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Just Enemies

Unfinished Business

The smell of burning bacon woke me up, I looked around to try and remember where I was, then it hit me. I ended up spending the night at Jenny's house last night. I must have been more trashed then I remembered. I sat up in the bed and looked around the bare empty guestroom as I pushed my hair out of my eyes and looked at the clock to see it was only 10:30 in the morning. I rolled out of the bed and looked down to see I still had my bra and panties on, which means I didn't do anything extremely stupid last night. I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen to be greeted by his back. "VENGEANCE" was sprawled across his upper back in big red letters.

"Shit," I mumbled lowly under my breath.

Zachary turned around and smiled wide. "Good morning, Katherine," he said all too cheery.

"Mhm. Good morning, Zachary... Are you fucking burning bacon?"

"Shut the fuck up, the bacon was sticking to the pan, anyways," he growled.

"Maybe that's because your fires too fucking high?" I walked over to the stove and turned the fire down.

I turned around to be greeted with the back of Zachary's hand across my face. I gasped as my head whipped to the side and I glared at him. The fire that burned in those green orbs of his, set my pussy on fire. I let my eyes trail down his body to rest on the bulge in his boxers. I laughed as I walked over to him and punched him in the face.

I know you're probably thinking we're fucking insane, but we've been like this since 8th grade. My first fist fight with Baker wasn't until the tenth grade. I kicked his ass in front of his house 'cause he called me flat chested. When Baker had me pinned down on the floor, I felt how hard his cock was when it brushed up against my thigh. The last fist fight of our high school years, we had was at Jimmy's party. I remember Jimmy saying he wanted to throw a senior party for us all graduating, even though he didn't attend Huntington High anymore. Zachary spilled beer on me and I was so sure he did it on purpose, he told me it was an accident, but I flipped him off and yelled in his face about how much of a cocksucker he was. He didn't like that one bit. As the party started to resume, he pulled me upstairs into Jimmy's room by my hair, he slammed me up against the closed door and started slapping me around. I was raised to take no shit from anybody, my mother told me to never fear no man, nor no bitch. I punched him in the face and we started fighting like old times. He slammed me on the bed and pinned my body down with his, and that's when I felt it again. I had to be sure it wasn't just me feeling his belt buckle, so I reached down and cupped the bulge in his pants to be sure. When I felt how hard he was, I couldn't stop the moan that left my lips, or the way my panties instantly became soaked. Our lips met in a rough dominating kiss, and I knew from that day forward, that's all we'd have in common.

Zachary touched his lip to see if it was bleeding from the blow I delivered, he growled and wrapped his hand around my throat before he slammed me into the fridge causing the magnets to scatter to the floor.

"T-turn the pan off, Cocksucker," I mumbled, barely able to breathe.

Zachary growled and released my throat before turning to the stove and turning the pan off. Just as soon as he turned the pan off, Jenny walked into the kitchen and glared at him.

"Goddammit, Zacky, I thought Matt was in here trying to burn the house down," she whined pulling the pan of burnt bacon off the stove and tossed it in the garbage.

Jenny looked at me and saw the red mark on my cheek. They all knew how me and Zachary were, there was no stopping us when we were in the same room, or anything. If were we're arguing, fighting, or just name calling, they usually let us battle it out. The last person that got into our fist fight, which was Johnny, he ended up with a bloody nose. Courtesy of Zachary Baker.

"You okay, Kat?" She cupped my face and kissed it lightly.

"Yeah, he hits like a bitch, anyways," I winced when her plump lips pressed up against my cheek.

No matter how much we fought, Jenny was always the one to tend to me like I was a hurt puppy. It always made me thankful for it, but then I hated it. It almost made me feel weak. I watched as Zachary stormed out of the kitchen cupping and trying to hide the fact that he was turned on. I laughed and pulled my hair up into a ponytail before climbing on the counter.

"So, what's for breakfast, Jen jen?"


After breakfast and several cups of coffee, I showered and changed into a track suit Jenny loaned me. I wasn't too fond of the color pink, but it works when you have nothing else to wear. I headed downstairs with my purse and keys in hand ready to go on about my merry way, when I seen Zachary waiting by the front door. He light the cigarette that dangled from his lips and stepped outside closing the door behind him. Jenny emerged from the kitchen with Matt's arms tightly around her waist and I smiled at them. Their relationship was the epitome of adorable. I wanted a relationship like that, but I knew It wouldn't last for long..... Not when I yearned to fuck Baker the way I did. And besides, I don't think I'd ever stop hating him.

"Kat, I'm gonna need you to give Zacky a ride home. I picked him up yesterday for the party last night... You don't mind, right?" Matt asked.

I walked down the rest of the steps and hugged Jenny and Matt, trying to wrap my arms around them both wasn't easy. Matt's not a small guy.

"For you, I'd do anything," I said. I kissed Jenny's cheek and then Matt's.

"HEY! What about me?" Jenny whined jokingly.

"You know I'd do anything for you, too, Jen jen," I hugged Jenny again as Matt and Jenny finally pulled apart.

"I love you, Jen, and I'll call you when I get home," I released her and smiled at Matt. "Wear a condom, we still have some fucking partying to do," I said jokingly before I left their house.

I closed the door behind me to see Baker sitting his fucking ass on the hood of my car. I immediately saw red, but I somehow shook the urge to run him over with my car off. I walked over to my car and narrowed my eyes at him. I loved the way he looked when he'd just gaze up at the sky like he was so uninterested in everything around him. I dug my key into the lock and unlocked my door before tossing my purse into my seat.

"Zachary, you can get your ass off the hood of my car now."

