don't need to explain Matty, I was wrong. But its a new day, so let's just forget it, k?", I placed my hand on his cheek, rubbing my thumb over his dimple.

He just nodded in response.

"So where did you go this morning?", he was eating again.

"well I was out for a walk, trying to clear my head about yesterday and I seen they were hiring at Tugs on the pier and well I went in and they gave me a job.", I gave a hopeful smile, waiting his reaction.

"why do you want to work? You shouldn't have to, i'll but you anything you want baby.", he held my hand in his.

"i want to. I need to get out of the house more. The only time I believe a woman shouldn't have to work is when she is a mother, because kids are a full time job. So until I'm a mom, I can work.", I smiled, as my thoughts drifted to children, a little baby crawling around this wild house. I felt Matt stiffen beside me, snapping from my day dream to see him lost in his own.

"kids..", he laughed nervously, still in a daze. I stood quiet, confused by his reaction, and worried I may have scared him with the joke.

"yeah, not for a long while. I do love kids, but I still need some time for myself, for us.", I rubbed his chest.

"Yeah I love kids-", he finally broke his gaze to look me in the eyes."but we definitely need some time for us.", he smiled before kissing me.

"how about we do something tonight? You and I.", he suggested.

"id love too."

"its a date then.", he pecked my lips one more time, something I can not get enough of.


"so what are you doing tonight?", I asked Zack as I finished touching up my make up in the bathroom mirror.

"what do you think?", he scoffed, leaning against the door frame.

I looked at him with a hurt expression.

"babe, I'm kidding.", he walked to me and held me from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder, watching our reflection.. "you asked me to slow down so I will, just a few beers with Syn tonight, we're going to be messing around on guitar. Every one else is going out.", he kissed the side of my neck.

"you look beautiful babe, I almost want to beg you to stay and just crawl back in bed with me.", he smirked.

I adjusted my nude color bustier and smoothed out my high waisted skirt, a teal that matched the gems in my nude strappy sandals.

"maybe if you behave, i'll have a surprise for you when I get home.", I placed a warm kiss on his plump lips.

"Lexus, the cabs here.", I heard Matt call from the front door.

I kissed Zack once more before heading out.

Our first stop was a local restaurant all the guys loved. I told Matt I wanted to have his favorite dish, and it was, like they said, delicious.

Afterward we walked to a tiki themed bar near the beach. We started our binge with a shot of Jack.

"To a night with my baby, much needed time alone. Just the two of us.", he smiled.

"To a night with my baby.", I raised my glass to his, and we downed it like water. As we did with each drink that followed.

Some random song blared through the speakers and I seen the beat move through Matts shoulder. I couldn't contain my laughter as he pulled me to my feet and on to the dance floor, that was only occupied by just a few couples.

"Mathew, you are just so suave."; I said before he dipped me, the alcohol making me feel bubbly.

He wiggled his eyes brows and pulled me back up, snapping our bodies flush together. Another laughing fit took over me before I decided to take control, and be the lead.

I turned away from him and wiggled my body smoothly against his. His grip on my hips tightened, and I felt the heat growing between us.

He stopped his dancing behind me, and I turned to see the lust in his eyes.

I didn't think twice. I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the bar. Once outside I pushed him against the wall and kissed him with so much passion.

I parted to hear him groan, and sprinted off towards the beach. I finally reached the pier and hid behind one the pillars.

I heard Matt approach, slightly out of breath. When he neared the pillar I was behind, I dropped my bustier at his feet.

I stepped out from the dark and he did not hesitate to reunite our lips. I moaned as he cupped my breast.

We made our way down to the sand, Matt on his back with me straddled on his lap. Our lips never parted as he removed himself from his pants. I moved my panties to the side and he slowly entered me. It always took me a minute to get used to Matt's size. But once we got going, it was so hard to stop.

I rode him up and down, fast and slow. Giving him all the attention he deserved.

I felt my orgasm build strong in me, and when I finally hit my peak, I couldn't hold in the pleasure filled scream.

"shit baby!", Matt spat through gritted teeth, holding my hips still, spilling his seed deep inside of me.

I leaned forward and rested on his chest, panting. He reached for my chiand pulled my head up to meet eye contact.

"I love you, Lexus.", he smiled softly, and my heart swelled.

"i love you too Mathew", I grinned back, forcing in my tears of join for our first exchange of the phrase.

He kissed my lips softly.

