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Day of Reckoning

1. One of many attacks

JUNE 14TH, 2017, 11:41AM GMT

It promised to be a sunny day. The rains of the past 4 days had slowly passed over the town of Attenborough, much to the residents' relief. Being England rain, it was virtually impossible to go outside and do anything. But the weather was clear enough for the townsfolk to go to the Sunday Service at Attenborough Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish church. The crowd going into the church was loud, happy, raucous. Church on Sundays was a traditional activity of the estimated nine and a half thousand villagers, always a chance to catch up with friends and neighbours. Since the church was not built to accommodate that many people all at once, the church worked all day, from dawn til dusk, so that anyone could come in for service.

45 year old Janice Longbottom was in deep conversation with her friend, 44 year old local postman Sebastian Rutherford. The two had been friends for years, since they were kids. They happily called the place of Attenborough home. Janice was the local bank manager. She had been in that business since she was a teenager, while her husband of 20 years, Lawrence, worked as an electrician. Lawrence happened to have broken his leg in a bicycle accident, so he was home alone while Janice brought hers and Lawrence's children to church. "Lovely weather we are having today, isn't it Seb?" Janice stated to her friend. "Yes, bloody well is" Sebastian replied in his upper-crust accent, "but forget the weather. I would like to know about these 2 geezers always hanging around either outside the church or in the pub. These blokes are loaded, I can tell. They paid to stay at the pub for like 6 months, and you know how much that old tight-arse Billy Whipple charges!" "Yes, I agree, they aren't the type who look like they would go to church" Janice stated, "and downright creepy too! That man with the tattoos, who always wears a backwards cap, long-haired sort of chap, he always stares at Lily my daughter every time we go on our morning jog past the church! My god, the girl is 21 for crying out loud, but that man looks much too troublesome for her! She tells me that he even approached her and offered her alcohol in his hotel room!" Sebastian was shocked at this; "well if these geezers hang around any longer, I'll be asking the sergeant down at the station to ask these gentlemen a few questions about why they are here." "Very well love, we better go in" Janice smiled as she walked with Sebastian, joining the crowd moving through the doors.

The church service was wrapping up. The people were talking, laughing; they were all going for a picnic in the field behind the church. Janice thought for a second how lucky she was; she had great friends, a husband and children who loved her. She considered herself blessed to have such a life in such a great town. Se was interrupted by the crowd in front of her... who weren't exiting the church.

"What's going on?" Janice asked the woman next to her. "I have no idea, the doors seem to be locked!" the old lady replied. At that moment, the first gunshot, suppressed, echoed through the church... followed by what seemed like a thousand more suppressed gunshots.

All Janice could see was her friends falling like bowling pins as the automatic weapon fire rattled throughout the church; she dropped to the ground on instinct. Screams and shouts reverberated throughout the church; everyone was in panic. "LILY!" she screamed out for her eldest daughter, "MILES! CHLOE! NEIL! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!?" As if on cue, her 4 children were there, terrified beyond their wits. The youngest, 17-year-old Chloe, instantly wrapped her arms around her mother's form, screaming "Mummy! What's going on? There are men with guns killing everyone!" "Honey, just stay down!" her mother screamed; she had to protect her children. She would die before the gunmen got to her children. Janice could see, with a rush of horror, her friend Sebastian lying prone, riddled with gunshot wounds, bleeding like an oil tanker, dead.

The shooting stopped almost as suddenly as it started. Janice, playing dead along with her terrified children, could just make out the shapes of what looked like 3 hulking beings with what looked like M249 SAW machine guns fitted with silencers traversing through the carnage, kicking the bodies. She realised, with a rush of dread, that 2 of them were the same 2 men Sebastian had been talking about. She was fighting to keep her emotions suppressed about Sebastian, knowing that if she moved, the men would surely kill her and her children. "What a party this turned out to be!" shouted one of the men, who Janice could see had dark, long hair, various tattoos and brown eyes, wearing- of all things- a fedora and a suit. "Yeah, how much ammo did you burn through?" asked the second man, who Janice didn't recognise; this one also had brown eyes, messy black hair and dark skin, clad in jeans and a dark formal jacket with what Janice could tell was a heavy bulletproof vest. "Awww shit, reckon I went through 4 mags to get through these assholes!" declared the first man, making Janice know that these guys were definitely Americans. "Yeah, I burned about 3 mags myself... not like big Matty over here, used something like... was it six mags?" the dark skinned man asked the third man, who had on a white t-shirt with a bulletproof vest over it, tan work pants, and a backwards baseball cap with a bandanna underneath, long hair going past his shoulders, a mountain of a man. "Yeah Arin, six mags... that's like 200 rounds in each, so 1200 shots, and not a shot missed these fucksticks" sneered the man in the cap menacingly, leering at the corpses. Janice shuddered at the men; these blokes were pure evil, whoever they were. And the mammoth in the baseball cap was obviously the one in charge. She whispered, as silent as could be over the men guffawing, "kids. Stay still, wait til they leave. We can go for help afterwards." "Mummy..." whispered Olivia, sounding pain stricken, "they got me. In my stomach."

