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The Hardest Decision To Make


“So Dakota, tell us about yourself.”
“Yeah Kotes! Let us into your soul” Jimmy said in a creepy demonic voice.
“Whoa, killer. Well, what do you guys wanna know?” I asked.
“Got a boyfriend?” Jimmy asked.
I looked at Matt through the rearview mirror and couldn’t help notice the small smile forming on his face.
“What about you guys?”
“I do! Her name is Taylor and she’s perfect and you’ll love her! You two could be best friends! I’ll have to introduce you someday!” Jimmy exclaimed.
“Aw Jimmy’s in love! What about you Matt?” I asked looking at him and smiling.
“Nope, single.” He winked at me, causing me to blush and look away. Soon after we arrived at my house and I pulled into the driveway.
“Whoa, nice house.” Matt said.
“Yeah, nice shack Kota.” Jimmy said, jumping out of the car as soon as I shut it off.
“Thank guys. We’ll have to be quick though. My dad could come home any second.” I said, opening the front door with my keys.
I pushed the door and took my shoes off, motioning for the guys to follow me.

“Well, this is my room. I’ll go change quickly, you guys can just chill.”

I grabbed my bikini and a pair of shorts and quickly put them on.
“Okay, lets head out.” I said as I was walking out of the bathroom and into my bedroom while fixing the skull jewel on my bathing suit. When no one answered I looked up and noticed Matt staring at me and Jimmy in his own little world staring at nothing.
Matt licked his lip and lightly pulled his lip ring before snapping out of his trance and standing up.
“Ready to go Jim?” I asked.
“I was born ready, sugar!” I laughed at him and began walking down the stairs.


“We’ll be quick, hun.” Matt said while exiting my car in front of his house with Jimmy behind him. I let out a laugh when Jimmy jumped on Matt’s back, forcing him to carry him the rest of the way into his house.
Come to think of it, I haven’t laughed as much as I did until I met the guys. With my Mother’s death, I never had a reason to, until now. These guys actually made me happy for once. It was refreshing; finally laughing after so long.

I was pulled from my thoughts when the guys came back out in only their swim trunks with sunglasses on and towels in their hands.
My first thought was holy shit. Matt is fucking ripped! He had such a deliciously toned chest and abs and... okay I better control myself.
I took a deep breath before they opened the door to my car and hopped in. I smiled at the two of them before pulling out of Matt’s drive way and on our way to the beach.

“So Jimmy, why ARE you staying at Matt’s?”
“I got kicked out for getting caught by the cops again.”
“Again!? What did you do?”
Matt started laughing uncontrollably, causing me to look at him like he belonged in a mental institution but he just shook his head and continued laughing.

“I might’ve stolen this old ladies cats and dyed them all pink....” He replied.
My eyes widened and I immediately started laughing. I actually had to pull over from laughing so hard and I ended up leaning on Matt’s arm for support. Me and Matt just laughed for a couple minutes together before calming down.
We smiled at each other and I started the car back up.
After only a couple minutes we arrived at the beach and parked a little ways up the road. We got everything out and started walking towards the beach before I jumped on Matt’s back and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Am I everyones chauffeur today, or something?” He asked while wrapping his hands around my thighs. I just laughed at him and leaned my head on his shoulder as he carried me to where the rest of the guys were sitting.

Jimmy ran up ahead and tackled Brian down onto the warm sand and started play wrestling with him, making us all laugh.
“There ya go, doll.” Matt said, setting me down on the sand.
“Thanks Mattie.” I replied and kissed his cheek before running over to Zacky and attacking him in a hug.

“Damn, Dakota. Looking good!” Zacky said. I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him. The mention of my name caused Brian to look up from holding Jimmy in a headlock and run his eyes over my body, causing me to get very uncomfortable.
His loss of concentration gave Jimmy an advantage and soon Brian was under Jimmy being held down with no chance of getting up.
I laughed and shook my head before laying my towel out and taking my shorts off so I could tan. I put my sunglasses on and laid down, soaking up the warmth that the sun was permitting.

“I love the sun.” I said to no one in particular.
“Me too.” Johnny agreed before laying down right on top of me and squishing me.
“Oomph! Johnny, I can’t breathe!”
"Deal with it cupcake!" He yelled back. He turned around to face me and smiled at me before Matt pulled him off of me. He then laid down beside me and grabbed my hand, lightly squeezing it. I smiled at the gesture and looked up at the blue sky before I stood up.
He looked up immediately from playfully punching Brian.
“Yeah Kota?”
“Come swimming with me!”
“Okey doky!” And suddenly I was picked up and thrown over his shoulder.
“Damn girl, your light!”
“Shh to the ocean!” I yelled as he ran towards the water and threw me in. I glared at him when I resurfaced and jumped on him, dunking him under.

Soon enough, all the guys were in the water, and Jimmy insisted we have a chicken fight. The teams ended up me being on Brian’s shoulders, Zacky on Matt’s shoulders and Johnny on Jimmy’s.
“All right Bri, we have to whip their asses, right?” I asked looking down at Brian. He smiled back at me.
“Damn rights, baby.” I laughed before getting ready to start the chicken fight.
Johnny was easy to knock off, so he went first but then came Zacky. This was going to be a challenge. Eventually Zacky did fall off, even though I had to kick him where it hurts to win. I never said I’d play fair!
“Wow cheater!” Matt exclaimed as Brian lifted me easily off his shoulders and put me down in front of him. His arms snaked around my waist and he pulled me towards him.
“Good job out there, hun.” He said.
“You too, amigo.” I said and spun around to wink at him. I escaped from his grasp and walked over to Matt and hugged him around his waist.
“Sorry Mattie.” I said and looked up at him, batting my lashes. He just threw me over my shoulder and ran towards where the other guys were sitting on the sand.
We stayed at the beach for a couple more hours, just goofing off until school was scheduled to end. I called my Dad and told him that I was ‘going to hangout at a friends house for a couple hours’. I hated lying to my Dad, but he would be pissed if he found out I skipped on the first day of school.
We left the beach and went to a beach side restaurant, where we got something to eat for dinner before we all parted ways. I hugged Johnny, Zacky and Brian before climbing into my car with Matt and Jimmy.
We dropped off Jimmy first and he kept screaming that he didn’t want to leave me until I assured him he would see me tomorrow morning.
Next was Matt, and he made me get out of the car so he could ‘give you a real fucking hug’ as he put it. I just shook my head before stepping out of the car and walked around to meet him at the front.

“See you tomorrow, Dakota.” He said as he pulled me into a hug and nuzzled his face into my neck. I relaxed into the hug and snuggled closer to him.
“Yeah, see you tomorrow Mattie.”
At that we ended the hug and smiled at each other. I drove back home quickly, wanting to wash the salt water off of my skin and jump into bed, surprisingly very excited about tomorrow. 


uhh yeah. Tell me what you think! I absoutely love feedback, and it motivates me to update more, which is a good thing for you readers! SO DO IT.


I love this story! Please update it soon! Great job!

Update ASAP

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance
@Miss Jimmy Sullivan
Thank you muchly :) I have basically the whole story mapped out so it should be rolling soon!
xShadows xShadows

This story... ASDFGHJKL