"hmm...I wish we could do that all night.", I grinned against his chest.

"why can't we? Lets head back home.", he sat up in a rush and we both laughed when we noticed the old men night fishing just a bit down the pier above us.

I slipped on my top and we sped towards the beach nearest our house, which wasn't too far.

When we crossed the street Matt bumped in to an old friend.

"hey jay, good too see you man", matt shook the man's hand to say hello.

"good to see you too, you guys need to do a show here at home soon!", he suggested.

"i think we'll work it in to our next tour.", he agreed. "so whatchya up to tonight?"

"oh nothing, doing the run around for my boss, you know my life.", he laughed. At this point I was confused.

"ohman, well what do you have on ypu? Maybe I can help you out", Matt offered.

"im trying to get rid of 4 E's."

"i was hoping it was marijuana-", he laughed,"..but I think we could put that to use, on this special occasion.", Matt looked at me asking approval.

'OH! E! Ecstasy! Drugs Matt? But I thought you said special occas-.. oh wait he did just say that. Sneaky.'

I nodded my head, not knowing how else to respond.

Who was this guy anyway? It makes me wonder about Avengeds past. I knew them very well, but not so much about who they used to be.

I hardly noticed the exchange of money for pills, between Matt and his friend, and before I knew it we were walking down our block.

"everything alright?", Matt asked as we neared our home.

"Yeah.", I swallowed the nervous lump in my throat. I don't know why I was feeling this way, but something told me this would be an interesting night.

"We don't have to take it yanno, save it for another time.", he suggested.

"no I want too.", I smiled, remembering what I could of the last time I was on ecstasy with Matt and Zacky.

"ok, ill get us a drink", he let us in the house and disappeared in to the kitchen. I slipped my shoes off by the door, and followed the faint sound of music coming from basement. Assuming it was just Zacky and Syn, I met Matt in the kitchen.

He poured two pills in to his hand, blue transformers. I laughed, thinking of all the shapes this drug comes in.

I placed it on my tongue and washed it down with the beer Matt handed me. And he took his.

"you can hold on to these, or give one to Zack I guess.", matt suggested. I just nodded slipping the baggy in to my cleavage. Trying my best to hide my excitement of what Matt just offered. It had been so long since we slept together, the 3 of us, and I was positive that's the way this night would end.

I kissed his lips and told him i would meet him in the basement, I wanted to wash up.

I turned on the water and stripped of my clothes and carefully stepped in the tub. I was still a bit tipsy and it was definitely kicking the pill in to effect.

I adjusted the water to cold, but it still burned on my skin. I knew this was the pill working. I lathered my head in shampoo, scrubbing my scalp alone made my nerves tingly, and I knew I had to hurry, cause I wanted to share this experience, and by now, Matt had to be tripping too.

I dried off and slipped on my black sports bra and booty shorts. Looking at the clock.on the end table I noticed I had been in and out of the shower in less then 10 minutes, which was a surprise to me because it felt much longer.

'skank' I thought to myself as checked out my reflection in the tall mirror.

"eh fuck it.", I slurred aloud. Even though I had just took a freezing shower, I was already sweating, right now, I needed to be this naked.

I grabbed the E from the bathroom, slipped on my plushy ladybug slippers, and skipped down the stairs.

I heard laughter from the basement, and examined the two pills once more before swinging open the door.

This could definitely turn in to a very, interesting night.


sorrryy theres probably a ton of apelling errors but i rushed through editing becaise i was so excited i actually finished the chapter and i knew i wouldnt have a chance to post it tomorrow. so here it is. enjoy!

Hail to the King!\m/


Yay Baby Masyn welcome to the world...

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance

ugh dont feel like rotating that pic lol ....totally sexy cutenessss

SnuffShadows SnuffShadows


yeah i went through a lot of changes with this story, its very hard to chose just one guy lol there will be some closure in the last 5 chapters. but I'm going to take a break before starting up the sequel, i've been jotting down a lot of ideas this way i dont go blank and have writers block. and since its going to be a short story, i should finish rather quickly. anyway...can't wait for the end =)

SnuffShadows SnuffShadows

I really love that you're going to finish it. I love how it was supposed to be Zacky or Matt and it ended up Syn. Even if Zacky can get past that it's not his she won't be easy to take him back with all the drugs. Matt loves Valarie now but I can't see him not being there since it is an avenged baby. I know she'll do whats best for the baby over her own needs.


SnuffShadows SnuffShadows