Janice inched her head slowly towards her youngest daughter, making a silent moan of horror at the growing puddle of blood forming underneath Olivia. Her long bonde hair was caked in it, framing a face that was in so much pain and terror that it was heartbreaking. Just then, Janice heard footsteps... then was roughly yanked to her feet.

"Well look who we got here" her assailant sneered, his deep brown eyes piercing her bright blue ones, "we got ourselves some leftovers." Janice glared through watery eyes at the monster in the fedora now grinning at her, touching her all over... slowly, lovingly caressing her behind. "Shit, she ain't bad for an old birdie" the man announced to his 2 cohorts. Janice could see the man with the dark skin leering at her longingly, while the behemoth in the cap and aviator sunglasses was looking at her like he wanted to slice her to bits. "Yeah well, maybe we can take her out to that old farmhouse, have a party with the bitch there!" shouted the dark-skinned man who was obviously called Arin. Janice seethed with hatred at these devils, not even granting them the courtesy of speaking back to them; these monsters had just killed her friends in cold blood, and her youngest daughter was possibly bleeding to death next to her on the floor. Olivia had given up all pretence of death and was now moaning, in tears, clutching her steadily bleeding stomach. Before Janice could react, the man in the fedora had swept down, turned her on her back, and started caressing her body, ignoring her protests. Janice knew that if she reacted, all of them would die in seconds. Neil and Miles, having also stopped playing dead, jumped up and attempted to attack the man in the fedora, only to be shot with a large handgun fitted with a silencer. Both boys fell down, instantly dead. Janice found her voice; "NO NO NO!!!!!! MILES!!!! NEIL!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!" she sobbed, bending down to hug her dead boys, praying to the Lord Jesus. The man known as Matty tucked away the handgun, as he amusingly watched his friend in the fedora abuse the dying teenage girl on the floor. The girl died in his arms, before he could have his way with her. Grumbling, the man stood up, kicking the dead girl in the stomach. Janice seen this; she felt rage like nothing she had ever felt. Before Fedora Hat knew it, she was on top of him pummelling him, screaming abuse, gaining the upper hand as she beat him, him bleeding like her friends and children had bled... another gunshot, this time hitting her in the chest, stopped the attack.

Janice knew she was going to die at this point. The bullet had punctured her right lung, and she was struggling for breath. Looking over at her soon-to-be killer, she glared with pure hatred at the sneering man in the baseball cap as he made his way over to her, stopping near her eldest daughter, Lily, yanking her roughly to her feet. Lily, Janice could see, was strangely calm, staring at the man questioningly. "Matt" Lily addressed the man known as Matt, "you used to be my idol. I know full well what happened to you 4 years ago, what those awful people did to you. Why, WHY are you sinking to their level!?" "BITCH, YOU MENTION THAT SHIT ONE MORE TIME AND I'LL KILL YOU INSTEAD OF TAKING YOU AS A HOSTAGE!" Matt roared, grabbing Lily by her hair. Janice was dying, but she swore that whatever she did in her dying moments, she was going to stop these monsters from having Lily. She started crawling over to Matt and Lily, ridiculed and abused by Arin and his mate, Fedora Hat. Lily was staring tearfully at Matt, with what seemed like sympathy, "Matt, you have just committed one of the worst crimes a human could ever commit. Please, talk to me, we can pray for your forgiveness! Valary would not want you to do this!" Matt was smiling by now as Arin made his way behind her, drawing a long filleting knife from his pocket. Terror gripped Janice as she couldn't move anymore, death rapidly taking over her shaking, bloodied body. "I warned you, you dopey fucking whore" Matt hissed as Arin grabbed Lily and cut from ear to ear; choking, spurting blood, Lily fell down beside her mother, using every ounce of strength to grab her mother's hand. Janice looked at her eldest daughter in her last moments, both of them looking into each other's eyes as they died.

"Boys, let's pack up and head out to the airfield" Matt stated. As the killers packed away the guns, with Matt donning a formal jacket, all of them buttoning up their coats to conceal the body armour, Fedora Hat whistled in amazement. "Shit, all that shooting, and not one fucking peep from the popos!?* What, don't this shithole have any sort of cops?" "Well Syn, it's a village, cops are fucking dumb around here, as smart as 14 year old retards who shit their pants" Arin sneered. The man Syn smiled, thought of the family he and his cohorts had basically butchered. The women looked beyond fine, just fucking beautiful. It seemed a crying shame to have had to kill them, as he was looking forward to getting to know them intimately. Especially that one called Lily. Like a goddess, just perfect in every way. Her auburn hair, her green eyes, her ballerina figure... he was half-wishing he had stopped Matt and Arin from killing her. Exiting the building, making sure to leave their mark on the building to let people know it was them, they were relieved to see no one about. Jumping in the dark SUV rented by Matt, they drove like anyone else would to the airfield, where a plane was waiting to take them out of Great Britain.

