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Fellow writers, gather round!

Do you have a story that you’d love to continue writing but it’s a lot of boring effort to get it shifted over to www.A7Xfanfic.com? Well, have we got the offer of a lifetime for you! Our handsome, talented, dedicated and incredibly humble admin team are currently accepting requests for The Great Story Migration of 2020!

We understand that it’s a daunting task and that it might be holding some of you back from your creative flow, and that’s why we want to help you out. This service, offered free of charge, is the perfect opportunity for you to finally see your work on A7Xfanfic.com without the slog of moving it over – leaving you free to let your imagination run wild and free once again!

A\ll you have to do is drop the admin team an email to the address below with your avengedsevenfoldfanfiction.com username and the name of the stories you want to see moved over, and HEY PRESTO! It shall be done.

We sincerely hope to hear from you very soon,
RamonaFoREVer, fyction, and ClairvoyantDisease

RamonaFoREVer RamonaFoREVer