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The Hardest Decision To Make


"Kota! Wake up!" I heard being yelled from downstairs. I groaned and rolled over, falling off the bed and landing on the ground with a 'thump'.
"Ah fuck, that hurt." I mumbled, and stood up. I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair into its natural waves. I then did my wakeup, with winged eyeliner and natural eyeshadow.
I ran back into my room and quickly changed before grabbing my backpack and cell phone and bounding down the steps, two at a time.
"Morning dad!" I said cheerfully as I entered the kitchen.
"Morning' Kota." He said sleepily. I grabbed an apple and kissed his cheek before bouncing out of the house and to my car.
The car ride to school was quick and filled with Pantera and when I rolled into the parking lot I got the familiar stares from yesterday. I pushed them aside and parked my car. As soon as my car was locked and I had everything I would need for the day, I made my way closer to the school, until I heard a voice calling my name a ways away.
I looked near the field and saw Brian and Jimmy running towards me. As soon as they reached me I was pulled into a bone crushing hug by Jimmy and when that was over, a not-so-painful-but-equally-as-loving hug by Brian.
"Good morning, munchkin!" Jimmy yelled.
"Good morning JimJam!" I yelled back just as loud.
"You two are too fucking loud in the mornings, Jesus Christ." Brian mumbled as we started walking further into the field where I guess the rest of the guys were.
"Sorry Bri-bear!" I cooed and hugged him. He just laughed and hugged back then continued walking. Soon we made it to the tree I was brought to yesterday at lunch and all the guys were sitting around it.
"Morning Kota!" Zacky yelled when he noticed me. Matt and Johnny also welcomed me as I took a seat next to Zacky, and Brian sat on my other side.
"Morning guys."
"What are your plans for after school?" Johnny asked as he pulled out a smoke from his pocket and lit it.
"Johnny those are terrible for you!" I said referring to the cancer stick he was sucking on.
"Sorry mom" He joked.
"I don't know yet, why?" I asked, playing with the strings on my hoodie.
"We have band practice tonight, you in?" Zacky asked while stealing Johnny's smoke and taking a drag. I nodded and fell back on the warm grass beneath me, breathing in the fresh air. Suddenly the loud bell rang, pulling me from my coma like state. We all groaned and stood up, walking towards the door to start another shitty day of school.

The first couple periods passed quickly and then it was lunch. We were all sat by what I was later told was 'The Tree'. One of the bitchy blondes then came up to our group and started groping Zacky, making him look extremely uncomfortable.
"Holly go away, we're not together anymore!" He said, pushing her from him.
"C'mon Zacky-kins, you know you still love me." She said trying to force him to kiss her. The whole act in itself was revolting and I was so close to pulling her off him and kicking her ass. It was nauseating.
"I never loved you, you were just a good lay." He said unsuccessfully pushing her from him again.
"C'mon Zacky, you don't mean that." She whined.
"Bitch, no means no." I said to her.
"What did you say, you little whore?" She said looking at me with a look of shock etched on her perfectly fake face.
"I said, no means no, skank. What are you going to do about it?" I asked while standing up and walking towards her.
"Your just a little slut who's probably sleeping will all five of these goth faggots! You and your bitch of a mother were both whores. She deserved to die." She spat in my face. That infuriated me. How dare she cross that line. How did she even know about that? It doesn't matter now, I was just trying to control my anger.
"I'm giving you 10 seconds to apologize and march your fake little ass away from me and never talk to any of us again before I beat the shit out of you. Choose wisely, sweetheart." I snarled in her face, my voice deepening.
"Bite me." She said cockily. I smiled sweetly at her before looking back at the guys who were watching intently, with shocked expressions.
"Wrong answer, cunt." At that I decked her right in her plastic nose that I’m sure her daddy bought for her. A satisfying 'crack' emitting from it. She yelled out and clutched her face in pain, giving me access to knock her to the ground and straddle her stomach. I pulled her hands from her face and continued punching her ruthlessly, letting all my anger out.
"Shit! Kota!" Jimmy yelled as he and Matt pulled me from the blonde and put me behind them. Johnny helped the bitch up and she staggered away, crying with blood seeping from multiple parts of her face.
"Fuck!" I yelled loudly, knowing I would be in shit. Fighting was always a problem back in Chicago, and dad was not going to be impressed. I ripped Matt's arms from me and punched the tree we were originally sitting at, in anger. I heard a painful 'crack' at that and screamed in pain, falling to my knees and clutching my hand to my chest.
"Ow, fuck!" I whined, trying my hardest not to cry.
"Kota, let me see your hand." Brian said quietly, kneeling down beside me. I shook my head stubbornly and held it closer to my chest.
Eventually he coaxed me into showing him my hand, which was covered in bruises and blood. He gently wiped away some of the blood, making me flinch as he examined my hand.
"I think it's broken, lets take you to the hospital." He said as he helped me up.
We walked to the parking lot where we all huddled into Zack's car and were off to the hospital. I stayed quiet the whole time, knowing that they now knew about my mother. Would they think of me any differently? I'm sure they would. No one wants to be friends with a weak little girl who lost her mother...
I bit my lip as a tear slid down my cheek. Matt, who was sat beside me wiped it away gently with his finger and wrapped his arm around me, being cautious of my injured hand.