It was evening, and Billy Whipple was headed to the church after work. He climbed out of his rustbucket of a car, started walking up the stairs. He seen a graffiti tag on the wall, a red shape of a skull with crude wings and an inverted cross on its forehead. "Bloody 'oodlums" Billy thought to himself, "they all need a bleedin' kick in the arse." He entered the church... and his stomach dropped. Rushing out of the building, he ran across the road to a fish and chip shop, where a frumpy-looking lady was counting the day's takings. "We're bloody shut, ya bastard, piss orf!" snapped the lady, glaring at Billy. "No no ya old 'ogget, you bleedin' don't understand!" Billy shouted in his thick Cockney accent, "the church! Bleedin' bodies and blood and muck everywhere! Call the police, for God's sake!"

"Baker!" yelled the large man at Spec. Zachary James Baker, half a world away from the chaos in England. "Sir?" Spec. Baker replied, standing at attention upon hearing the Master Sergeant call his name. "You gotta get on the fly right away, our pal requested you specifically!" ordered the MSgt, imposing to Zacky in every way. Zacky knew right away what he meant. "Will do sir, I'm on my way" Zacky said, quickly grabbing his pre-packed duffel bag, his rifle and sunglasses, rushing to the waiting chopper.

On the 1/2 hour ride, all Zacky did was ponder. Why would Dusty want him at this moment? Was he going on a mission in Afghanistan? Was Dusty about to give him an ass-kicking for getting re-pierced? Has he... 'no, impossible' Zacky thought, 'there's no way he would have found Matt and Brian. Those guys have been gone for years, dead for all I know.' The chopper descended, in a desert somewhere; Zacky's immediate impression was the Nevada desert. He could see a van not too far from him... looked like a big van, like the type the FBI use when carrying out surveillance in suburbia somewhere. He walked towards it, hopping in the back.

"Zacky" the familiar bearded man said, embracing Zacky, "good to see ya man. How've ya been?" "Good Dusty, you?" Zacky asked, smiling at his mentor and friend. "Been keepin' busy kid, always some ass turd out there wanting to destroy our way of life" Dusty smiled. "Ain't that the truth, you've been gone for a while" Zacky laughed, "now what's up?" "Zacky my friend" Dusty said, no longer smiling, all serious, "about 22 hours ago in local British time there was a mass shooting at a church in Attenborough near Norfolk. About 356 dead. Bodies all were practically shittin' out 5.56mm bullets. Funny thing is, they weren't found until night-time by some bar owner, and by the time the bodies were found they had been dead for like over 12 hours. No-one heard anything during the day either, so I'm guessing they used silencers." Zacky let this information hit him, and he recoiled slightly. He had become much tougher over the years since the atrocities in Texas, but he still could not believe the shit people did to one another... over the most trivial of reasons too. "What do you reckon, ex-US Army guys pissed off with the Brits about some shit?" Zacky asked. "Hmph, well while it was a professional attack by all appearances, no, I don't think it had anything to do with pissed-off Army guys" Dusty stated gravely, "not even some of those shitbag militias we have crawlin' around this great nation of ours. No man, I think it was civilians. American civilians, that is." "How can you tell?" Zacky asked. "Well kid, one of the crime techs snapped a picture and sent it to me, he's a contact I have" Dusty said, withdrawing a small photograph from his vest pocket, "here it is. Don't freak out now." Zacky took the photo, looked at it... and gasped. That skull looked awfully familiar... "...Dusty? You think- you think it's them?" Zacky stammered, shocked. "Yeah kid, I know it's them" Dusty said, "I know that because that's your old band logo modified. I'd recognise that skull anywhere. Your old buddies look like they've been at it a while too, what with all the reports I've had flood in from other international government agencies. They've left the same damn mark at every scene of every crime." Zacky couldn't believe it; he looked at the photograph again. He swallowed, stiffened his resolve. "So when are we going to start tracking them and catching them?" Zacky finally asked. "The fun and games have started already Zacky, you're on your way to Europe" Dusty said grimly, taking the photograph back.


What does everyone think?


Holy shit!!!

BabyBat124 BabyBat124
Loved the update! And I can't wait to hear more about the other gangs.. :D
TheGoon TheGoon
I also found it funny how the end of the chapter said "thank god it was over".. Then the authors note-"but it's not over yet." XD
And I can see what you mean about the toll it takes to lose the love of your life.
TheGoon TheGoon
I started to relax a little.... But then I remembered the fucking Drug Lord... Can't those Druggies ever gives us naturally fucked up people a break?!?! I mean seriously!! It is completely shallow, and I'm gonna have to do the one thing I hate doing..... Waiting!
Magenta_6661 Magenta_6661
Lol I'm thinking of Matt suffering a moment of remorse somewhere along the line... sure, he's turned into a monster but the whole purpose of my 2 stories is to show what COULD happen when you take a man's love of his life away from him. I kinda based Matt's persona in these fanfics on Clyde Shelton off Law Abiding Citizen.
GhostTard1990 GhostTard1990