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Just Enemies

The beginning

Tonight was reunion night, which meant party night. I was super excited that my best friends were coming back from their tour. They've been gone a while and I couldn't wait to hug all of them... Most of them. You see, Zachary and I have never been civil with one another for as long as I can remember. Everything he's ever done annoyed the fuck out of me, his voice alone annoyed me. We bickered at each other constantly, the only time I don't find him half as annoying is when I'm drunk out of my mind. But, there's a flip side to this hatred thing we have for one another; sex.

I don't care how much I hate Zachary, or how much being in the same room with him annoys me, the way he fucks me changes all of that. The first time we had sex was at the end of our senior year in Huntington Beach High. I remember us getting into an argument because he got drunk and spilled beer on me at Jimmy's party. He said it was an accident, but I was so sure he did it on purpose just so he could ruin my night like he did most nights, or whenever he was in the same room as me. By the end of the night, Zacky pulled me into a room to ask me what my problem was, and I snapped. We got into a heated argument and some how his lips ended up attached to my mine, my legs were wrapped tightly around his waist with my skirt hiked up over my ass, and Zacky was fucking me up against a wall gripping my ass tightly.

All of our friends knew about the type of relationship Zacky and I had, Jimmy and Brian would occasionally even bet on how long it'd take Zacky and I to fuck and stop bickering with each other. They found it amusing and soon just became use to all the stupid fights we had. Jenny, Matt's girlfriend, would always say that we're going to end up together, if she only knew how wrong she was. I know a lot of you are probably thinking or asking yourself why don't I just get a boyfriend and leave Zacky alone, if I can't stand him, but it's not that easy. I've had countless boyfriends and no matter how rough I've told them to fuck me, it never compared to Zacky's sex. Nothing about the sex I have with Zachary is romantic. We don't kiss, we don't cuddle when we're done, and when we're done, we always leave each other alone.

I don't know what kind of relationship that would be called, but overall, we're just enemies. And tonight, I'm itching for an argument.


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omg!!! i love this story i hope it gets updated :)
REVenge master REVenge master
Wow this is different a good different and I can't wait for more.
Crazydesi Crazydesi