We were sat in the waiting room, awaiting the arrival of my dad, since we weren't legal age and I needed a guardian with me. When he walked into the room I stood with a hopeful look on my face, still clutching my hand but he just shook his head disappointedly. I bowed my head and sat back down, leaning my head on Brian's shoulder.
The rest of the guys went back to school, which I had to force them to do, since the majority of them were failing and they needed their credits.
Brian stayed because he called his dad and explained what happened and he said it was fine if he stayed with me, which I was grateful for. At this point of time, I really needed someone there for me.
My father went and signed all the paper work before he looked at me one last time with a disapproving look and exited the room, going back to work.
"He'll come around, Kota. It'll be ok." Brian assured me as he wrapped his arm around and hugged me close to him.
A couple hours later we walked out of the hospital with a black cast around my right hand. I had broken two knuckles, and fractured everything else, which was better then I expected it to be. School was almost over by the time we left the hospital so we just skipped and made our way to Matt's house, which was about a 30 minute walk.
"So, want to explain what got you so worked up?" Brian asked as we walked.
"She was talking shit..." I mumbled, trying to leave out the fact that she brought up my mother.
"You don't have to tell me, but I want to help you." He stated quietly while he held my none-broken hand. I sighed and prepped myself for the story I was about to tell.
"A couple months ago my mother was killed in a car accident... that's why we moved here. The house we lived in held too many memories. Then when that hoe brought her up, something inside me snapped. It happens a lot, it's almost as if I can't control anything I do when I'm angry. Sometimes I even scare myself." I explained quietly, trying not to cry. Instead of running away like I thought he would, Brian stopped and pulled me into a warm hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nuzzled my face into his muscular chest, feeling safe.
"I'm so sorry, Dakota. I promise you, I'll help you through this. I swear I will." He said into my hair as he rubbed calming circles onto my back.
After that we continued walking, and we soon arrived at Matt's house. We walked right in, which I assumed was a normal occurrence for all the guys, and down the hallway in front of a door, which I assumed led to the basement.
When we reached the basement, I noticed the guys were already there. I guess it took longer for us to walk here then I thought.
"Kota! How are you doing, killer?" Jimmy asked when he noticed me.
"Better now. I broke two knuckles and fractured everything else, so I think I was successful." I joked and sat beside Zacky and Johnny on the couch that was placed in front of a TV that Matt and Zacky were playing some sort of video game on. Jimmy was hitting his drum sticks on anything he could find as he sat on the recliner and Matt sat on the ground, focusing intently on the game he was playing.
"That was fucking bad ass, Kotes." Johnny said and hugged me.
"Why thank you, my short friend."
"I'm proud of you, kid." Zacky said, glancing at me, while still playing the game. I smiled at him and stretched my legs out, letting them dangle off the couch. Brian sat on the ground beside Matt with his back against my legs with his guitar in his hand, quietly playing it.
After an hour of just talking and playing video games, the guys all moved to the garage, where an array of instruments were set up and a couch was sat up against the wall for people to watch. I sat on it and crossed my legs under myself as I watched them set everything up.
Then played a few songs, all more amazing then the last.
"That was absolutely amazing, you guys! Holy shit!" I exclaimed as they finished their last song.
"Aw thanks munchkin." Jimmy said, wiping the sweat off of his forehead with his forearm.
"You all need to shower. You smell like shit." I joked, wrinkling my nose in disgust.
"Oh really? Well, I guess now would be a good time to give you a big old hug!" Matt yelled jokingly and hugged me before I could run away.
"GROSS!" I yelled afterwards. They all laughed and we headed back inside where we headed back into the basement.
“Zacky, your on food duty, bro.” Matt said as he plopped down on the couch. Zacky groaned and stood up before grabbing my hand and pulling me back up the stairs and into Matt’s kitchen.
“Hey, Mrs.Sanders.” Zacky said to Matt’s mom when she entered the kitchen. She definitely was beautiful, and I now see where Matt got his eyes from.
“Hello, Zacky dear! Oh, who’s this?” She replied looking at me.
“Hello, Ma’am. I’m Dakota.”
“She’s the friend me and Matt were telling you about.” Zacky butt in.
“Oh, it’s so nice to finally meet you, sweetheart! The boy’s have told me all about you!” She exclaimed, putting some groceries away.
“Only good things, I hope.” I looked at Zacky and raised an eyebrow. He just grinned back and opened a cabinet, taking out a couple bags of popcorn.
“Of course! They never told me you were so beautiful. You boys make sure to never let this girl go. You seem like a wonderful young lady.” This made my heart swell. She reminded me so much of my own mother. I can already tell I’ll be getting very attached to her.