Zachary flicked his cigarette and slid off the hood of my car before he walked around to the passenger side of the car, he pulled on the door handle, but it was still locked. I laughed climbing in the car and starting the engine up. I loved the way it roared when It started up. I rolled the passenger seat window down just a bit and leaned over into the passenger side to tease him.

"Aww, you need a ride home, Zachary?"

"Quit fucking around and unlock the door, Katherine," Zachary glared at me.

"Oh, I didn't hear a please, Mr. Baker. I know Maria didn't raise you like that, Zachary," I taunted.

"If you don't unlock this fucking door, I'm gonna fucking break your window," he growled lightly.

I huffed under my breath and sat up in my seat, I pressed the button to unlock the door and smiled at him. As soon as he reached for the door handle again, I locked it giggling softly to myself.

"You're such a fucking bitch, you know that?"

"Yes, Zachary, I enjoy being a bitch to you," I said unlocking the door.

He climbed in the car and slammed the door shut as I reached over and grabbed my seat belt putting it on. I turned around to look at Zachary, and he grabbed a handful of my black hair, yanking me over to him as much as the seat belt would allow. He pressed his plump lips to my ear and I could feel his lips curl up into a smirk before he spoke.

"I'm glad you had fun fucking around with me, now it's my turn, Kat. What were your plans after you dropped me off?"

"None of your fucking business, now get the fuck off me before I get out this car and kick your ass," I groaned.

"That's not what I wanted to hear, Kitty," he said tugging my hair harder, "I didn't get to finish what you started this morning. So, whatever plans you had for today are canceled. You're coming over my house to get punished, Kitty."

I went to protest, but just as I was about to say something, he kissed below my ear and shoved my head away. The shiver that ran up my back, had my stomach in knots, and my panties already soaked. I glared over at him before pulling my hair over my left shoulder so he couldn't grab it again. It's not like I had major plans today anyways, I just had to lay my outfit out for work and decide what I wanted for dinner tonight.

"Put your fucking seat belt on, bitch," I said before slowly backing out of Matt's driveway.

I was already in trouble and getting punished for this morning, so why stop there? Zachary smirked and pulled his seat belt on, but not before pinching my right thigh hard enough to make me squirm in my seat. Yes, the shit we did to each other was childish, but we enjoyed fueling one another. I slipped my Pantera CD into the player and pressed play, when Piss in The Wind started playing, I started singing along and pointing over to Zachary to piss him off even more.

"Half assed for most his life, done nothing but stand. Just because he's so small so, no one will give him a hand. The kinda guy that would steal your cast and buy a burning house.Then call you up and invite you in, and jerk you off with a sandpaper hand. I'd leave him physically crippled, without a leg to stand. I'd throw that trash away, because a runt like that is piss in the wind. My fist would be the decider, I wasn't raised a fool. I'd stomp his ass for free, because a punk like that is piss in the wind."

I smiled over at Zacky as I began driving the long way to his house. I knew he knew what I was doing, because he kept pinching me and smiling over at me.

"Kat, you're just prolonging your ass whipping. You know the longer you take to get to my house, the more I'm going to make you bleed?"

I stopped at a red light and looked over at him, I pointed to my pussy and smirked wide. "You can eat me, bitch," I said before continuing to sing along to the song and pointing at him.

"A go-getter who ain't got none, a legend in his mind. Always the one to invite himself, and then just left behind. Someone must've clipped his balls, or wiped his ass on his life. A self centered procrastinator, attention seeker who's got nothing at all"

Before the chorus could come on, I found myself nearly driving past Zachary's house. I made a sharp right and pulled into his driveway, parking right behind his black Mercedes. I didn't shut the engine off as I looked over at him.

"Home sweet home, Baker. Now get the fuck out," I said sweetly.

Zacky reached over and grabbed my hair tugging so hard, my scalp burned. He reached over and turned the engine off before pulling the keys out of the ignition and shoving the keys in his pocket. That's when I knew I was really fucked.

"You didn't forget about your little punishment, did you?"

"I actually thought singing you some Pantera was gonna lift that punishment, but I guess not," I winced under my breath.

"No, Kitty, that song just fueled me even more to whoop that round ass even harder. Let's go," he shoved my head away again.

I watched as Zacky unbuckled his seat belt and climb out the car as I sat in my car watching him. He lifted up his hand and slowly begin counting down. This was it, I was gonna cum so hard from all this, my heart nearly stopped when he got to one finger. I watched him unbuckle and pull the white belt from the belt loops and walk around to my side of the car. I desperately wanted to lock the door and make him work for it, but If he broke my window, I'd try breaking my foot up his ass. I froze when he opened the door and reached in, he unbuckled my seat belt and grabbed my hair yanking me out of the car.

"When I tell you to come, you fucking come," he growled out in my ear.

I hissed out in pain as I was forced to stand on shaky legs, he closed the car door and looked around to make sure no one was looking before he dragged me by my hair to his door. The only thing I hated about fucking Zacky the day before I go to work, is the pain my body is usually in the next day. It's usually nothing a hot shower can't fix, but something tells me, this ass whooping is going to need more than a hot shower alone. I might call out for work depending on if I can even walk. Zacky released my hair just to dig in his pocket to find his keys. Once he stuck the key in the key hole, I turned on my heels and started running. I only made it to the end of the driveway before he tackled me to the asphalt and literally dragged me back to his house by my hair. Once we were inside and he shut the door behind me, locking it, I looked up at him from the floor and smiled.

"Let's have some fun, Kitty," he smirked down at me.


omg!!! i love this story i hope it gets updated :)
REVenge master REVenge master
Wow this is different a good different and I can't wait for more.
Crazydesi Crazydesi