“Aw thank you Mrs. Sanders!” I exclaimed and smiled at her.
“Not a problem, hun. Oh and Zacky, the candies in the pantry, I had to move it so Matt wouldn’t eat them all in one sitting.” I laughed at this, since it was such a Matt thing to do.
“All right, thanks Mrs.S.” The microwave beeped signaling that the popcorn was done, so I stood up and fetched it, pouring it into the bowl Zacky had set out for it.
“You kids have fun! No smoking in the house, and no police run-ins tonight, PLEASE!” She said as she walked out of the kitchen.
“Dude, Matt’s mom is awesome!”
“I know, I wish she was my mom.” Zacky said as he gathered up as much of the snacks he could. I giggled when he started struggling and grabbed one of the bowls and a couple of the sodas from his arms and made my way back downstairs.
When we got backdown stairs the only thing you could hear was Jimmy and Johnny having a heated debate over which movie to watch.
“No, we HAVE to watch this. That is final.” Jimmy shouted but Johnny protested.
“Okay, stop. What two movies are you fighting over?” I asked as I set down the snacks on the table in beside the couch.
“This bean-pole wants to watch Jacob’s Ladder AGAIN, and I want to watch Finding Nemo.” Johnny said.
“Oh Finding Nemo for sure. Sorry JimJam!” I plopped onto the couch and completely spread out, resting my injured hand on my stomach.
“Kota! Your supposed to be on my team!” He whined and sat on top of my legs.
“Sorry, JimJam.”
“Okay, lets get this shit on the road.” Brian yelled as he reentered the room with a handful of blankets. He threw them all on top of my face and laughed when I struggled to get them off with my broken hand.
“Your a dick.” I said to him once I was free from being suffocated by blankets. He simply laughed, lifted my head up, and sat down with my head on his lap. I smiled up at him, which he returned then focused on the movie.
About 2 hours later the movie was over, and I was on the brink of tears. I should’ve remembered how sad I get during Finding Nemo. Not because the movie was sad, but because it was my mom’s favorite movie and we would always watch it together.
Why can’t I get over this? Everything reminds me of her! What did I do to deserve this? Was an asshole to someone in a past life, or something?
“Shit, I gotta go. My mom’s gonna ring my neck if I’m home late again.” Zacky said as he stood.
“Guess I’m leaving too. Zack, you can still drive me, right?” Jimmy asked as he stood and stretched.
“Yeah man, see ya guys! Bye Kota.” Zacky said as he came over to me and kissed my cheek.
“Bye Zacky.” I replied and was suddenly crushed by Jimmy who squeezed me painfully before letting go and smiling at me.
“Bye bye Kota-bear!”
“Bye JimJam!” I replied as they headed upstairs.
I looked up to Brian to see him already looking down at me.
“What time is it, anyway?” I asked with a questioning look.
“Almost 11:30. Hey, Matt I can stay the night, right?” Brian asked looking over at Matt.
“Yeah, bro. Kota, Johnny, you can stay if you want too.” He told us and we both nodded.
“Kota, your my cuddle buddy tonight.” Johnny said while yawning.
“Hey! That’s not fair! I want her to be MY cuddle buddy!” Matt protested.
“You can cuddle with Brian! Johnny already declared it.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he pouted jokingly. I covered my mouth with my hand as I yawned and sat up, stretching out my back.
“Matt, wheres the bathroom?”
“Down the hall and to the right.” He said pointing to the hall beside the staircase. I stood up and made my way over the the bathroom. I did my business and washed my hands before looking at myself in the mirror. Everything looked normal, but one thing was different. My eyes. They looked dead. I guess in some words, they reflect how I feel. Having the guys around did make me feel better, but a part of me will always feel like a corpse.
I looked away from myself and walked back into the room where the guys were.
“I’m tired as fuck. C’mon Kota, time for bed.” Johnny whined. I laughed at him but laid down beside him on the make-shift bed on the floor.
“You guys are going to bed already? It’s not even midnight yet!” Brian exclaimed.
“I got in a fight and broke my hand today, cut me some slack.” I joked back while climbing under the blankets that were spread out.
“Whatever, we’re playing games for a bit. We’ll keep the volume down.” Matt said as he turned his game console on and shut off the lights, leaving the TV to illuminate the whole room.
“Night Matt, Night Bri.” I said to the boys who were ingulfed in their game.
“Nighty night.” Matt replied.
“Night, doll.” Brian said after as he smiled at me.
“Night Johnny.” I said as I turned towards the half-asleep boy beside me. I leaned my head on his chest and cuddled up to him. His arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer before he mumbled a ‘goodnight’ and we both got whisked away into a deep sleep.


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Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/djaskld/set?id=69422206
Mrs.Sanders: http://i48.tinypic.com/8x0ak5.jpg


I love this story! Please update it soon! Great job!

Update ASAP

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@Miss Jimmy Sullivan
Thank you muchly :) I have basically the whole story mapped out so it should be rolling soon!
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